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Unusual “brothers“ of a usual baby sling

it would Seem, not so long ago nothing was known of baby slings. However convenient and various, they strongly located in our life. And we got used to them so that we already divide them on habitual and non-standard - those which you will see infrequently. About them now the speech will also go.

Baby slings which we call non-standard can be divided into several groups conditionally:

Let`s consider each group in more detail.

Special baby slings

the Baby sling for bathing. It is sewed usually from the thin, breathing, quick-drying fabric not passing ultraviolet rays, ideally - from natural silk. Very convenient thing to bathe in hot day, without risking to find on gentle skin of the kid burns from the scorching sun subsequently. Actually, for this purpose it is also intended - for bathing with the kid in open reservoirs. It is worth paying the attention to mummies planning to take the kid on rest to the sea to this version - it can be useful there. Baby slings for bathing can be different types: and with rings, both a pipe, and a scarf. On open spaces of the Internet it is possible to get various options worth from 500 rubles

the Twin - a baby sling. Quite rare and very specialized kind of a baby sling. This baby sling is intended for simplification of life of mummies who happiness - have twice more. The speech, certainly, goes about twins. This baby sling allows to carry two kids at the same time. However, there are also such devices very much - about 129 euros, respectively “at them“. And “at us“ I did not find it yet. However our slingomama are not grieved and with ease replace the twin - a baby sling with two baby slings, or some ways of winding a baby sling - a scarf.

of Hipsit - peculiar adaptation which, however, too is carried to non-standard baby slings. A wide belt on which small “ear“ - a seat is fixed. It is intended hipsit for carrying of big children on small distances. For example, if you walk with the kid after a rain, and it is necessary to transfer it through pools and dirt, or in a long foot walk the tired child needs small rest. He can be put on a hip, and hipsit will help to carry him, without bending a back. The curvature is less, load of a back is less, the fatigue is less. The cost of an order is 2000 - 3000 rubles.

Ethnic, or traditional baby slings

the Majority of these baby slings is similar

on well-known to us a baby sling - a scarf or May - a baby sling. Examples of variations a baby sling - a scarf can be seen in Mexico, Indonesia, Africa.


- short, from one and a half to three meters, a baby sling - the scarf from cotton, wool or silk used both for carrying of the child and for the economic purposes. Its homeland - Mexico. Consider that a baby sling rebozo - derivative two cultures, as Mexican and Spanish.

of Selendang or Sarong it is from Indonesia and Java. As well as rebozo, is a short scarf, wearable on one shoulder. It is made mainly of cotton and used and as carrying for children and as a clothes element.


- the baby sling widespread in Kenya and Africa. Its interesting feature - they most often are on sale in couples, and on everyone any saying in Swahili is written.

Mai - a baby sling is called still an Asian baby sling because it came to us from the countries of Asia. In the same place it is possible to see its less known analogs.


- the Japanese baby sling. It has no belt as May, habitual for us, - a baby sling, and humeral straps are passed throughout rings on bottom corners of a panel.


of Podegi it is used in Korea. Here too there is no belt. All baby sling consists of a panel to which top edge the wide tape by means of which the kid is fixed is sewn. There are several ways of setting allowing to carry even the smallest.


- the assistant to the Udmurt mothers. In appearance he most of all reminds a bag at which did not sew lateral seams - a panel and handles since the opposite ends. It is also used not only for the child, but also for carrying of luggage. In nypjt the special cradle for kids fastens, or already grown up child is put.

of Hmong - one more kind of an Asian baby sling, is used in China and Vietnam. It represents 2 sewed fabric panels (60 × 80 cm). The straps sewn to the top corners cover mother and the kid sitting on her.

It is possible though I am not sure of it, representatives of these types can be found in the Internet - shops, and it is precisely possible to sew them under the order. There is only no sense special in it - the won love and attachment of mummies May - baby slings and baby slings - scarfs took from them the best and corrected the majority of shortcomings.

of Modification of baby slings, a slingoodezhda

the Baby sling - an osminozhka, already gained some distribution and winning popularity in our country, practically in everything is similar for usual May - a baby sling. But, unlike it, has 2 additional straps sewn between the main. They are passed throughout rings with which humeral straps come to an end. There is an osminozhka about 1000 rubles.

Some of my familiar mothers, without philosophizing, put the babies under a big terry dressing gown - if it is good to wrap up it, and to record a bottom of the improvised “baby sling“ a belt, to the child it is quite cozy there. Quite good decision, if houses cold.

Also I observed a picture as function peculiar - a baby sling was carried out May by “breast“ from jeans overalls of mother. To the child and mother it was quite comfortable. Recently, having bought jeans overalls, tried this way. Quite narrow shoulder straps in an hour of walk with the fifteen-kilogram kid crash into shoulders a little. For the rest, as it is surprising, quite convenient.

But further everything on the way of production of a comfortable slingoodezhda Inuits - the nationality living in the north of Canada came. They carry the kids since the birth and till four years in a special pocket in a special way sewed parks - amaut. The pocket is covered below by the special moss absorbing allocations. Park reliably protects the kid from cold, a wide hood - from wind. Patterns of such floggings pass in the people of Inuits from father to son.

By the way, in Russia function of a baby sling was carried out by a hem - a wide long apron, traditional for the peasant`s suit, which was put on over a skirt. Having fixed the ends of a hem around a neck, in it it was possible to transfer children. From here also the known saying “went to bring in a hem“.

Of course, all who read, were interested and used baby slings, know that a baby sling - not the new invention. More likely, old which is well forgotten in Russia and Europe. Perhaps, this review will help to look at ancient cultural roots of this useful invention in a new way. If the whole people from generation to generation use a baby sling, so it well. And new modifications and improvements do baby slings even more conveniently, more comfortably, more cozy. And among such variety everyone will be able to find that to it to liking.