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The most important rule of feeding by a breast of

On courses on preparation for childbirth our remarkable instructor acquainted us with everything that can be useful to future mother. We practiced yoga, learned to breathe and make an effort correctly, in detail disassembled the mechanism of childbirth. The pediatrician trained us in care of the kid, rules of feeding by a breast, to observance of a diet of the feeding mother. Upon completion of courses I was sure that I am informed completely. And the thought did not come that in my knowledge base there is no very important point.

After the delivery milk came, as well as it is necessary, on second day. As I was taught, I cared for quality of milk: ate for three, trying to keep to a diet. As well as it is necessary in all maternity hospitals, my days to a limit were saturated. Only you will be going to feed the child, what is your name on the next survey, inspection, the analysis... And so indefinitely. What to feed the child here or to be fed most!

Having come back home, I thought that I will sigh quietly. But is not present. Visits of the pediatrician, nurse, aunts, grandmothers, girlfriends and so on poured in abundance, without allowing to concentrate on the basic.

of Feeding was passed automatically. By the way I thought what to prepare for lunch to whom to call what to tell. Very often, when we retired with the kid on feeding, phone called, and I tried to combine both processes at the same time. It very much was not pleasant to the child, and I could not understand his indignation in any way, I was near! To me then did not come to the head that the kid feels my distance not at the physical level at all.

A bit later I read the mass of the books narrating about unique communication of mother and child which apogee is feeding process by a breast. At this special moment it is impossible to distract even mentally. It is process of your communication with each other from which pleasure is derived by both parties. It is possible to tell that it is the initial stage of education. If it seems to you that the kid is still small and does not understand words, communicate with him mentally during feeding. You tell everything that you want to report to the child: the knowledge, experience, feelings to it. You share with it the plans. The kid will understand and will support you better than any adult. He will teach to be purer, kinder, more frank...

of Mummy, feeding by a breast the surprising, useful, enriching spiritually process! Nurse long and with pleasure! Health to you and your kids!