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About a hamster, Mummies of the Troll and little man of

When we decided “to become pregnant“ I studied on a third year of a full-time department, to me was 19, and our relations were not saddened neither by a stamp in the passport, nor even joint housekeeping. But we did not regret about this decision within nine months of expectation, later. Now to our baby year, and I can is proud to tell that it were the finest year and nine months of my life.

everything Began

with an explanation with parents. In spite of the fact that the husband, and at that time just young man, already had a certain financial independence, my parents apprehended news of the future replenishment in bayonets. Though then got used and, it seems, were even delighted.

As responsible future mummy I was in a maternity welfare unit with firm intention to be registered... on the fourth week of pregnancy. After two hours of expectation before an office I got - on reception where the gynecologist not too politely explained that on such term they do not register, and advised to be month through two.

Whether from frustration that I “was not accepted in pregnant“, whether owing to inevitable decrease in immunity, I got sick with

. In the first month of ours with the kid of “joint“ life we endured also temperature under forty, and faints from - for extremely gone down pressure, and the menacing waist pains. My mother, the physician by training, with in a deathlike way pale face rummaged in medical reference books, reading about awful consequences of flu on early terms of pregnancy. And I all this time held a stomach and as repeated a spell: “Only keep, only do not leave!“ .

the Virus we overcame

, and on its place as on a throne, ascended its Majesty Toksikoz. The smell of boiled pelmeni and the garlic which was stale in the refrigerator were my main enemies during this period. Rescued only one-percentage kefir - I could drink it in liters.

the Second trimester began

with a wedding. We with the kid wonderfully looked in our wedding dress - the father could not admire us. Except long-awaited wedding and the beginning of family life these months brought the mass of pleasant surprises. In me directly magic changes began to happen - problems with skin disappeared, hair began to shine and were wrapped in ringlets, there was a wish to smile and sing constantly. On the street young people with offers to get acquainted approached me. And when the tummy became noticeable, the same guys with a smile gave way to me in the subway.

Courageously having decided not to take

akady, on the fifth - the sixth month I safely handed over session. It was a little a pity that still small stomach does not draw attention to itself and does not provide loyalty of teachers. But having returned in September after summer vacation, I really felt that it to be a pregnant woman. Corridor turmoil respectfully parted before future mummy, employees of dean`s office were extraordinary precautionary, and teachers promised automatic machines at winter session and almost did not ask homeworks.

we did to

In the put terms ultrasonography. Very much waited for the second inspection in 24 weeks - so there was a wish to learn for whom we wait, the daughter or the son. It appeared - the girl. Having pleased the husband, I plunged into dreams, stroking a stomach and tenderly calling the baby by name - Sonechka. But the proud future father of my enthusiasm who came back from work did not divide. The fat-cheeked hamster Sonya with black eyes - buttons and huge foreteeth, living at the husband in the period of his early childhood, was not associated at Kostya with image of the daughter in any way. Therefore we touched still a set of options of maiden names among which Glafira, Pelageya, Arina for my part, and Anna, Ekaterina, Olga appeared from the husband. The name Maria became the only name which did not cause in us “homyakovy“ and other negative associations and was combined with a middle name.

Now, remembering these 9 months, I am surprised to how quickly they flew by. But then, especially last weeks, time was played as a sticky chewing gum. My look grown fat Mummies - the troll already began to tire me fairly. Tying me laces, the husband, joking, asked whether I missed by the form the knees, and uneasy Mashkina legs continually strove to kick mother in a liver. Having studied all found literature on childbirth and, especially, about signs of their beginning, I shuddered from each “strange“ feeling. In view of my state, all feelings, including a “suspicious“ poshchipyvaniye in toes seemed strange. But as for physical health, any special problems was not. Till last week I continued to appear at university, washed the floors in the svezheotremontirovanny apartment, did gymnastics on courses of preparation for childbirth.

of PDR at me was on November 5, but by my calculations the event “X“ had to take place for about two weeks earlier. And on October 18, having read up the latest book about Harry Potter, I went to bed with thought that now it is precisely possible to give birth. It is visible, and Mashka, having learned, than history of the boy - the wizard ended, decided that it would be time to look and prove to be on parents. In 3 nights I woke up from a pandiculation in a waist. It was much stronger, than training fights. And I, and the become silent baby, understood at once that now all really. At that moment I felt so as if very important examination which I will pass surely on “perfectly“ is necessary to me. The anticipation of triumph and fast meeting with the daughter did not allow me to fall asleep. On tiptoe, not to awake the husband and mother, I crept in a bathroom with firm intention to shave and last time to admire a tummy. The second point was without effort executed by means of a big mirror in all wall it was necessary to realize the first to show balancing act miracles.

around five hours, having got out of a bathtub, I decided to wake Kostik. Intervals between fights fluctuated from 3 to 5 minutes, and it guarded. On my persistent requests to wake up the husband reacted at first muffled low, and then half asleep tried to inspire in Masha that else early and it is possible to have a sleep.

the Daughter showed character. At 6 o`clock my excited and finally woken up spouse by phone agreed with my midwife and in combination its aunt. At its insistance we left in maternity hospital.

B reception it was empty, I was accepted very kindly by the duty midwife. Issued, gave a huge hospital shirt and the print dressing gown which at once reminded me my grandmother. I took out to the husband the things, and, having received a compliment concerning the “negligently - nochnushechny“ a look, sent future happy father home.

the doctor who Examined me determined by

disclosure in two centimeters. If it is honest, I slightly was upset - hoped after four hours of fights, at least, of centimeter for three. The enema which I feared like the plague performed by the nurse was almost not felt. Then I was forwarded on the third floor. In a corridor on a wheelchair just given rise girl already embracing the child lay. Young mummy smiled, the kid, in my opinion, too. “Good omen!“ - I solved.

the Midwife brought me to the box and, having given a free hand, left. We with Masha remained alone, and the fights which somehow weakened during registration returned with a new force. I breathed, rubbed a waist, went and squatted, in passing exchanging words by phone with mother and encouraging her (mother terribly worried about me). Natalya Ivanovna, my midwife drove up to a half of the tenth, and at once developed rough activity. From where - that there was a dropper, a mug with water that was very opportunely, to a stomach KTG sensors were pasted, the doctor came to look at disclosure. Perhaps, it was the most painful moment for the entire period of childbirth. Having recovered the breath, I asked: “Sergey Mikhalych, why to check disclosure on four centimeters much more painfully? than on two?“ The doctor joyfully declared: “Whether still will be!“

Having consulted to the midwife, it decided to puncture a bubble, already, according to him, “absolutely unnecessary“. After an otkhozhdeniye of waters (it is pale - pink, thank God) business went more cheerfully. About something poshushukavshis, the doctor and the midwife asked whether I want to have a sleep. I was not against and to transfer fights lying it was heavy. To me gave an injection, and I failed in a dream.

Woke up in twelve from the fights which fairly amplified by then. Getting ready for childbirth, I thought that if it is wanted to shout very much - I will sing. There was no wish to shout, to sing - especially. It seemed that there are no forces even on speaking. Natalya Ivanovna did not depart any more. Massing my waist that very much helped, she distracted me talk, corrected sensors on a stomach, told that the baby feels now. It was the main argument to being clamped on fights and not to begin to feel sorry for itself. I represented that each my breath - an exhalation helps the daughter, and still imagined that I breathe on the frozen window, and with each exhalation the protalinka on glass becomes more.

it Is as if improbable

did not sound, I plunged into some strange state, probably, close to meditation. I heard and understood everything that occurs around, but concentrated only on the feelings. And at the same time I was not abandoned by feeling that I take a detached view of everything as if and as I the detached onlooker, understand that everything occurs as it is necessary, everything goes correctly.

Exactly in 15. By 00 more efforts of the midwife, than mine, I appeared on a chair. Here also the most important began. To the box by huge jumps the doctor accompanied by several more vrachyoy and nurses ran in, and cried out: “It that for a sour mine? Well - quickly smiled!“ Strangely enough, really there was a wish to smile. To me allowed to make an effort. “At last!“ - I thought. And, it is visible, I opened a second wind because in ten minutes boxing was announced by ringing Mashkiny shout.


, mummy to whom gave birth!“ - Natalya Ivanovna says. And I also do not see anything from - for tears. “Masha, - I say. - To Mashenk“. Through a sobbing I feel on a stomach someone warm, tyazhyolenky and native - native. “Be not afraid, small, all behind. We coped!“ - I whisper. The daughter listens and calms down. The midwife takes away it and shifts to a little table nearby. And I look on flashing from - for a side tiny legs, strong squeezed cams, and I want both to start howling and to burst out laughing loudly - loudly that all heard! And that all knew how it is fine when the new little man is born.