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We register in kindergarten - when and how?

According to Art. 43 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, everyone has the right for education. Besides, the Act of the Russian Federation “About education“ says that “The state guarantees financial and material support in education of children of early children`s age, provides availability of educational services of preschool educational institution to all segments of the population“.

the Law - that is, and that in practice?

Realization of this right in Moscow was divided by

into two big stages recently - till August 1, 2006 and later.

“Before“ (namely then many mothers who are going to take away in a kindergarten of children this year wrote down children in gardens) needed to choose by

suitable preschool institution, and after to agree with the manager complaining about difficult financial position, lack of places and turn of persons interested. Often the place was in turn under a magic crunch of notes or “financial support“ in the form of printers, cameras, carpets and many other. Of course, there is nothing bad that in group where the child will go, the new carpet will appear. Only a little “but“: in - the first, it is illegal, in - the second, not everyone is able to buy this carpet. Besides, according to Department of Education, turns arose not so much from the fact that places in gardens were not how many from irrational distribution: in one garden of group are crowded, in next - a shortage.“ After“ - it was decided to consolidate all information on load of child care facilities and turns in one base.

New system or “in kindergarten - without turn“!

“Mother or the father will come to the expert, will enter their inquiry into the computer and on the screen there will be all empty seats in kindergartens in the territory interesting you, Alexander Gavrilov, a press - the secretary of Department of Education of Moscow explained an innovation. - You choose that garden which suits you, receive the direction - and forward. The manager has no right to refuse to you“. Since August 1, 2006 the new system earned. For statement on turn in kindergarten it is necessary to address to the commission on completing of preschool institutions of the area on the place of residence of the child. The commissions are located usually on the basis of kindergartens or schools and work often only 2 - 3 days a week on several hours. With itself it is necessary to bring necessary for statement on turn in kindergarten documents:

If you have privileges for prime arrival of the child in kindergarten, and, as appears from the Order of Department of Education of the city of Moscow of March 28, 2006 № 157

“In the public preschool educational institutions first of all are accepted by


needs to be brought to

also the documents confirming the right of receiving these privileges.

on the basis of these documents of the child will introduce in so-called “The book of the accounting of future pupils of the public educational institutions realizing general education programs of preschool education of system of Department of Education of the city of Moscow“, and you will be handed the notice, and will report when to be behind the permit. It is possible to choose at once not one garden, but three - one very best, and two “for emergency“, on a case of lack of places in the first. At approach of the happy moment of obtaining the permit or if the turn moves (for example, someone moved to other area), the call from preschool institution with a reminder usually follows. Nevertheless, it is better to remember about terms and to be interested in advance of turn independently: there were cases when it seems and entered in the book, and the notice was issued, and in turn of the child it did not appear. Mistake it, intention or failure in bases - is unknown, but to know about it better in advance, so far there is all the time to correct.

At visit to the commission should consider that it works usually not every day and not too long, and persons interested to arrange the kid in a garden much, and, having come to a treasured door by an o`clock of the beginning of work of the commission, it is possible to find out that in turn you - 255. For the same reason you should not take with yourself the child if is though the slightest opportunity to leave him on the grandmother, the sister, the nurse or still somebody - standing in turn with the child is much more tiresome, than without it. Well, also you should not be under a delusion - to register in a garden today and to solemnly receive the permit tomorrow (and also in week or month) it will still hardly turn out - it makes sense to register at least in a year, and it is better - as before, practically since the birth. Though it is quite possible, will be able to offer you several options of gardens to which it is possible to go though tomorrow... but for a fee, thousands for 25 in a month.

the Permit is received by

! And problems - only begin...

So, the long-awaited permit is received! Now - in a garden? Yes, but not at once. Now it is necessary to collect all necessary at receipt in kindergarten documents, namely:


If to you put privileges on payment, it is necessary to attach the application for receiving this privilege, and also to submit the documents confirming the right of its receiving to kindergarten (and they have the right to check whether really you need a privilege).

it would Seem to

, documents in kindergarten it is necessary not so much and to bring together them by a problem is not (and the most part always at itself, only to make copies), however this task appears in all beauty if to consider that the permit is valid two weeks, longer in a kindergarten often to wait do not agree (or agree, but the garden so needs...) and for a medical record it is necessary to visit several doctors and to make a number of tests some of which do till 7 - 10 days therefore you should not pull on a visit in policlinic.

- become

On an inoculation?

If you with doubt treat idea of general vaccination, and the child has not all inoculations (or in general has no them), also still problems and delays are possible. Here it is worth remembering the rights and the Federal law “About immunoprevention of infectious diseases“ “of September 17, 1998 № 157 - Federal Law which says that “Citizens at implementation of immunoprevention have the right for refusal of preventive inoculations.“ (Art. 5), and, besides, “Lack of preventive inoculations attracts temporary refusal in a reception of citizens in educational and improving institutions in case of developing of mass infectious diseases or at threat of emergence of epidemics“ (St. 5). Art. 11 of the same law says that inoculations the minor become only with the consent of parents or lawful representatives.

In practice everything is quite simple

. If you already wrote refusal of inoculations in policlinic, its copy (or the new completed form of refusal - a form can be found on the thematic websites, in communities, sometimes ready forms give directly in policlinic) is just pasted in a medical record of the child which is provided in a kindergarten at receipt. In principle, it has to be enough that the issue of inoculations was resolved. In practice to you most likely will suggest to pass additional experts (the phthisiatrician, for example), and it is possible, at all will try to refuse, referring to departmental documents and orders. Additional experts it is possible to pass, and it is possible to refuse if need of visit to the expert is unreasonable, refusal - direct violation of your rights, and you can make a claim addressed to the head of establishment (policlinic, a kindergarten) within which month from the date of receiving have to give you the official answer. If there is no answer or it did not satisfy you, complaints go to higher instances - Committee on Education, the Ministry of Education, for policlinic - Healthcare Committee, the Ministry of Health, further - to prosecutor`s office. Though, most likely, it will also not be required - refusals of inoculations not so a little and the relation to them of medics and managers becomes quieter, than earlier.

Of course, the centralized system solved some problems of the device in gardens, however the quantity of gardens increases far more slowly, than it would be desirable, and children are born, grow up and need in all new and new places. What to do? Take all necessary for statement in turn on kindergarten documents - and register a bit earlier. Then receive the permit in time, and you will go to a garden - very best! Good luck!