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I became a mother!

In two months prior to childbirth I tormented all with the question “whether painfully to give birth“ around.

- All cope, - mother calmed me. - It is necessary to suffer a little. But same it is temporary!

the Wife of my brother who two years ago gave birth to the girl, and now waiting for the second re6enka infected

with optimism:

- Yes anything terrible! It did not seem to me at all it is awful.

I was interested in details. For example, to what fights are similar.

Any person could not describe plainly to me this process. I understood one: it is such discomfort, like a stomach illness during monthly, is only stronger.

By the way, at monthly the stomach did not hurt me. I perfectly transferred pregnancy. So came to a conclusion that I will give rise easily and any horrors - not for me.

Here my aunt told that she gave rise directly in an accident ward and somehow badly remembers that there were still some there attempts. Then she sent the daughter born so promptly to maternity hospital three times, thinking that at that fights began.

For the third time the daughter called it and told:

- Mother, you will be surprised when you learn from where I call you.

- Already gave rise?! - my aunt was delighted.

- Well. I was told again that else early. We at restaurant sit. Time me was wrapped, I solved though to be full!

By the way, at once from restaurant, without coming around home, they with the husband went to maternity hospital again, and here already everything was really.

long solved

Ya whether my husband needs to be present at childbirth. On the one hand, there was a wish for support. With another when I pictured to the husband some gynecologic details about which I somewhere read or heard, he in horror spoke:

- do not tell me it, and that I will begin to worry!

the Thin sincere organization of my husband could glitch at midpoint. Therefore I decided that I will cope.

When everything began

, I joyfully found, as actually there is nothing terrible. So, slightly unpleasantly. My opinion sharply changed in several hours when I was ready for everything if only these torments came to an end. About what such intervals between fights all told me?! I did not notice them!

I here it is my little boy. Sonny. Svetlenky (means, in me, the father at us - the brunette) and long-legged (not I, am doctors told!) . It it also dreamed me when still was inside.

- Yes well, - my husband waved away then, - it will be temnenky. My genes strong, they will kill yours.


it is pretty! What handles, small at it, and it is already enough my finger! From where, from where he already knows everything: when is when to sleep when to give a vote?!

I Feed with

it and I kiss on the top - as well it smells, my sweet cub! I am overflowed by tenderness to it. And still I cannot believe that I became a mother. Yes I still feel like almost the child!


Ya to all its photos, made the mobile phone. The family right there began to discuss similarity degree. Opinions were shared. A nose - father`s! No, grandfather`s! A face form - mother`s! Chin... Whose chin? Eyes... It is not clear yet...

Ya wearily listened to all reasonings by phone, read sms and thought about herself:“ Well you argue? What`s the odds! My sonny is similar to himself, he is the best of all, he on himself! And here I am a heroine! I gave birth to the person!“

to Meet by

us there arrived the whole crowd of the family and friends. Little girls with whom I lay in chamber closed up all window - looked at this sea of flowers, at a blue svertochek which was handed over with happy faces.

from the very beginning told

Ya: “I want that we were met by a lot of people!“ And some little girls in chamber considered that it to anything, is enough one husband. And we argued even. Here, look: same such holiday!

... He is two months old, and we feel like skilled parents. We learned to fight against an intertrigo, picked up suitable diapers, ceased to go crazy from the appearing pryshchichok and we know how to calm the child if he begins gripes. And with a smile we remember how in horror caused “ambulance“ when our sonny very strongly srygnut, and my tears in the first night when he endlessly cried, did not sleep itself and did not allow to fall asleep to us.

It grows at

, our boy. And so nicely laughs when it has a good mood. Still he likes to talk: “Bu, Aga, at - at - at!“ It has a decent vocabulary!

We bathe him, and it becomes very serious and concentrated as if performs responsible work. His legs move, as at the real swimmer. Now, having been tired of swimming in a bathtub, he will fall asleep. But hour through one and a half will open eyes and will demand attention. Night is its favourite time of wakefulness. It - precisely “owl“. In the afternoon long sleeps. And at night each hour can wake up, seize a breast so as if it was not fed the whole week, and then to lie and “gukat“, having stared in the lit bulb.

its bed which I selected half a year is empty - the son prefers to sleep with us. And to us, honestly I admit, it is so more convenient: it is not necessary to jump endlessly to check, whether all at it as it should be.

He already grew up from some baud and baby`s undershirts - how many unnecessary I bought in fear that to me all not enough! I postpone all this to present to my brother - they with the wife expect the second baby. Their two-year-old daughter adores the little cousin brother. When they are at us on a visit, it does not depart from it: irons to it handles and carries to show rattles.

... The father came from work. From a threshold hurries in a bedroom. The son`s beret on hands. And both smile each other. And I look at them and is proud I think: “This miracle was created by me!“