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My Caesarian in Luhansk

will be told by me to you, lovely readers, about the childbirth in Luhansk, maternity hospital number 3 on Scherbakov. I passed pregnancy hard, kidneys, low hemoglobin, pressure low, but then by the beginning of childbirth pressure thrashed under 150 - 160. On ultrasonography terms of childbirth drew in, and on health and with development there was everything normal, but we know our clever Ukrainian doctors, and especially in Luhansk.

on 19 me my childbirth and as prophetic dreams quite often dream me, I attached to a dream significance dreamed

C 18. In the 19th morning the husband leaves for work, and I speak to him: “We wait for you!“ And it: “And I - you“. And as in water looked. The nurse home resorts to me and begins: “Why you still not in hospital? You have terms“. I answered that by calculations to me to give birth one day later, or perhaps and today. The nurse started shouting and told that she calls “ambulance“, I have pressure, and to me it will be just treated. My mother asked:“ It will not be stimulated? It has pressure!“ The nurse answered: “No, well you, now no who does it“. I took only the things since the nurse told what still children`s not to take. I go on “ambulance“, I look at the fatherly car, and they went with mother for us, and I feel ill at ease something. Arrived, I paid in the bottom of 200 UAH. Changed clothes in a dressing gown, measured pressure - 170, was frightened. Carried on the elevator to pathology on 4 - the floor, put in chamber with pregnant women. I sit, I wait when I am called in viewing. The nurse came and speaks: “Go, you are waited by the manager - Meshcheryakova Lyudmila Pavlovna“. I saw it, and to me it became absolutely bad. This is the butcher, and it is more correct - pitas - Boole. She began to examine me and ordered on a chair. Until I climbed, she considered results of ultrasonography and, having grabbed a hook, pushed between legs. I shouted, and from me waters began to flow, and Meshcheryakova added:“ Your terms passed“.

the Midwife led

me on an enema, and I with tears in the eyes thought: “Promised to prick from pressure, and accelerate process of childbirth“. Meanwhile, when the midwife did me an enema, we began to consider days of my childbirth. On ultrasonography - the 7th, and by calculations - just as I also considered: 17,18,19 etc. That is, Meshcheryakova in vain punctured, everything would be solved. I call the husband, he in panic, I call mother and I speak: “Carry children`s things!“ It: “As, you were only promised to be treated from pressure!“ I speak:“ And you doctors do not know that“. Well, the midwife called in a sort the hall and told to creep, I laid everything as it is necessary, and my daughter as always fought in a tummy though I read that I have to stand before an exit to light. Meshcheryakova with the commission came and told to lay down and began to open hands a uterus neck! I as will shout, I did not think that it is so sick. And here fights, but fights in comparison with a kovyryaniye - nonsense since picked to me each hour began, attached to a dropper. I asked, whether stimulation it. It: “Yes, you will quicker give rise“. And run, measure pressure, and at me from a crotch from a kovyryaniye blood pours as monthly. I on fit - Bol with a diaper disposable climbed, and the daughter still legs at each fight added pain. Felt feverish me and felt sick.

Tormented with

me from 11 in the morning and till 8 in the evening. At 8 in the evening Meshcheryakova - the last check comes again. “Everything, - shouts, - at a chair, full disclosure!“ I hardly climbed on a chair, near me pieces of 6 doctors, Meshcheryakova there a hand climbed, catches fights and shouts: “Tuzhsya!“ I make an effort, and there are no fights any more, and the head was not even hung! So she still shouted that I fattened the child, it I, so am guilty that I began to be stimulated early that my baby did not gather for an exit!

here it dawns on

I: “Quicker on the operating table, we will do Caesarian!“ I was horrified and shocked, I did not want it when, considered herself as quite strong person, much with the husband went, especially last weeks, and here it! As a result to me stuck in a backbone a local anesthesia, and it does not take me, to have to do the general. I wake up, carry on a wheelchair to chamber, I ask to show whom I fattened there, bring my bittock 3500 gr., 52 cm. Quite normal child, I in no time would give rise, but thanks though for the healthy and living daughter Karina.

In maternity hospital I lay 10 days since could not raise the head from a pillow - the anesthesia so departed, and the uterus was not reduced. So Meshcheryakova picked open. So I advise pregnant women to avoid that maternity hospital in the city of Luhansk. And all of excellent childbirth!