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Safety on the road and on travel of

of Children on roads it is necessary to accustom to attentive behavior since early years. The majority of them aged till 8 years not really well can assess a situation on the road, and needs maintenance.

Foot or bicycle walk will become a good opportunity to acquaint children with rules of safe behavior on the road:

Safety - first of all

Most of parents understands

how safety at travel in the car is important, but many have difficulties at installation and operation of automobile seats of safety.

Recent polls showed that automobile seats of safety for children almost in half of cases are established incorrectly.

Parents have to remember


  • even for the first travel of the kid from maternity hospital home needs an automobile seat of safety of group 0+ (children`s carrying). All children`s carryings suit children since the birth;
  • the safest situation at travel for small children with weak muscles of the head and a neck - the person against the movement course. You carry the child in this situation as long as possible;
  • all carryings, regardless of the child`s weight, are suitable
  • for newborns since the birth;
  • do not establish to
  • a children`s seat of safety on the front seat of the car equipped with safety airbags - in cases of accident of a safety cushion can become a cause of death of the child;
  • since 2006 all cars approved by the Economic Commission for Europe of the UN are issued with the built-in fastenings of Isofix. The safety seats compatible to the Isofix system, easily and quickly are established in the car, at the same time the probability of the wrong installation is minimized. To learn whether is in your car of fastening Isofix, address the automobile instruction;
  • do not buy the automobile seats of safety which were in the use - they may contain the hidden damages capable to endanger life of your child in case of accident;
  • modern laws do to
  • use automobile carryings, seats and boosters obligatory for children aged till 12 years/growth to 135 cm. On reaching the child of this age/growth it is necessary to use adult seat belts.

Installation of an automobile seat of safety.

  • Learn to establish a safety seat in the car till the child`s birth - study the instruction and you store it in the car, you will not be sure yet that you precisely know how it is correct to establish and use a safety seat.
  • Be convinced by
  • that seat belts adjoin to a body of the kid densely, but do not limit his movements and do not create discomfort.
  • the Regular seat belt has to be tense by
  • most densely to minimize the movements of a chair of safety concerning a car seat.
  • Check correctness of provision of a regular belt in car seat guides - some car seats have an alternative way of installation if a regular seat belt of the car too short.
  • you Watch that the belt was not overwound.
  • At installation of a car seat by the person in the direction of travel, at a tightening of a regular seat belt transfer the weight to a safety seat to be convinced that the seat is reliably recorded. Do not allow weakening of a regular seat belt.