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Game in the bosom of the family

the Preschool childhood - the short, but important period of formation of the personality. These years the child acquires initial knowledge of surrounding life, he forms a certain attitude towards people, to work, skills and habits are developed, there is a character.

at the age of 3 - 4 years of the child any phenomenon in itself, and causes and effects of its emergence begins to interest not just. Therefore the question “why?“ becomes the main issue for the child of this age that is manifestation and understanding by it actually ignorances. And what in the course of interaction of the adult and the child seen and heard passed through his soul is very important, forming the world of his emotions.

Deep and difficult process of transformations and assimilation of vital impressions happens in games. The creative beginning is shown also in the choice of a subject of game, drawing, and that children with bigger sincerity give the relation to represented, the thoughts and feelings. The games offered in this article are built in the form of lessons - games during which the modeling games on development of the imagination, imagination and abstract thinking are used.

Children can carry out different options of creative tasks - to compose the fairy tale, to think up the hero, to draw an illustration etc. These games reflected just in order that children felt how it is interesting to look for own words, to compose and publish new books. The main advantage of these occupations is that training turns into fascinating game. It is not obligatory to seat the child at the table at all. Play with the child anywhere - at the dacha, in kitchen, in the wood, on a floor in the room and even in the car. Also do not forget that concentration of attention at early age does not exceed 15 - 20 minutes.

Game - the imagination. enter the Favourite toy of the child into any fairy tale. For example: In the fairy tale “Turnip“ the grandfather will have a pipe or an accordion. The turnip from cheerful music will break into a dance with heroes of the fairy tale - the grandma, the granddaughter, a cat, a doggie and a mouse. Compose with the child the fairy tale in a new way. It develops the imagination, imagination, humour.

Game - a quiz. “Guess who here superfluous“. In well-known to the child the fairy tale the hero from other fairy tale is entered. The child looks for who superfluous in this fairy tale. Also calls that for fairy tales were offered in game.

Game “Well - It Is Bad“. Read the fairy tale, the story to the child. Ask questions about the text: For example: “It is good that animals met in a mitten?“ Help the child, direct him thoughts and feelings.

Game in gestures. Suggest the child to tell the poem by means of gestures, a mimicry, plasticity. Try to guess what hero was “sounded“ by the child gestures. And then change over. Let the child will guess what the character is.

Game “Travel to the Country of Fairy Tales“. On paper draw the magic country. Dream up with the child. Who lives in this country what occurs there? Read the new fairy tale, discuss it with the child. Find it the place in the magic country and surely make drawing.

Game “The Author and Artist“. Suggest the child “to publish“ the book. All family participates in creative process. It is very important for the child. The father will sew pure leaflets and will number them. The kid will think up history, the fairy tale and itself will draw illustrations. Mother will write the text. Anybody has no such book! Bring it in kindergarten, show to children and leave for an exhibition of creative works.

Game “Find Treasure“. Children always with pleasure hide something, look for. Play with the kid, using books. If your child learns letters, then write the name of the book on each letter. Your kid leaves the room, you hide the book. Call the child and tell that book treasures are stored in this room, one of them begins on a letter “T“. The child looks for and Game in rhymes “Finds the book, for example “Tarakanishche“ or “Phone“ etc.

continue a line“. Read well familiar fairy tale in verses. The last line is told by the child. Suggest the child to think up a rhyme for the author. For example: “Long live soap fragrant / And towel sparkling (sharp-clawed, radiant, woolly etc.) Very cheerful game! Children play with humour, with the imagination.

Game - a quiz “Confusion“. Read a fragment from the fairy tale. Replace the main character with other fantastic hero. Children have to correct the adult and to call from what fairy tale “the got lost hero“.

Game in symbols. Draw to the child a circle and suggest to finish drawing characteristic details of any hero: let the child will draw with symbols the fairy tale “Turnip“ or “Kolobok“. Children very much love this game. It helps the child to allocate the main signs of characters.

Game “Think Up the Fairy Tale“. Necessary material, various form knots, roots of plants etc. the Child himself chooses the fantastic hero and then tells what is the hero with what it arrived planets, kind it or angry where lives and that to it there is etc.

a Freak of the imagination. Considering drawings to fairy tales, the kid represents that he appeared on the place of events, and tells that he heard, felt that he made on the place of the hero of the fairy tale. Or travel to the past or the future of heroes is offered to the kid. The thought-up fairy tales of children differ in sense of humour and various dialogues.

the Dramatized games. the Important point in such games is process of rehearsal, preparation of suits for a doll performance. In order that this process went more cheerfully, all details of suits, scenery “The magic trunk“ which was bewitched by the angry magician is put. Parents and the child become kind wizards. They draw, make suits to heroes, and then play sketches with dolls. When you carry out game with children, analyse results and do not forget to praise the kid. Good luck to you and your children in attaching to the book.