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Well, Katyusha, well still spoon!

- Well, the Katyusha, well still a spoon! - my sister with a plate on all giving for the beloved two-year-old ran...


this picture and periodically looking at Kristinka who is drowsily sucking my breast, about myself I resolved: “Any arrangements, will not eat - will go hungry!“ When I told about the decision to the sister, that only hemmed:


- we Will look that you will start singing when itself it appear in a similar situation!

- it will not be p! - self-confidently I answered and dismissed this conversation for several months. At that time my daughter was 4 months old. There was not enough milk, and we already were on the mixed food, plus small amounts of the feeding up recommended by the pediatrician which Kristishka absorbed with big hunting.

the First calls rang out when after the fallen in love fruit purees we began to enter vegetables. Having swallowed offered by me a floor - broccoli spoons, Christina represented such mine on the solar face that just right it was to be turned sour to the milk standing on a table before it... However, reaction personally was not surprising to me as before it I, having tasted above-mentioned mashed potatoes also, with amazement thought: “Really someone will begin to eat such muck?“ Nevertheless, in a week the child navorachivat broccoli so that it was necessary only to wonder. Inspired with this example, I began to offer other vegetables consistently. First all unfamiliar tastes were perceived by the daughter with some scepticism, however, gradually having got used, she began to try all new and new dishes with a great interest. I needed only to rejoice to absence of food allergy. But... Diamond cut diamond, when I, having seen on a jar the inscription “Since 6 Months“ (or with 5 - definitely I do not remember), decided to allow to try Christine of mango puree... Hare “blossomed“ as red poppy. Having remembered when I for the first time tasted this fruit and having cursed itself the last words, I firmly promised to give to the child exotic.

Meanwhile I found out that my daughter ceased to eat the put norm of food. Even more often Kristinka left on the plateau at first 1/4, then to 1/3 portion of mashed potatoes... Then business reached also that we began to squeeze stubborn lips before a spoon already on a half of a portion. What happened to the child?! I began to panic... Then found out that if at this moment to suggest the daughter to turn in hands something interesting (a cover from a jar, etc.), she starts over again eating and eats everything. After a while such reception became invariable attribute of each meal...

Everything was changed by casual conversation with the same sister who casually complained:“ Katyushka eats nothing at all. If I suggest to have dinner, she declares what is is only under an animated cartoon. And you will not get to anywhere, it is necessary to include“. In my head the analogy of an animated cartoon to a lid in Kristinki`s hands flew during food at once... Holy Christ!... My daughter was 8 months old.

In the following meal after 5 mashed potatoes spoons eaten by Hare I saw a close mouth and a small finger, ukazuyushchy on a magnet on the refrigerator again. On what I, having wished itself patience, told the child news: “The darling, we will play a magnetic only after food“. And again offered mashed potatoes. Surprised with turn of events, the daughter opened there was a mouth, but after one more spoon closed it with even big obstinacy. Foreseeing the answer, I, reluctantly, forced to wonder: “You will not eat any more?“ As well as it was supposed, Christina negatively shook the head... Oh, this gesture by then we perfectly knew already.“ Well“, - I told and cleaned a plate, - “then you play a magnet so far, and I will eat itself“.

generally, does not have need long to paint as we fought for each independently eaten spoon. I will tell only that this period was not such at all long as I assumed. Christina quickly enough understood that food - business serious. And I, in return, made everything that in each meal it was waited by tasty prepared favourite dish. And norms... What norms? It is not the ultimate truth yet, and each child is unique. If somebody tells you that you have to eat twice more, than now, you even will not think to apprehend these words seriously...

And the sister so still also runs on the house behind a plemyashka, persuading to eat it still though a droplet!.