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It is known that horoscopes according to the destination happen two types: horoscopes - characteristics and horoscopes - forecasts. The first tell about the traits of character inherent in this or that sign throughout all life (temperament, intelligence, sexuality, addictions in food, clothes, etc.) . The second give the forecast of the forthcoming events per day, week, month, year and even the millennium.

Horoscopes happen the general and thematic. By preparation of this review I had to face horoscopes erotic, culinary, perfumery, manicure; horoscopes for women, men, children and even for cats and dogs. I tried to select the most interesting and original. I will begin, perhaps, with the most unusual.

It is the Astrological Robot of Albert Timashev. Its singularity is that it makes the forecast not for average fishes, lions, scorpions etc. in general, and an individual horoscope for each person, based on a birth date and birth place.

to receive an exact and reasonable horoscope, to you it is necessary to conduct very correctly the basic data - to precisely define time of the birth at least to within 5 minutes, and also to find in the Atlas the width and longitude of the birthplace with an accuracy at least up to 15 angular minutes. The last can be made directly on the website - it is only necessary to enter the name of the city where you were born.

to me managed to collect with

the basic data and to receive the forecast. I can tell that it was very curious and, in my opinion, quite exact. A little the stylistic roughness of the text of a prediction and excess attention to details confused, but, I think that the robot it can forgive. I saw the horoscopes made by people, but much more confused and illiterate.

By the way, the Robot can give one very interesting type of the forecast, I did not see it any more anywhere. If you gather in a trip and precisely know an arrival time and geographical coordinates of the destination, then it is possible to learn how you will feel on the new place. It is very useful for superstitious travelers.

the Well-known and popular horoscope is presented to

on the website ignio. ru. The website is issued very strictly, is even ascetic (from graphics - only banners). Registration corresponds to contents. Descriptions are laconic, exact and serious. There is a horoscope daily (for two days ahead), weekly and for a year. On subjects horoscopes are broken into the general, business, a family and love, a health horoscope. All this gravity is partly balanced by a comic horoscope and “chudesaty“ jokes and stories. It is possible to subscribe for everything.

solid and widely famous collection of horoscopes can be found

One more on the website with the simple and clear address www. astrolog. ru. Of course, horoscopes not the main thing on the website, the main thing on the website, - as are approved by his creators, - “The VI International conference “Uranium in Aquarius“ by It, of course, more visible, however we are interested today horoscopes therefore we will look what they have on our subject. And to look is that. In - the first, it is, certainly, forecasts for all signs per day, week etc. It is almost on all astrological websites. Forecasts are made by professional astrologers and, I think, they can quite be trusted. Besides, on the website there is simply remarkable “Forecast of a psychophysical state for August, 2001“. On other websites I did not see it. Still here the list “Successful days and not really in August, 2001“ is submitted. In a word, very good, solid resource with pleasant lilac design and without excess trick. I recommend.

On “a portal unknown“ Ameno. ru is collected a huge collection of horoscopes on all possible and impossible subjects. Certainly, there is also a daily horoscope with the predictions similar to significant mutter of the Delphic oracle: “Search of the identity is inevitable. You are not able to wake the talents. Still someone who will manage to make it is necessary“. Boundless open spaces for the imagination. However, quite poetically.

However it not the most interesting on a portal. As I already told, nearly the most extensive selection of thematic horoscopes is collected here. The list of subjects which is really menacing on the website can even be found councils for the choice of the car, office, food and so forth. In the heading “We Laugh on a Horoscope“ - the recommendation (!) at what jokes to laugh to different signs.


U me created feeling that from time to time just “brings“ creators of the website, and they try to adjust everything that is possible to a horoscope. However, if to perceive all this information as entertainment as buffoonery - entertainment for tipsy guests, then it, of course, very ridiculously. By the way, on this portal you can order an individual horoscope for $35. It is very ridiculous too.

On the unpretentious, but pleasant website zvezdochet. ru are collected author`s horoscopes of Alexey Vaenra. Navigation on the website is not always obvious therefore I will tell several words about it. On the main page you will find the general forecast for the present day (not on signs, and at once wholesale for all). If it to you is not enough, then it is possible to look at the forecast for the whole week, but it is already concrete for each zodiac sign.

On the page with the week forecast you will find two menus: above, on the right - forecasts for a year, and the menu will send you to the section of zodiac characteristics in the most various parameters at the left. All forecasts and Vaenra`s characteristics are written in an easy spoken language and even if they also are not absolutely exact, then they are simply pleasant to be read.

One more author`s project - the astropsychological server “Aquarun. ru“. Forecasts for you are made by the doctor of science in the field of information technologies (psychology), professor Selchenok Konstantin Vladimirovich. Here you will find the medical and general forecast for 2001, and also “The daily astrological forecast for all zodiac signs the current week“ and “To parents about children the astrological forecast for every day“. I will tell couple of cold words about two last. Professor Selchenok, certainly, the big scientist, but here with linguistics at it big problems. I read its forecasts and derived sincere pleasure from such stylistic revelations.


Creative power a stream will pour down through your organism on the heads of people around.
Day of rough experiences and disorder communications.
After a lunch of a situation will smooth out and will be consoled.
Will pull on searches of the truth and bad sincerity.
you Store yourself in inviolability for the management, and yes both the favor, and anger of higher will avoid you.
Put very difficult, confused and some unclear. Be engaged in something quite clear.
the First half of day promises to be rebellious and revolutionary so it is necessary to have the finger on the pulse of changes and in time to turn aside from the bricks sliding on the head.
After a lunch curtail affairs and pass into a severe protective position.
Day of dreams of the best tomorrow and searches of ways of penetration into the light future.
Batten down the hatches leaving an inner world in external and occupy defense.
Reason will be unruly also a shalopaist.

to Comment on

, I think, is not necessary. If you consider that it is the good text, then I, perhaps, will agree with you - specially will not compose it. One word - shalopaisty style. Forecasts for children and parents - too some kind of masterpiece. I will not tire with quotes, I advise simply to esteem. Something in it is.

Quite traditional horoscope is presented to

at “A fair of horoscopes“. Anything unexpected - the week forecast for signs, a love horoscope, the forecast for a year etc. Style is neutral, forecasts quite detailed. A little the poor design executed in style 96 - 97 of the last century irritates (or remained since those times) - it is black - a star background, stolen graphics, the poured inscriptions New!, etc. signs of faultless taste.

Very popular horoscope (with approximately same as at “Fair“ design) offers the to visitors the oldest entertaining portal “Kulichki. ru“. By the way, they will be 5 years old soon - solid age for the Network. Once the horoscope on Kulichkakh was one of the first horoscopes in the RuNet, than and its popularity speaks. Now it considerably concedes on quality and a variety of forecasts to other astrological projects.

Very serious and detailed horoscope I found

on the website “Psi - Magic“. You need to specify time and date of the birth and the program will issue you “schedule“ of all transits of planets through their houses for the interval of time interesting you. Comments to the schedule are so detailed and scrupulous that, I admit honestly, I could not digest their everything that, however, does not belittle the value of this horoscope at all. In the section “Zodiac Sign in Love“ “it is possible not only to learn what your zodiac sign in love, but also to understand love whims of your partner“.

the Bulls and Cows Portal offers

three horoscopes:

the First and the last - are rather traditional
  • for serious people and do not promise special opening, and the comic horoscope is simply interesting to be considered it.

    One more huge collection of horoscopes, similar ameno. ru, is on the Siberian www portal. son. ru. The selection is really impressive: a week horoscope, three types of horoscopes for a year: business, health, family; criminal, sexual, medical, children`s, horoscope of aromas, and also garden, flower, dog, cat`s and mn. other. Everything is very serious, efficient in pleasant information registration. It is worth coming.


    Beautifully issued a horoscope on the website HighLife. ru. Style of forecasts is rather traditional also without excesses. The classical horoscope is supplemented erotic and gift. Shortcomings - forecasts are not always updated in time and are washed often quite away.

    Onlife Magazine. ru offers several thematic horoscopes: Marriage, Business and a horoscope with the awful sovok name “Public Catering on Stars“. However, authors promise that having read this horoscope, you receive answers to three vital issues: Whether “Our addictions in food define stars? What diet is shown to this or that zodiac sign? With what dish your partner in life will be delighted?“ . Try, maybe, will help...

    the good and beautiful horoscope I found

    on Estart. ru. Except traditional forecasts there are very interesting “Characteristics of signs from Tamara Globy“. Here you learn about your pluses and minuses, about the treasured travel, about what attracts in you people, and also about love, sex, friendship, health and career. Besides, Globa will prompt what days will be successful this year.

    Of course, in one review it will not be possible to tell me about all horoscopes in the Russian Network. However I hope that nevertheless helped you to choose the most interesting and credible. If you were interested in a subject, write, I will continue.