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Artificial history

Ya perfectly I understand all superiority of breastfeeding before artificial, and I do not agitate against it at all. I just want to support those mothers who, as well as I, got involved in a difficult “artificial unpleasant incident“.

So it developed p that did not recommend to nurse to me my daughter on medical indications. Having agreed with reasonable arguments of a neonatolog and the therapist, I began to accept the preparations suppressing a lactation, and to suffer in parallel doubts in correctness of the act. As so?! I consciously deprived of the child of such important immunity!

the Daughter was born

with the weakened sosatelny reflex, and feeding from a horn was not given us in any way. From 25 ml put on “age“ it mastered at best 5... To all other postnatal problems the strong feeling of fault increased. Perhaps, if I nursed, she would eat better? So my fight for each 5 grams of the eaten mix and experiments against silicone and latex nipples in horns began. As that the nurse came to measure pressure just when I fed the child: “Pressure 140 on 100. You are not hurt by the head?“

Now, already nearly a month later, at me is not jumped up by pressure at each feeding, and at the daughter everything is all right with reflexes, but sense of guilt also sometimes overflows everything.

Why lack of breastfeeding causes such bitterness, grief and self-flagellation in mother? I will try to understand. Modern mass media, and also various communities and conferences unanimously claim that natural feeding is the main priority and the purpose of all young mothers. From read and heard - if you do not nurse the arising by itself conclusion, not “vsamodelishny“ mother “, a nedozhenshchina“ means you. The real woman and mother would find a way to keep milk and to provide the child to “the best of the best“. And following my “female“ logical chain, the following link - “means love the child not enough“. Here thus the inferiority complex in a compartment with a set of manias also turns out. All attempts of reasonable arguments most to themselves break against a blank wall of the word “an excuse...“

me the phrase that “if you do not nurse the child got to

Only in one of books on care of the child, it does not mean that you love it less“. I hold this phrase as for a lifebuoy, and I repeat to myself it often. In all other grants on leaving devote to artificial feeding well unless couple of paragraphs. And that generally with classifications of mixes. And for women who do not nurse support of doctors, psychologists not less, and even is more necessary.

false idea that, passing to artificial feeding, the woman facilitates to herself life Exists. It at all not so! An opportunity is the fact that there is a wish when it is pleasant, do not remove false sense of guilt from shoulders of young mother.

very often the role of feeding of the child was shifted by

In the history of mankind to the wet nurse - the woman who for material remuneration brought up the child. Since “dark“ centuries in Europe, well-founded layers of citizens gave the children to wet nurses or invited them to live to itself to the house. Ladies from society “could not nurse at all. In the history of France 18 - 19 centuries feeding of children was prospering and since a certain moment the adjustable industry. To receive the place of the wet nurse in a family was stable and very well paid work. Among minuses of work there were restrictions in food, control of private life, and also need to throw the baby.

Dear young mothers! Remember, not the breast does the woman by the woman, and not milk in it does you by mother! Allow to paraphrase an ancient proverb: “Be not sorry about not spilled milk“! The good mood and endless love to our children will make us and their happy!