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The child - the friend, the companion and...

How many myself I remember, children were always perceived by me as eternally shouting, wanting there are troublemakers. I with genuine sympathy always looked at the exhausted, not well-groomed mummies with carriages, kengurushka, bags who forgot that first of all they are women! Of a maternity leave I thought, how of the period of the end of career development and in general self-development. However I stayed in similar beliefs until itself did not become mother.

Having arrived from maternity hospital, I, as well as all mummies, in an occasion and without showed concern: checked breath, closed all window leaves and doors, covered with a blanket over head and ears (suddenly what centimeter of my treasure will freeze). Then the “cheerful“ period of gripes began! Who passed, that knows! I stayed in constant confidence that it is worse than me there is no mother. Of course, my self-flagellation did not improve a situation, just the opposite. And I slowly turned into not well-groomed, angry, eternally wanting to sleep housewife (though it is difficult to call the hostess the woman at whom the house is similar to a city dump). Time was not enough even for elementary hygienic procedures! To me times of my carefree existence when I entirely owned own free time were remembered. It seemed to me that they irrevocably sank Into oblivion.

So proceeded until I (not without the aid of kind people) did not understand one simple truth: the child - your friend! As if unusually it did not sound, but quite so and is actually. The kid understands better and better you. Words are not necessary to it, he feels each thought rushing by the way in your head. And right there reacts to changes of your mood! In the presence of the kid advise not to swear, and I would add that even negative thoughts cannot be allowed. Harmony in the relations with the kid begins with positive thoughts.

When I it realized

, our relations with the kid moved to qualitatively other level. I ceased to be afraid, to be angry, and just began to live! Strangely enough, time both for itself, and for work, and for self-development appeared. Yes, of course, my life is not similar to the fairy tale, but became pleasure from communication with the kid much more. Let not all also not from the first turn out, the most important that we understand each other!