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Recipe of expectation

Fall of 2008. To my one and only son of 6,5 years. From its party the requirement of the brother becomes more persistent. I, in turn, am drilled more and more persistently by desire to pass “it“ (that is to become mother) for the second time.

Besides the first time was unplanned (so it turned out...), it is sure that if planned, would plan still. That is I feel that I just now (in 32 years) ripened for conscious motherhood. Right now in my family a harmonious situation to give life (as it is proud sounds!) to new being.

Of course, not all dreams are realized, not all roads which were planned, passed, work not absolutely satisfies.

But! Now, being 6,5 years mother, I know well: the brightest “doberemenny“ dreams with the advent of the child continue to be realized successfully (and are added to them new, already connected with the kid, and they become reality too!), life becomes much brighter and more pleasant (what mother is necessary “, I so love you!“ ), and work...

Nobody will prevent me to be engaged in career and in a “deep“ old age (experience of successful women - politicians at respectable age is an example). So work can still be postponed (and it is not obligatory to pension). Especially, crisis...

here the child`s birth, in difference about pits, the nature and my desire does not allow to postpone



So, it is solved. I want to become a mother again, to present the long-awaited brother to my son. As experience of conscious planning of motherhood in my life was not yet (I remind, the first time - “over and above the plan“), I try to study as much as possible the theory of a question and then to start practice.

I Plunge, naturally, into the Internet. I obtain the mass of useful information, I am loaded with a positive and more and stronger it want to appear in the family way!

Well... I - that want, but it is necessary that also future father wanted. It is necessary to tell, a subject scrupulous. I admit honestly: the previous pregnancy was not only unplanned, but also very undesirable to the potential father. Evolution of his consciousness happened within all 9 months (as a result now it - it is model - indicative daddy).

But now I want

that my pregnancy from the very beginning was planned and very much - very desired! So cunning and a trick we will not use (frankly speaking, decided not to refuse absolutely them, but so far to postpone as a last resort), just we will try for a start to have with the husband a heart-to-heart talk (by the way, it is advised on one website in article devoted to a problem of planning of the second child).

Oh, miracle! It appears, the paternity changes the man not less, than motherhood - the woman. My husband who was afraid of children 8 - 10 years ago as fire, now very much even not against the second child. However, unlike me and the son, dreams of the daughter...

So, one may say, the moral part of “planning process“ is finished by

- potential mother and the father want the kid, the child looks forward to the brother. We did not discuss an equipment as we are sure that if we can adequately raise one child (we have a certain apartment, the son successfully is engaged in two sections, we actively travel), then the second child precisely will not ruin us.

generally, it is time to start the physical party of a question.

Main in such responsible business - health. Well, here at the beginning classical: stomatology - gynecology.

Dental care - process, of course, not the most pleasant and fascinating, but quite predicted and, the main thing, final. Sitting in the dental chair and listening to radio, praised itself and encouraged: I not only myself restore health, I for future baby try. Generally, within three months I cured, at last, all teeth.

A here gynecology... I decided to go in the “respectable“ way - went to expensive clinic already familiar to me. As the analyses and researches made still a floor - a year ago in this clinic, were just ideal, this time just waited for “blessing“ from the gynecologist on planning.

was not lucky

... Found the milkwoman and PVCh. I understand that it, of course, is not so deadly (optimism added articles on the Internet), and treatment of these sores, thank God, is not connected with antibiotics (the doctor told - treatment of 10 days, and then it is possible in fight at once), but all the same - is a pity that it is necessary to postpone the most sweet...

I Am treated selflessly (treatment of PVCh was conducted only by imunnomodulyator), I carry out all doctor`s instructions, I begin to accept polyvitamins.

the Hubby too in parallel makes tests (as it was expressed, “on all table of Mendeleyev“). By the way, PVCh did not find in it, his doctor when analyses were ready, just shook hands with it - it is visible, it is a rarity that absolutely any sore! Its immunity is stronger than mine it appeared...

One more obligatory point in my process of planning. And the fact that PVCh reason the doctor called the lowered immunity only strengthened my desire to go surely at the sea before responsible hour of X...

So except the “family“ websites I looked through the websites of travel agencies and reviews of hotels. Of course, and here crisis introduced the amendments.

Krom of crisis, also: to take full vacation (for about 10 - 15 days) at the same time in February - March with the husband an opportunity was not represented to us. What to do? Never spur a willing horse. I thought up the decision - 5 days in Charm - Ale - the Sheikh (honor “in Sochi for 3 nights“). I know that moving - flights transform feeling of time, and those several days which can imperceptibly disappear in usual daily occurrence will seem very bright and long spot if to carry out them in a romantic situation.

to See a bright sun after several months of sad Petersburg winter! Perhaps, it will seem to someone banal, but we very sharply enjoyed everyone solarly - in the sea afternoon. Excursions, by itself, ordered only sea - floated on submarine and enjoyed a snorkeling in the reserve of Races - Muhammad (the reserve this underwater - there some mad congestion of corals and small fishes around them).

When (before departure to the reserve) we were presented by

to a waiting time of landing to the yacht to the instructor, one woman noticed: “What epic names (Olga and Igor) at you...“ And I still thought then: “Yes, and only we lack Svyatoslav...“

my son floundered in the sea as an amphibian (we take out it at the sea since a year). The father taught him to dive from pontoons, and they dived together...

But the most interesting began

in the evenings: languished from day bathing, the tender sun and a plentiful buffet (when our son fell asleep, having only concerned a-headed pillow), we started the most important...


In some stories planning how they during “process“ distinctly imagine the future kid... And I here, to the shame, just wallowed in the abyss of some impetuous pleasure (still - for the first time for so many years to relax, cease to worry about “danger“!).

When you think of something much, you begin to find reflection of the thoughts in a surrounding situation (with me always so). Once went from the beach, and one cheerful Arab began “to meet“ our son playfully:“ Hi, how are you, how call? The brother or the sister is? How is not present? We have one woman - 10 children, one is very little! Next time with the sister come to us!“ Directly the fortuneteller was met...

Should be told

, the person I is extremely impatient. When well very strongly there is a wish for something, I begin to dodge in every possible way to receive the desirable. And as it is heavy to realize that for the objective, not depending on me reasons, it is necessary to wait and wait for the desirable!

Since that moment as I solved “I will be mother again!“ time began to trudge insufferably long.

At first - it was dental care. Then - inspections, testing and treatment at the gynecologist (and I understood what needs theoretically to be passed much more doctors, but risked it not to be engaged as the eldest son turned out not too bad at all and without preliminary campaigns on policlinics)...

When these treatments were behind, I could not wait for the beginning of blessed “planning cycle“ in any way - just it seemed that it will never come!

Came. And what now? Now the ovulation will come only in 1000! Yes, we could not keep (were at the sea, on holiday) and without any calculations were engaged “this“ every day, already with 5 - oho day of a cycle (and continued to be engaged daily when we already came back home - a week more). I mind understood that it is useless, early still, and in general, so often it is not recommended - the potential father “will just fuse“ by then when (in 1000!) to a vsta - there will come settlement O. But, as at Pushkin:

“Be happy

!“ - Erot whispered to it,
Mind what? The mind was silent.

Here and my mind could not struggle with the appeared suddenly Erot. All right, I solved, let will be, somehow to the nature. Perhaps so it and to the best.

I here About behind, ahead any more not one thousand, but one million years of expectation... delays. How to endure this one million years?

Ya I try to plunge into work (it is impossible, the hand foully reaches for the Internet, and there - search of early signs of pregnancy); I meet girlfriends (and conversation surely pours out in a subject of my planning); I ski with the son (of course, at slow speed, in me - very much can even be - there are magic, but such fragile transformations)...

my husband who is not grounded theoretically at all was interested in

already a week ago: “Well as?!“ It was necessary to give to it lecture on the corresponding subject. And here we wait...

I Understand

that those possible signs which I already now (to a delay even days 10) allegedly find in myself can be just a suggestion fruit. And in general, hit percent at absolutely healthy and young not people - no more than 25 - 30% in one cycle. And to us already not 20...

Recipe one: to wait and stay in kind mood. But as it is heavy to wait! Again I remember Pushkin: “It is sluggish my days are attracted...“