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The first time in the Theatre theater

is, undoubtedly, magic! Children`s theater - magic doubly. Remember what feelings at you arose when, being still absolutely little girl or the little boy, you got to the hall with the muffled light, with bright scenery, with kind and angry heroes, with some magic thin fantastic music? For certain you sat, having opened a mouth, and sometimes (when the Baba-yaga flew by on the broom) having narrowed eyes; rejoiced, frightened, had fun, were surprised. Your soul was filled with those impressions, those feelings, that fairy tale which time having seen, will never forget.

Should not refuse to

this pleasure and to the kid. Buy tickets and go with the baby to an inner sanctum of the children`s imagination created by adults - theater!

Children`s theater or what to begin with?

As you choose by

the children`s book? You take that, what is brighter, fast you pay off and you run away from shop? Or nevertheless you look through, you consult, carefully you glance over each page? You choose that which suits your child: in total up to a font and brightness of illustrations. Also and children`s performance. In this case categorically it is impossible to pay a craze and to go on, so to speak, favourites of a season. Perhaps, to your child to liking and on advantage there will be an old kind fairy tale about Buratino. Therefore before buying tickets, study the poster of performances of Moscow, communicate to other parents who already drove the kids in children`s theater.

Buying by

tickets, consider age of the child. Children to whom also two years were not executed will hardly understand the events on a scene. Psychologists advise to begin acquaintance to children`s theater since three years. But if your child is attentive, well concentrates, likes to observe, can remain sitting on one place at least half an hour, can safely begin to accustom the child to fine, without waiting for execution of three years. But.... Anyway you should not conduct in theater of the child which is less than 2 years old. it is better for p to Begin with

acquaintance to theater with doll short performances. It is possible to visit Theatre of Obraztsov. For kids of three years there are remarkable doll children`s performances “Cheerful Bear Cubs“, “By magic“, “In total Head Over Heels!“. For those children to whom 5 - 6 years were already executed show magnificent “Buratino“, all of famous “Nutcracker“, “Puss in Boots“, “The fad - a gorbunka“. Also the Moscow Puppet theater on Bauman is famous. There give children`s performances according to the famous fairy tales which you for certain read to your children!“ The Little Red Riding Hood“, “Aybolit“, “Geese are swans“, “Scarlet Flower“ and many others. By the way, if you chose the performance put according to this or that fairy tale better in advance read it together with the child, discuss, let the kid will ask you questions, will tell about the impressions. So he will understand the events in a performance better.

Always buy by

the ticket for yourself! It is impossible to leave the kid of 3 years at a performance of one even if to consider that around there are a lot of children. The atmosphere of theater is not familiar to the child, and having been left in it one, without mother, he can feel fear. It will be good if you go to theater all family: father, mother, elder brothers or sisters. Then it will be easier for child to adapt to an unfamiliar situation and to derive pleasure from action.

For the first time do not buy tickets in the first row. The kid can be frightened of heroes: both big dolls, and the made-up actors. For the child everything that occurs on a scene - reality, and he part it. It will be good if your places are close to an exit, or at least to pass. Because the kid can how to be frightened, and to start missing frankly. In this case it is better to leave.

the Opera and the ballet, it is undoubted, praiseworthy also admiration! But, most likely, your child will not estimate all advantages of this genre. Too it is difficult for children`s perception. Exceptions make only those performances which were put especially for children. Such take place, for example, in Musical Theatre of N. Sats. The opera “Dunno`s Travel“ or the musical “Tricks of a Puss in Boots“, the opera - the fairy tale “Thumbelina“ - all this children can watch, since 5 years, not earlier. And it is better to leave visit loud musical, let and nurseries, performances for that time when to your kid 7 are executed. whether


Need crinolines?

Bringing together by

the child in theater, you remember that you train him not for a beauty contest. It is not obligatory to put on the three-piece suit or a dress consisting from a ruche the kid. Perhaps, the child will feel discomfort from such solemnity and its attention will be completely paid to a dress (do not soil, do not remember, keep a back exactly, you in a suit!) but not to what occurs on a scene. Naturally, time will be spent in vain. And it is possible, the child will forever stop loving theater, without having managed to fall in love with it.

put on something comfortable, moderately elegant and accurate Better in what the child will feel not only the atmosphere of a holiday (and nobody argues that the visit of theater is a holiday), but also convenience. By the way, it is possible to carry to convenience also replaceable footwear. Especially, it concerns a cold season. It will be much more pleasant to kid to be in the hall in shoes, but not in heavy, warm boots or boots.

Theatre - a holiday, and here not to do without buffet?

It is undoubted, the buffet is a part of theater. Especially children`s. To your kid will be in pleasure to a performance or after it to drink to tea, juice, to eat chocolate or cookies. It will not do any harm, and will only add your holiday. But you should not conduct in buffet of the child which came to theater the first time! The kid has to acquire accurately that the theater is a representation, we go for the sake of a performance there, but not for the sake of buffet. Only when the kid will visit children`s theater 5 - 6 times, it is possible to tell it about theatrical buffet (there too there is the theatrical atmosphere what you will not meet in usual cafe). If started talking about food, it should be noted that it is necessary to tell the kid about rules of conduct in theater in advance, that it is impossible to eat, rustle with pieces of paper from candies, loudly to drink juice from a tubule. It disturbs not only to it, but also other audience. Agree with the child that after the performance ends, you surely visit buffet. But you should not bring the kid on a performance hungry, then the whole hour it will think of the promised buffet and it will not be attracted by colourful representation. Instead of candies, cookies and the hissing aerated water take with yourself a small bottle with water, the kid can really become thirsty, and water will be by the way: without disturbing other audience, the child will be able to satisfy thirst. whether

to What the children`s theater


you sometime Observed how kids see a performance? Children very sincerely believe in what occurs on a scene. They empathize heroes, they are afraid of the Wood goblin, screw up the face at the sight of Water, imitate a mimicry, intonations of heroes. Help to make kind acts and with pleasure will prompt to Father Frost where the Baba-yaga hid gifts! All this is reflected in their behavior in life. By means of a performance they learn to distinguish the good and evil.

do not forget

, the theater has exclusive influence on children`s mentality. By a certain game which the child perceives seriously. Therefore take care of that from a performance the child had the most pleasant impressions.