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Fairy tale. The remake (part 1) of

Woke up the Wood goblin, yawned, stretched, looked out of a hollow of the centenary oak serving to it as both winter quarters, and a summer lodge at the same time. “I overslept something... I will go malyshnyu to a parrot“. On a glade children - Lelik, a maanechka, Mashenka, Yulenk, Antoshik and still someone, unfamiliar froliced. The wood goblin got out of a hollow, but children did not pay any attention to it. “Here the youth was dismissed! - the Wood goblin complained. - Is afraid of nobody! And mordakh at them darlings, especially at that... Directly Freckle, really“. Suddenly over his shaggy head something rustled - began to rustle, the Wood goblin even bent down from surprise. And it, appears, the Daw flew by, and the Young daw hardly kept up with her hardly - desperately swinging small wings.“ Interestingly, and where it is wran got lost? From last year did not see it, missed. It is advisable to ask the OWL as required“, - the Wood goblin thought and to warm up legs, numb after a long dream, decided to walk on the wood as which owner he got used to consider himself. “Generally very long ago I did not inquire on local inhabitants. And Shpiyonka, as ill luck would have it, on the South left... However, something she lately absolutely got out of hand: absolutely forgot to make the file. Well it, the right - “Polina K.“, “Natasha S.“, “Yaroslava M.“? We, Wood goblins, love a reality: “Oksana Bezayeva“, for example, or there... “Yana Savina“...“

Suddenly from - under huge snags, wagging a tail, the Silver fox jumped out. “Excellent fur!“ - the Wood goblin thought. The silver fox mistrustfully looked at the Wood goblin as if she him managed to read thoughts, and - shmyg back. whether

“You wish to

an apple, darling?“ - Leshy heard someone`s insinuating voice, and right there saw before himself green apple. “Eve, you? - Leshy guessed, - you Indulge? Would offer sandwich with VIOL`OY better. And Adam - that where?“ “I do not know where this Impudent person gads...“ - in Eve`s voice steel notes obeyed. “I will go, perhaps, from a sin“, - Leshy decided to retire.

Having passed

still slightly - slightly, he came across hazel grove thickets. “Hi, uncle Leshy!“ - he heard someone`s familiar voice, and looked upward. “Oh, hi, Belka! - joyfully Leshy exclaimed, having seen the old acquaintance. - Well that new? How Mysha and sichan live?“ “My sisters, thanks, are living - are healthy, and here to please more you there is nothing, - garrulous Belka responded. - Mushrooms - next to nothing: here today found the one and only Saffron milk cap, it is not enough berries, and there is no Bilberry at all... And still here that... - Belka passed to whisper, - the civilization reached our thicket - cottages new Russians built, so many old fir-trees cut down - horror simply!, even Winnie - Down in other wood got over... All right, the uncle Leshy, I will jump further, put too much. Bless you!“ Leshy on the wood went farther. Gloomy thoughts overcame it. “It what turns out, - he thought, - Gazelles, Lisk, Lama, Foxuk`U will be no place to live? We have not a wood, but almost the reserve here! A disorder, it is necessary to do something...“ And suddenly before his look as if on wave of a magic wand there was a lock - a cottage of this newest Russian.“ On conscience it is worked“, - Leshy thought, bypassing the three-storyed structure in Gothic style which is not fenced for some reason... From the cracked windows of the palace quiet music reached. “The tango …“ - was zanostalgirovat by Leshy. On a huge bed before a verandah flowers - the Iris, the Mimosa, Astra, the Cornflower grew amazing beauty...

“Color scale quite good - Ryzhenky, Blue, Akvamarinchik - with taste, with taste...“ - Leshy estimated a color scheme of a cottage. “Oho, and it that for a large object?“ - he was surprised, having seen a huge iron sculpture opposite to a porch. “Oh - and, so it Dolgorukiy, I saw the same monument before the Moscow Council when I visited Firs`U! However, nevertheless differs from the original, in the spirit of Tsereteli it is worked...“ Here from a cottage, having carried something in hands, there was a tall girl with a large head in a gold chain.

- How to call you, the beauty? - Leshy shouted.
- Zosya, - the girl answered, having looked down eyes to a dale.
- Whose palace will be, the beauty? - Leshy took an interest.
- And my owner, Zhambyn Batmunkh. Big person. Heard about it? That they here seldom are, generally in Astrakhan live...

“What we came to, - it was thought to the Wood goblin, - Mongols were closed up by already new Russians... Probably, on the Old lake on BOATS - yachts will dissect now... And as - prestige! All fish will be scared away...“ However aloud told: there is no

-. And foreman here who?
- the Storyteller, - the girl answered, shaking the Warm plaid.
- And where it?
- Yes, probably to bathe went... Though he usually bathes at night... Probably, pretended to be the Red pashechka and with kids played... Or - Denis`om... Then I do not know where to look for it...