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Magic box of

Everything began when the mother-in-law presented to my eight-months son a stool for feeding. Though I also very much insisted on that did not give that to us and without it is just remarkable. In general, a stool for feeding - just excellent thing, convenient, remarkable... But only not in kitchen in 5 sq.m from which the patch 60 × is free; 60 cm. And it is awkward to tell that-:“ Why you presented, I said that it is not necessary and where it to put“. I told “thanks“, and we began to master a stool... Oh, I not about a stool wanted to tell.

we Will return to a subject. The stool was packed into a box. And so far the box stood in a corridor and waited when it is thrown out, the sonny decided that it is a toy.

the Box wide and low - 22 cm only. And exactly thanks to a box the son learned to get on such height. He leaned a box against a case mirror - a compartment, scrambled on it and “communicated“ with the reflection. And I had time for the affairs.

I already there passed week, and the new toy will not bother in any way, and I decided to leave it. Especially as by this time so many toys collected that they were not located in a dresser box any more.

Ya cut out a bottom at a box - the cover turned out, I strengthened other parts an adhesive tape. Then I took old magazines and cut out different pictures from there - a photo of the children advertizing clothes, cars and even the small comic book. I pasted all this on a cover and lateral faces of a box. It turned out brightly and it is even informative! It is that`s all ready!

Then all large-size toys and 11 big soft cubes before rolling on apartment corners I laid

in a box.

the Son first of all got into a box and collapsed on cubes.

And then me needed only to be observed how the son plays with a box.

Here to what he learned


A in the evening before going to bed we gather all toys, we put in a box and we move away her under a bed. And at least for the night our house turns from the huge nursery to the usual cozy apartment.

generally, turned out the interesting, useful, inexpensive developing toy. I recommend!