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Mosaic from an egg shell of

Attractiveness of a mosaic from an egg shell - in its availability: it is possible to achieve the hands excellent results, without having either special skills, or special devices. You can decorate the most different objects, issue any surface: from a tree to metal, from a cardboard to glass. Having decorated vases, plates, a framework for pictures, table-tops, you turn usual things into unique works of art.

it will be required by

A to em for this purpose to you only:

a surface for dressing
  • an egg shell
  • paint for its coloring
  • glue
  • tweezers
  • a varnish
  • the Technology is extremely simple

    • : we paste in advance painted egg shell on a surface and we varnish the hands. I use a shell from crude eggs. For example, I prepare an omelet: contents - on a frying pan, and skorlupk - in business.

      Before their further use should be washed out properly in cold water, to accurately remove plyonochka from the inside and to dry up. There are many different ways of coloring of a shell. You and know them, you for certain use many of them for Easter. I chose for production of a mosaic from an egg shell liquid acrylic paints because they exactly lay down and quickly dry.

      the Plastic plate as a mosaic basis from an egg shell the hands the zashkurena, is grounded and painted in black color (it will contrast with a mosaic). There was a question: how to transfer drawing to a black surface if you are not able to draw? It appeared, it is not so difficult, it is necessary to attach a little imagination only.

      we Take

      the drawing of our future mosaic which is unpacked on the computer (it is possible to use a leaf from a children`s coloring or the pleasant picture from the magazine). We overturn a leaf and plentifully we rub it with a school piece of chalk, blowing off surplus. Here also the white carbon paper the hands is ready. We impose it on a black surface, fixing in several places an adhesive tape, and we translate drawing (a stick, the handle, a pencil). We remove our leaf and... oh, horror! It all white and dirty! Unless we wanted it? Of course, no! Therefore we take a gel pen (them “handles for a tattoo“ still call) and we lead round our drawing anew.

      These handles, as a rule, write

      on any surface including on chalk. When we finished with an inking, it is possible to wipe safely a surface with a dry rag, deleting the chalk remains (or to blow off surplus of chalk from a plate). Other option as it is possible to translate the image without use of chalk overlay paper: very accurately to cut out drawing elements the hands small sharp scissors, since the middle of the image. We cut out a piece, we lead round the handle, we cut out the following piece, again we lead round.

      It is very long and laborious work, but gradually you will be farther from the center and all drawing will be translated. That`s all, the plate is ready to gluing of a mosaic. Where our beautiful skorlupk? Here they - all flowers of a rainbow. The more shades of every color you will prepare, the more picturesque your panel will turn out.

      the Shell is easily glued by

      on PVA. We smear a small site of drawing with glue and by means of thin tweezers we break off and we stack it, selecting for color and a form, - as in a usual mosaic.

      Advantage of a shell that it is more pliable to prick its pieces much more simply (than, for example, a tile or other materials which use for a mosaic).

      my achievements in 2 days of work, for 2 hours every day.

      the Mosaic from an egg shell - not such a laborious work as it seems at the beginning. I assure you, it is not more difficult at all than cross stitching.

      the Ready panel should varnish

      , and your work will play!

      the Product executed in this equipment will decorate with

      an interior of any house; and creative process will not deliver great difficulties, will only bring the sea of pleasure!