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The most valuable medicine

From the very beginning of pregnancy I was ready for long breastfeeding. Very much the mother`s example inspired - she fed me till one and a half years, and she was bypassed all difficulties of feeding by a breast. Already at the time of delivery suddenly it became clear

by p that I need to make unplanned Cesarean section. I at first was upset, but after the encouraging conversation with mother and the husband mastered the emotions and began to think only of the child. To me made epiduralny anesthesia and as soon as my daughter was born, I heard dissatisfied shout and saw her serious face. The baby was allowed me to kiss at once on a chubby cheek, and put to a breast a bit later. Two seconds - and the daughter began to suck a breast actively! I was so happy and proud for the baby, she understood at once as well as what should be done! Doctors praised the daughter too: “As the sosatelny reflex is well developed!“

In day of our extract from maternity hospital me was unexpectedly caused to the manager of children`s office and reported that the daughter needs to be transferred to pathology of newborns. This terrible news just deafened me, but the husband helped me to get quickly it together and completely will concentrate on the child.

the daughter performed on

In two days the emergency operation. Again everything happened suddenly, quickly and again I tried to hide the emotions deeply - deeply, the baby needed my milk - I sincerely believed that it for her is more curative than all drugs on light.

Probably, from - for strong a nervous tension and the weakened immunity after pregnancy and operation, I got sick. Usual cold, but as it at that moment was inopportunely! Instead of me with the baby after reanimation there was my mother, and I was treated by all means, possible for the feeding mother, at home and each three hours decanted milk which the husband brought to hospital. There passed week, I recovered and returned to the daughter. Very much worried that the baby weaned from a breast, but she from the first took it correctly and began to suck surely!

In hospital: only according to the schedule and with a six-hour break for the night. There and did not want to hear about recommendations of World Health Organization, explaining it with the fact that they (recommendation) concern healthy children. But, frankly speaking, I and many other mothers, it was authorized to them to give to children a breast, fed our children and at night.

In two weeks us was discharged from hospital, and in the first day the daughter began to eat on demand and so much time how many she wanted. Sometimes it could do it and for two hours. I settled more conveniently, was laid over by pillows, took the book, something to drink and had a rest together with my baby. Sometimes the husband even had to feed me from a spoon because the baby began to demand persistently a breast during our dinner or a lunch.

In spite of the fact that the daughter ate much and often, at me two times was laktostaz, and the dairy channel was corked once. And every time my persistent daughter helped mother - diligent rassasyvat a breast.

me it seemed to

By three months that the amount of milk strongly decreased. I knew that there came the stage of a mature lactation when milk does not flow streams any more, and leaves on a droplet, but the daughter was capricious, grew fat a little, and I began to worry. Began to drink tablets of a uterine milk and teas for a lactation, there are nuts, to do a contrast shower for a breast. And then called the consultant for breastfeeding, and she found for me such correct and encouraging words, as I calmed down at once, and the daughter began to gorge on! After that I was convinced, the emotional spirit when breastfeeding is how important. The feeding mother should not worry, be upset, be nervous strongly at all. Negative emotions have property to expand with an improbable speed and to the huge sizes therefore they should be eradicated from the very beginning, and, whenever possible, at all not to allow.

Me was lucky

that the daughter is not inclined to an allergy therefore I do not keep to a strict diet of the feeding mother. But, of course, I try to eat variously and it is balanced. It not difficult and tasty at all: fruit, vegetables, meat, grain, nuts, dried fruits, fermented milk products, grass drinks. The only thing that I do not eat - dishes with fresh garlic and onions. The doctor told that they spoil taste of milk.

Now to my daughter 7,5 months, and she already eats vegetable, fruit purees, squashes, children`s cookies, cottage cheese, drinks juice and morsik. But still most important place in its menu is taken by a mother`s milk. It for the baby both food, and soothing, and natural sleeping pill. When the daughter sees a breast, incredibly quickens, smiles, nods, swings handles. The girl grows moderately well-fad, cheerful, inquisitive, active, clever. And I with pride can tell that breastfeeding played in it not the last role!