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The long story about fast childbirth of

At last, and I decided to write the story about the childbirth, and that is dishonest: re-read so many someone else`s stories, I will not write the in any way. Wrote the story longer, than gave birth, I from school with writing of compositions have a problem.

we with the husband wanted

of the Child long ago. But a heap of different problems did not allow us it to carry out. And the child was wanted by all of us stronger, eventually, spat all difficulties and began to try. But not so everything just at us appeared - more than a year tried, and result zero.

was Already planned with it to doctors in this occasion to go, for December registered in reception. The doctor told me that as monthly will pass, and come, we will be examined for now to drink vitamin E. Well, I was adjusted already to be examined - to be treated, and here at the beginning of December, before arrival monthly several days still, there began to me dreams strange to dream. So unusual dreams were that in the morning I got up and, plainly without having woken up, under impression dreamed, made the test. And tests, it is necessary to tell, for a year of attempts I booze to no purpose translated. Well, made the test, put it in a bathroom on a regiment that the result appeared, and went to kitchen to drink coffee. I drink coffee and I think that anyway the test will not show anything, not that there is no delay, and at all a day more 3 prior to the beginning of monthly. Well, I think, all right, to no purpose exhausted so many tests already, one have more - one less. I come into a bathroom, I look at the test and I do not trust eyes - on the test - that two strips, however, the second more faintly. I have thoughts in a heap, I do not believe the happiness, but decided not to tell to the husband anything yet and to wait at least for a small delay.

Much at me focuses during pregnancy was - in January a shish kebab with cilantro wanted, sushi at one o`clock in the morning (and on life I do not love Japanese cuisine).

during pregnancy I was for some reason absolutely confident

in three things - that the boy will be born at me that I will give rise before PDR (it to me for August 14 put) and that childbirth at me will last long, hours 12. Maybe, because that my mother told me that I was born earlier, than waited for it, and childbirth was long). But to nothing from this came true. Began with the fact that ultrasonography in 22 weeks showed the girl.

in the Summer we began to choose by

maternity hospital. We always wanted to give birth together. Even when just met, he told me that he would like to be with me at this moment. In addition there was a wish to give rise most naturally as far as it in general in our sad roddomovsky reality is possible, without stimulation and anesthesia. Wanted in Semashko, but when descended there to communicate to the doctor, something perekhotetsya, then in 38 of weeks went to 116 km, communicated, the doctor to me for some reason very actively looked at a neck - I slightly to a ceiling did not jump up. Took out a glove in blood and says that now botched work will be - really, two days then the stomach hurt specifically. Also it was smeared. But an organism, fortunately, it is not simple to deceive - I passed 3 more weeks after this survey. And still I had doubts concerning the fact that the doctor or from giving to me to childbirth will go at night to day off as she told me that she with 8 to 17 works every day. Except days off. And on a question about night she told nothing therefore she just in case solved also to throw rods in Kalinin. Kalinin from a washing on August 15 opened - that is, in principle, we were not in time there, but decided that the child to himself chooses let maternity hospital. And doctor respectively. If on 116 km everything grows together, then there we will go and if Kalinina manages to open, with the doctor everything will turn out, then, respectively, there we will give rise.

PDR came nearer Meanwhile, but nothing occurred, and my confidence that I will give rise earlier, thawed every day.

Called the doctor from maternity hospital on 116 km, I say that PDR passed already, maybe, look once again. And she says to me that she will not watch anything, already looked once. Type, come as will begin if bothered to wait, then though today come - we will give rise. But something such prospect - same obvious stimulation did not impress me. And in Kalinin repair to the 15th is not managed to be finished, respectively opening of maternity hospital is postponed for several days.


15 nevertheless went for survey in Kalinin, though they did not open, looked to me at a neck slowly, told that with a neck everything is good, in several days I infect.

Meanwhile days go, already bothered to wait for horror as, me calls - questions tortured all, the gynecologist from ZhK already gets on back, I on the 12th floor on foot run and not on time with hope that childbirth will begin, with the father amicably of the kid it is persuaded to be born. And in general in the head only one thought - to give rise. Even already not so I am afraid of childbirth and pain. At the same time the stomach aches every night, and you get up in the morning - and again silence, everything stopped and in the afternoon the stomach hurts, but is irregular.

already and Kalinin after repair was opened Meanwhile. I go to the doctor in the morning on Saturday, horror as I do not want any drugs for calling of childbirth. She watches me, says that everything is fine, the neck passes 2 fingers, it is strange that you do not give birth still still, and told that it made to me there so that process already went, and to me it is strange that I did not feel anything at survey at all, on the Internet read that all manipulations with a neck are very painful. After survey went home, persuaded the husband of the country the nature to go to a shish kebab as bothered to wait already for childbirth, and it for work was urgently caused. Generally, the shish kebab until evening was postponed.

So far it at work was, I on children`s shops of a poshastal, the next clothes bought to the child, then on a visit went, at half past eight evenings the husband took away me from guests and the shish kebab and wine went to buy as I by all means wanted to go to a shish kebab. Took a shish kebab, here at a counter took me specifically, but as the stomach hurt week, I especially did not become agitated, took wine, went to cash desks, here again takes me, people look at me scaredly, here I thought that the shish kebab, probably, breaks off, but wine was decided to be taken. Left the husband in a queue to stand also run in the car that the people not to frighten.

on the way to the parking I see the terminal for cellular to pay and I think what should be put money for phone, suddenly all this childbirth begins, and there is no money on cellular. At the terminal paid, I wait the next fight, and run in the car. We come home, the husband left on the parking to put the car, and I decided to gather a heat bath to myself, I think, suddenly false contractions (false it seems have to take place in warm water). Got into a bathroom, fights became stronger and more often, I breathe, in breaks I relax in a bathroom as a jellyfish in the warm sea, I communicate with a ditenok. A cat washing a hysterics arranged - runs on edge of a bathtub and mews, everything to me in water is torn. The husband brought hours to me in a bathroom, I look - fights each 2,5 minutes. At 10 in the evening in a bathroom nevmoch became me, closely very much there. I do not understand at all how the people in standard bathrooms give birth, for this purpose, probably, the pool is necessary. Got out of a bathtub, I can be and breathe only on all fours - to breathe. In a pause got listings from courses on breath and poses in labor, I refresh everything in memory. Right there I combine the theory with practice, I try in the different ways to breathe as it becomes more and more sick. At the same time I am absolutely sure that before morning I will not give rise and to go to maternity hospital early, I protect forces, I relax between fights. And fights become more often, in 1,5 minutes on a minute. Here I bethink that should not be it seems so frequent at the beginning of childbirth. Took place that 2 hours of all from the beginning of regular contractions in shop. I ask the husband to bring the textbook “Obstetrics“ from the shelf, I try to esteem him, I cannot find the necessary section in any way. The husband tries to collect a bag in maternity hospital meanwhile, I in pauses give valuable instructions to it. I specially did not begin to collect in advance, having told that the first fights of times 10 minutes go, here and these 10 minutes I will pack things.

of Fight in a minute, more and stronger, here I the first time cried, the husband ran up at once, began to do massage, very much helped. Noticed that when I shout on fight, me it is worse than when it is possible to prodyshat. I that not to frighten neighbors, instead of shout of scale sing, as in the childhood on a vocal. The husband in every way tries to push out me in maternity hospital, and I already do not represent at all how in 1 minute to reach the car and to get into it. Here I asked to call and ask it to the doctor, can what drink to me a tabletochka that felt better though slightly - slightly. Here now I write these lines and I neigh I cannot - from fights in a minute only tabletochka will help... The doctor, probably, explained him with available language who should deliver if it immediately does not bring me. At me meanwhile waters departed. Put on which well - as well as into the car it was loaded, I am on all fours on a back seat, painfully wildly, fights for some reason in couples went, instead of the expected pause at once the following wave rolls, and still throws me in this car here and there... Already breath does not help, massage to do nobody me, I shout very loudly, I speak what epiduralka a thing good, probably, but it precisely does not shine me any more, here me begins to grieve. Told about it to the husband, he as it is quickly went and as about attempts told, so in general, signaling and blinking, went on Moscow to red light without stops. I when in a pause of an eye opened, saw how cars from us jumped aside, and people looked out of cars, it then very much amused me for some reason.

Almost already reached, and here repair of the road, that summer just on Moscow changed asphalt. Cars stand, so the husband directly on this blocked half rushed where old asphalt was torn off, and new did not put yet, going round a snake the placed protections, I open eyes and I see what big eyes at road makers. Drove up to maternity hospital, on the territory do not let us, left and went on foot, I have fights - attempts, I squat about a shop and I make an effort - here where there was a high. I look at the building of maternity hospital and I speak: “Perhaps it is not necessary to us there, I am afraid there, maybe, here we will remain?“ . We come into a reception, I say to the midwife that I have attempts, she - zero emotions: both read a romance novel, and continues to read it. Then says that supposedly now we will process documents. Takes my envelope with documents, asks where the direction, without it we do not accept. The husband says that the doctor waits for us above, she to us: “Well also call the doctor!“ The husband got into a pocket - there is no phone, in the car forgot! Well, he ran in the car, I - stand behind him, I make an effort on a porch, the midwife from reception zero emotions, here the husband called, the doctor came running, conducts me to the elevator, here the midwife of reception bethinks, says that she did not find any document in my envelope (actually there all documents were), the doctor explains to her that we will look for the document so far, I will give rise here... Also we ran with it on the elevator, there I have the next attempt, she speaks to me supposedly breathe that you want do, only not tuzhsya, itself massage does to me, and me well already, wild pain passed. Perhaps I speak, me still early on a chair. Came in patrimonial, she looked at me, says that it is necessary quickly on a chair, already there long ago it is time for you. And at me on a chair for fear of an attempt were gone.

Here the husband runs in patrimonial already disguised, embraces me for shoulders, to me it became good at once and it is not so terrible. We try to make an effort, the first time it was incorrectly extinguished, and before eyes black points started gleaming. After that understood how it is correct, but correctly it appeared strongly painfully, and not in that place it is sick where I expected, and, sorry, the bottom hurt, and still I tried to touch all the time a head of the child because I did not feel where it, and all of them tried to take away my hands. The doctor said to me that badly I make an effort, it is necessary stronger and not to shout at the same time, but it was impossible to me silently. It is necessary to tell what is in patrimonial kindly communicated with me, supported, adequately reacted to shouts and my different focuses for what “thanks“ to the delivering crew. Here I saw how the head began to appear, to me it became so good at once, and pain passed. But it turned out that the head is not born, and here - there will be a gap. Well, I was told what should be cut, and I shout that it is not necessary, let`s try still, maybe, it will turn out, on the following attempt we try. I feel burning, but above... Well, gap. Then there seams just were. The head all the same does not pass, and to me made a section. I make an effort and I see that the head appears, and all the daughter entirely - and is not sick at this moment absolutely, on the contrary is so cool that for the sake of this moment it is possible to bear a lot of things.

the Daughter already cheeps, and it is put to me on a stomach. I do not believe in reality of the events, I do not believe that childbirth behind, and I became a mother. The husband took a picture as we with the daughter lie. The daughter was born 3400 g, 53 cm, 9 points across Apgar.

Then gave birth a placenta, watched a neck - I shouted at the same time, then the doctor told me that we will sew up everything under anesthetic that it is more me not to torment.

When the daughter was born

, on hours there were 00. 10, that is on all childbirth 3 hours, at 9 in the evening I still on a visit sat, and in 12 nights already with the daughter lay - here such fast childbirth.

Ya lay in a condition of absolute happiness, megaeuphoria, constantly called all by telephone, SMS sent, has enough communication with all personnel in patrimonial, it is a pity that the husband home was already sent by this time. It, of course, did not go home, and infinitely happy went under windows of maternity hospital.

Ya when lay on a chair, wanted still the second baby, and it is possible, and the third, the truth only with an epiduralka. And already I think that once did without epiduralka and again I will manage. And in general from childbirth the heap of positive emotions, is the most joyful moment in life - when your child is born.

of Evgeny