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Kid and mother: new life of

U me everything began is not so iridescent as ended. There was much in total also a fight against infertility within 5 years, and unsuccessful first pregnancy which ended with the diagnosis an anembrioniya and, naturally, with abortion after which there was a terrible depression... Thought that everything, is not present forces to fight, there is no sense further to live. But suddenly, when there was no hope any more, a small miracle for which we with the husband waited so long has an effect. Yes, at last I am pregnant, hurrah!

Pregnancy proceeded difficult: there was an otsloyka of a placenta for the 6th weeks, a tone, gestoz, an elevated pressure etc., but I was happy despite of everything. Very strange, but so far I waited for appearance of the kid on light, I read a heap of literature on everything on light, but nothing about breastfeeding. Then long was sorry about it.

did not manage to Give rise to

to me: Cesarean section was made. Vovaska to a breast was not put at once, even plainly not shown, so from it is far and only to the priest. In maternity hospital nobody showed and told how it is correct to put the kid. Problems did not keep themselves waiting. Milk came for the 5th day, it was very little (gram 20 at most). The kid greedy sucked a breast, but is ineffectual - milk and did not think to arrive. In all this there was only one plus: I did not need to be decanted. After return home to shortage of milk one more problem - cracks on nipples increased. Feeding of the child turned into a nightmare. I fed and sobbed from pain, writhed and curved. I had so pathetic look that heart of the husband did not sustain, it got into the Internet and found the remarkable center which advised on breastfeeding.

If not to go deep, then the problem was solved day through two - I learned to put correctly the kid to a breast, and the kid learned to take a nipple correctly. Hurrah!

the new page of my life here began

I, I realized that I am a mother. Not to tell that you feel when you nurse the kid, is an infinite feeling of tenderness, love, happiness, adoration and tranquility. Vovochka was put to a breast often, especially at night - on 12 - 15 times in a night. There was a terrible wish to sleep, sometimes dreamed that I feed, and I want to sleep. Month in 2 it became clear that my child does not transfer cow protein so incentive to keep breastfeeding only increased.

and, respectively, the bottle was put to use... As a result - refusal of the child of a breast absolutely. It was some nightmare: the shouting Vovik and the decanted mummy... Picture not for the faint-hearted. Generally, in a week and me, and the husband all this bothered with order. It was necessary to spend two weeks to transfer the child back to a breast; naturally, bottles threw out everything.

the Feeding up was entered in 8 months: began with porridges and as usual milk was not for us, it was necessary to be decanted and cook porridges on the milk, so I cooked them about one year and two months. And it in spite of the fact that milk was decanted very little - at best for all night long gram 120, no more than that. But Vovka grew by leaps and bounds - at the birth was 3380 gr, and in a year of 12 kg.

always watched

Ya at the girlfriends with white envy: they had a lot of milk with floating cream from above, very much, that they poured out superfluous in a sink, and at me it is impossible a little and almost blue color, but at the same time, it seems, was enough for Vovka, just it was more often put.

generally, we were successfully fed sisy till 1 year and 8 months until in one fine night my Hare decided not to wake up. For the second night the same repeated. “And if so occurred, - I thought, - maybe, it is more and not to offer of that?“ Vovka also did not remember about the darling sisyu within a week and when he remembered, I told him that the milk was drunk by a cat. He, to my astonishment, did not begin to object. Once again about sisyu we remembered in a year when I changed clothes, but it was already big, I told that there is no milk in a sisa any more and that Vovochka already grew up, and the child perfectly understood me.

Now to Vovka 4 years, but this surprising communication between me and the son becomes more and more strong. We understand each other from a semi-look, yet never left more, than for 4 hours and that the most important - we like to be near with each other. But it does not mean that he hard adapts in collective, on the contrary, it perfectly went to a garden, besides, there were no problems in communication with children at all and during week-end all the time asks for a garden. The only thing, so far we go to group of “short day“ for 4 hours in a logopedic garden, but we will go for the whole day soon.

I do not know

Ya, maybe, my story also will not help, I just hope that it will bring someone a droplet of self-confidence. Is necessary very little: only to learn to listen to the internal voice and to love this small miracle - the kid. And then it is not important, there is a milk or it is absent - it will be, and it is so much how many it is necessary, and if not, then it is not terrible - everyone happens in life. If mother runs to the child, that should pokryakhtet or povorochatsya only if mummy all the time nearby, then and without sisa he is the happiest kid.

of Love, patience, kindness and understanding to you, dear mothers, and we with Vovka will follow the sister soon...