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Let`s call spring home of

Children always wait for something. Sundays, vacation, New Year`s holidays... And in February children begin to wait for spring. At words of seniors “soon spring“ the kid very vividly represents a tempting picture - heat, a green grass, and it is not necessary to put on heavy and inconvenient winter things any more. Only time is played, and behind a window is also white and desert.

- to bring closer

Why not to make a small miracle for all family spring? It is not difficult at all!

Going with children to walk, tell them that trees sleep in the winter. To wake up, the tree needs heat and light. Day increases - even the smallest will pay attention that now they leave in a garden not in outer darkness any more. Means, the nature already begins to prepare for awakening. And several branches we can wake a bit earlier. In order that our experience was successful, we cut off branches which are located closer to a trunk at a tree or is closer to a root - at a bush, then chances that these branches were not chilled and kept viability, much more. Practically any tree will approach, but it is much more evident to take branches of a birch or a hazel grove.

Secret № 1


branches from different trees. The birch has different kidneys - one turn into ear rings (man`s plants), and others - into leaflets (female plants). If carries, we in a bouquet will have both “boys“, and “girls“! We bear our bouquet from twigs home. On the road let children will remember how there comes the spring. As soon as warms the sun, snow begins to thaw, becomes damp, but temperature fluctuates about zero, nights cold. Therefore that the bouquet got accustomed, and our branches woke up in due form, it is impossible to bring it in heat at once. It is better to gather a bathtub of the coldest water, to put there our preparation and to allow to get used to a new situation. In several hours water in a bathtub will become warmer to room temperature - that`s when it will be time to put a bouquet in a vase.

Secret № 2

Water will rise to kidneys quicker if to split a bottom of branches a knife on several centimeters. Try to find not too hot and dry place for a vase - we try to recreate a spring situation (remember with children what is weather when the first leaflets appear). Near the battery of a branch can dry up, and then kidneys not raskroyut_sya. And it is still quite good to remember that in the spring leaves usually begin to make the way after a rain! Any kid will not refuse to work as a cloudlet and to sprinkle branches from a spray!

Secret № 3

If to allow to stand to branches in hot water (50 - 55 degrees) at least 3 - 5 minutes, then process will go quicker. It is better to do it in the first day, but only after branches get used to room temperature. Be more careful - do not burn a branch!

needs only to wait for

Now, without forgetting to add water in a vase (tell children that in the spring the soil is strongly saturated with moisture after snow thawing). The more often the bouquet will water “sprinkling“, the better. Usually two weeks will be enough in order that kidneys began to burst.

Secret № 4

If to include for a while in the room the artificial sun - a house sunbed - that business will go quicker. It is useful to sunbathe to both the kid, and mother - and branches will be delighted to light too! A green bouquet in the house when behind a window snow still lies, - big pleasure! By the way, this best ornament for group in kindergarten or a class. And those who helped to come true to a small miracle will take out from this experiment many new and important knowledge of world around, change of seasons and will touch annual spring sacrament of revival of life!