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Education abroad: summer immersion of

Let spring right at the beginning, it is necessary to think of the summer scenario already now! We begin to make plans for summer in advance, not only for ourselves, but also for the children. It is so important that in the period of vacation they not only have a rest and gained strength, but also opened themselves something new, capable to change life to the best!

New country, new environment, new impressions... A new opportunity not only completely to plunge into the authentic language environment to start talking English as speak in it in Great Britain (or the USA, depends on preferences), but also to like spirit of traditions of the legendary schools which gave to the world of such great people as Winston Churchill, George G. Byron, Lewis Carroll.

Summer language schools - an optimal variant for graduates of the schools which are going to go to the universities of Great Britain, America and Europe. They can become a turning point and in destiny of the teenager who was not thinking of further education yet.

Huge variety of versions of programs: general English, intensive English, preparation for examinations IELTS, English + design, soccer, tennis, sailing, riding and many other things. You can present to the child unforgettable summer and - at the same time - an opportunity to be prepared for adulthood. Worthy options enough - it is only necessary to choose.

Fidelity to traditions: Harrow (Harrow School)

of Policy, writers, military leaders... Many of those who in Great Britain are called by “frame of the nation“ or “cream of society“ are loyal to ideals of the alma mater, one of the oldest private schools of the empire. Based by order of Elizabeth I, Harrow is the huge isolated green territory on North today - the West of London. Those who arrive here on a full course of training get the most all-round education. But also those who live in nice walls of Harrow some summer weeks manage to like the local unique atmosphere. And, certainly, considerably to improve the English is the only allowed communication language in the territory of Harrow, and teaching in small groups is conducted by the best teachers.

Original British spirit: Rugby (Rugby School)

Sport - religion of British. Pupils of school of Rugby which age of nearly 500 years became inventors of one of corner national games!

But though much attention is really paid to sport here, the school of Rugby can brag of the highest level of intellectual preparation - not casually the most mysterious English writer, the brilliant mathematician Lewis Carroll became one of her graduates nearly!

to determine the level of training of participants of the summer program, to them it is offered to pass written and oral tests, and then superintensive occupations - 20 lessons of English a week, without indulgences and discounts for weakness begin. Overcoming of, achievement of a maximum of the opportunities - from this also develops original British spirit!

Scottish guard: Gordonstoun (Gordonstoun School)

Gordonstoun that in the north of Scotland, combines in itself incompatible. The school officially is under patronage of royal family (most of offsprings Vindzorov studied exactly here!) and at the same time the mission understand as preparation “people of the 21st century“, modern, active, successful here. And still to future “owners of life“ allow to remain romantics. That who comes here to summer three-week session suggest to try the hand in merge to the severe and fine Scottish nature: a week campaign on yachts, excursion to mountains, on the sea coast.

Gordonstoun - one of the most prestigious summer schools: here not only foreigners from 35 schools spend vacation, but also British to whom is to what too to learn from high quality teachers Gordonstoun!

Oxford pronunciation: OISE

British, as we know, in some way snobs. They it is faultless, from the first words, determine the social level of the interlocutor - by a pronunciation. The Oxford pronunciation is an entrance ticket in the upper class. So was and will probably be always.

to “royal English“ train in

pupils at the summer school Hedington located near the center of the oldest university city of England!

the Individual approach to everyone - the main principle of OISE. 30 (!) class periods of language a week during which subtleties of grammar accustom, of a lexicon (English - the richest in the world!) writing of compositions and, of course, faultless, Oxford, pronunciations!

Country of great opportunities: The USA

To the American measures age of summer school Wyoming Semenari (Wyoming Seminary) more than solid. 155 years ago the legendary school in the heart of America (in the city of Kingston, State of Pennsylvania, in two hours` journey from New - York) was entered by the first pupils. The philosophy of school is based on a primordial American practicality: objects are selected so that to provide to graduates the best preparation (and, really, 75% of the ended Wyoming Seminary go to the best universities of the USA). Someone told that America - the country of identity. Here again to each pupil individually select the program of training, without forgetting to pay attention to language - everything the pupil impart not only skills of critical thinking, but also ability it is convincing to express the thoughts - orally and in writing.