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Finger - the boy where you were? There are no

Probably, presently parents who would not know about advantage of finger-type games. Development of small motility of hands perfectly develops both the speech, and intelligence of the child, develop at it attentiveness, ability to concentrate and relax. However ideas of what is these finger-type games and as, actually, to play them, happen absolutely different. Someone will remember most usual “a soroka - a beloboka“, and someone will tell about need of special occupations, and it is desirable - on the grants made by professionals. And all, in general, will be right. Because there is a lot of finger-type games and it is possible to be engaged in them differently.

the simplest type of these games which is suitable for children of any age, even (and especially!) to babies are a massage: stroking of a palm and fingers. It is useful not only iron, but also to pound fingers, to bend them and to unbend, shake. There is a set of poteshka with which it is possible to accompany these actions, for example: “This finger - the grandfather, this finger - the grandmother, this finger - the daddy, this finger - mummy, and this finger - I! Here and all my family“. Or: “This brother went to the wood, this brother cooked Russian cabbage soup, this brother ate porridge, this brother of a song sang!“ . Easily and to parents to think up some “humourous catchphrases“ that the gymnastics passed more cheerfully. The type of finger-type games following on difficulties - sign games. The movements in them are carried out by all hand (movements by separate fingers a little). “Pat-a-cake“ can be an example of such game. Similar exercises are useful not only to kids, but also to children is more senior, 2 - 3 years as develop coordination of movements of brushes and fingers, and to the senior preschool children also help to overcome a stiffness and constraint. Here one of sign games.

“Once upon a time there was a tsar“

Both hands are put to temples by the bases of palms, palms are straightened - we represent “crown“.
the tsar had a yard.
a Helpless gesture are made at the level of a breast - we represent “yard“.
One hand is put on an elbow, fingers up, are squeezed, a palm direct. with
On Coca - a bast,
to Part fingers of the raised hand. its wind swung
. to Shake
a brush. whether not to start

At last, actually finger-type games it is possible to break into two subspecies: let`s conditionally call their “static“ (it is necessary to make any figure of fingers) and “dynamic“ (it is necessary to perform fingers any operations). “Static“ exercises are, for example, “shadow play“. We put fingers so that the shadow was by hand similar to a doggie, a hare, a pigeon... It will be interesting if adults participate in this game. There are also special exercises of this kind - they can be used as a gymnastics element for the child: “goat“ - to extend a forefinger and a little finger, to squeeze other fingers; “points“ - to represent points, having formed 2 circles of big and index fingers of both hands, to connect them;“ nest“ - to connect both hands in the form of a nest, densely to squeeze fingers. If you represent the hare (having extended index and average fingers up and having connected the others), and your hare will begin to bend one, other “ear“, - it will be the elementary “dynamic“ finger-type exercise. Here still an example of simple game of such look - “Short flight of stairs“.

“I go upward“

the Left palm put before yourself vertically, move apart fingers; in turn touch with a forefinger of the right hand fingers of the left hand, since a little finger, as if climbing steps of a short flight of stairs.

“I go down“

the Forefinger “goes down“ but to fingers of the left hand from big to index. It is possible to compose the whole fairy tale:

“The little gnome went to the wood. A top - a top
of Index and average fingers stamp on a table, representing legs.
A towards to it two hedgehogs. Flop - flop.
of the Hand splash on a table palms down.
Suddenly one hedgehog uslykhat the gnome, was frightened, curled up in a ball.
we Squeeze a cam of the right hand. Then prickles straightened
, ceased to be afraid.
Fingers - prickles quietly lay down on a table a palm down.
Other hedgehog was frightened, contracted in a lump.
Other hand contracts in a fist. The asymmetric movements of hands are farther. Left in a fist - right rastopyrivat fingers and vice versa. This hedgehog is afraid of
, and that straightens prickles, now the first in a ball contracts, and the second brave becomes. The gnome looked at them and quickly - quickly ran from the wood“.
the Index and middle finger represent the running legs.

Similar exercises are useful to

not only kids, but also the senior preschool children to preparation of a hand for the letter. Tasks in this case have to be more difficult: for example, “to walk“ on a path index and anonymous fingers, then index and a little finger, big and index etc. “Dynamic“ finger-type games perfectly approach as entertainment of the children`s company.

we Will arrange to

playful competition of “myriapods“! Before game children have to put hands on the table edge. On a signal of the adult of “myriapod“ begin to move to the opposite edge of a table, and all five fingers take part in the movement.

can Similarly carry out by

races of “elephants“: the middle finger of the right or left hand is “trunk“, other fingers - “legs of an elephant“. The elephant is forbidden to jump up and touch an earth trunk, when walking it has to lean on all 4 legs. For children is more senior it is worth picking up game more seriously. For example, “Flies - does not fly“. Players take seats around a table, having put hands palms on a table. The one who will drive gets out. Driving speaks: “The titmouse flies!“ Raising at the same time one of fingers. Each of players has to tear off the same finger from a table. Having lowered the finger driving continues: “The sparrow flies!“ Also tears off other finger from a table. Players repeat its movement again. Rate of game is gradually accelerated. And at some moment driving, raising a finger, says nonsense: “The chip flies!“ Here it is already not necessary to repeat for driving the movement! Inscrutable or absent-minded players who all - fingers lifted bowl off. Or receive from driving shchelban - it is necessary to agree about it in advance. Similar games - competitions not so a little (we will remember at least all the acquaintance “A stone - scissors - paper“). It is interesting to both kids, and school students or maybe their parents to play them too. Such games develop not only small motility, but also attention and ingenuity. Here how many entertainments and exercises disappear under the phrase “finger-type game“! And if you do not want to study the bothered “Pat-a-cake“ with the child, or it is boring for your kid to make difficult figures of fingers, you can easily find other game which will help development of small motility, the muscular device and tactile sensitivity.

Let`s play