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Escape from morbid depression of

of People which is excessively afraid for the health quite often happens object for jokes. There is an opinion that morbid depression - just amusing trait of character, some oddity, perhaps. As if it is not accepted to treat the hypochondriac`s problems seriously, and such opinion is widespread not only in society in general, but even among doctors.

However morbid depression is a mental disorder which, most often, is a symptom of more serious disease, it as, for example, a depression. The condition of the hypochondriac is painful. He suffers itself, is free or involuntarily delivering a great deal of trouble and to the relatives.

the Theory

Morbid depression, or ipokhondrichesky neurosis, the condition of the increased fixing of attention on problems of own health which is characterized by the full conviction of the person available at it a serious disease based on any somatic (corporal) symptoms or physical manifestations which actually are not symptoms of a disease. The confidence available of a serious illness usually is followed by excessive concern and fear. Any attempts to dissuade the person are vain and do not soften alarm, and often lead to continuation of searches of the medical diagnosis and treatment.

Concern, as a rule, more are caused by physiological functions, than actually symptoms. Figuratively speaking morbid depression turns the person into the certain device fixing the slightest changes in vital signs. Heartbeat, sweating, breath are checked every minute - whether the rhythm changed whether there are no unusual feelings; any aberration is immediately perceived as confirmation of an illness. Even medical data in the form of negative results of diagnostic testings usually do not dissuade the patient. It if recognizes with a reluctance that there is no illness, and symptoms, perhaps, are exaggerated, nevertheless, continues “to go on doctors“.

Exists different hypotheses for an explanation of a clinical picture of morbid depression. But at any approach it is obvious that morbid depression is almost always combined with any other mental disorder, most often with a depression. Researches showed that at the persons having a depression somatic complaints for which there are no physical reasons considerably become frequent. These symptoms include pains of all types, nausea, dizziness and such uncertain feelings as weight in a breast. Moreover, at treatment of a depression and improvement of a state somatic complaints disappear so, probably, they represent one more type of depressive symptoms.

Other state which is combined with morbid depression is a panic disturbing frustration at which patients often worry concerning the symptoms connected with warm activity. Such patients quite often are hospitalized on ambulance as are sure that they have a heart attack.

the Hypochondriac is locked by

in the fears, as in prison, without having an opportunity to be released even for a minute. The constant feeling of alarm does not allow unfortunate to lead full life, to realize the abilities and talents, to test pleasure of life.


How to help having morbid depression “to be released“ and feel real taste of life? Of course, all individually, and each case demands own approach to its decision. Everything depends on the reasons which caused frustration from a condition of the client, and also from style and a method of work of the expert helping it - the psychotherapist or the psychiatrist.

we offer

In this article original development - “Role auto-training“. The system allows the hypochondriac to learn to be someone another, having forgotten for a while about “sores“.


the Idea of training is simple

. One week for which every day some role drops out is appointed. It is possible to choose any characters, and, it is better that they were absolutely different. Let`s tell, you today - just blossomed flower, young, joyful, open, tomorrow - the capricious mistress from Turgenev “To Mu - mu“. Next day - a wall in the hall of an ancient Moscow mansion, bicentennial, much seen, imperceptible, indifferent, strong and a little tired. Further let there will be, say, a militia staff or the militiaman, the three-year-old girl for the first time going to kindergarten, or a sprawling oak in the wood, the Mediterranean Sea or Lake Baikal, the moon or a drop of morning dew on a meadow, the cat who is heated on the sun or, on the contrary, the hunting for a birdie, the actor before listening or eminent director on a casting, a sentry dog in the box or the doghouse which became empty after a summer season... Think over as much as possible details characterizing every image, it will help “to get into the role“ and to hold it during the day.

Wake the imagination! Choose literally everything or anyone. The main thing that characters were different, and you tried the most various moods and states.

of the Technician

Having woken up in the morning, our client should stay in the specified role the whole day to evening withdrawal to a dream. It is constant what it did, it has to “be“ another internally. it is important to p to explain

Here that it is not necessary to play technically a role, all - is not theater, and therapy. Especially as it is not always pertinent to behave as “lamppost“ in the cheerful company on birthday at the best friend or as “the spoiled sonny of the billionaire“ to communicate with the management. It is necessary to hold internally chosen image, to feel it every second (all day), without trying to change the usual manner of behavior at the same time.


Of course, will need some efforts of you. But if it manages to be made, you will inevitably see how the attitude of people around towards you depending on this or that role differs. It is very fascinating game! And informative besides - you learn a lot of new about the opportunities, including opportunities of influence on people only with the help suggestii*. It is known that people perceive us such as what ourselves consider ourselves.


Thus, for carrying out training of people distracts from a habitual disturbing image, as a result getting, in - the first, unique experience of feeling of in a role not peculiar to it. And, in - the second - new behavioural skill which it can apply in any situation when it is required to it.

should make a reservation Here that the offered role-playing game, of course, is not panacea. However it gives the chance to learn psycho - to separate emotionally from a stressogenny situation. The person receives evident confirmation that there are other ways of existence and feeling of the world, except disturbing morbid depression. Now he knows, is sure that he can live differently.

Sometimes it appears enough for treatment of the hypochondriac and return to full-fledged life. Anyway, having got quite certain experience and skill in role auto-training and regularly applying it in situations, difficult for itself, the person gradually learns to react to world around more soberly, without panic and fear. Thus, he gets used to be healthy in the true sense of the word. In qualitative nobody repealed the law of transition of quantitative changes...

* Suggestiya (suggestion) - the purposeful impact on the personality or group perceived at the level of subconsciousness and bringing or to emergence of a certain condition of spirit, feeling, the relation, or to commission of certain acts.