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Pleasant memories of the childhood...

In my childhood were not what the present children have. The singing, speaking dolls, cars on accumulators, the computerized toys and many other things, it just a fantasy was in those days!

But I consider that I had the best toys! The TV on which it was possible to watch circus attractions, tableware in which I prepared the real dishes and treated with them the friends and relatives. The car with the pedal engine of blue color! I on it just showed off, and I was envied by all my girlfriends. There was a sewing machine on which I also mastered elements of sewing craft. I valued it! But, unfortunately, from me it was stolen by kids which envied my happiness, but think, they did not bear me the malice, just wanted to teach a good lesson for the fact that did not allow them to use the toys. As not all had what I had. But I could not dispose of them without the permission of parents, they with such work earned money to please my whims. I was very stubborn and whimsical child... And my parents as I understand now, it was very hard for them to execute it were fairy godmothers, of course, we lived not richly...

my unfulfilled dream remained

tiny a pupsyata who were difficult to be found in shops. These are such tiny a kuklyata at which legs and handles freely moved, I very much liked to sew them clothes: polzunochka, baby`s undershirts, caps, diapers.

At one my city girlfriend Lena was such! And when she came on summer to stay for a while with the granny, surely brought them! I with pleasure invited it to myself on a visit the yard to play, knowing that it will bring these darlings me tiny sweeties.


In our yard constructed a good lodge for hens, but hens did not wish to live in it, left always to neighbors. It was made of good adobe (such brick from clay and straw). On the one hand there was a window deep, with another - a door wooden which was closed on a revolving object. In a hen house electric electrical equipment was installed. In a word, excellent housing! Which we, little sisters and girlfriends, immediately adapted for games! Floors laid mattresses and paths that it was possible to sit there. The area it was small, about about four square meters. Of course?! Our hens, having taken offense, did not return to us at all. And we, having used it, healed in this lodge! Girlfriends since early morning went to us. Brought the dolls. And we till late evening until parents it is clicked, played in “daughters there are mothers“!

Happy! There was no luxury, but there was a sincere, human love! We did not know self-interest and hypocrisy. Yes, where there! Naive and trustful!.

As far as I remember, girlfriends at me was a little, but I very much liked to be on friendly terms with boys. Children also played with us in “daughters there are mothers“, but they, naturally, were “fathers“ or “robbers“.

Well, I will return to the fact that I liked to invite Lena, the girl from the city, to myself to the yard, to be exact, in this lodge! When it brought the sweetie and other dolls, I immediately tried to exchange with it the dolls on her baby doll. Lenochka among us, local, looked the black sheep. In a literal sense. Her skin differed from ours in the dazzling whiteness, the blonde with a length, a dense braid. We were very suntanned and swarty, with a black thick hair. Yes! In our deaf small village there were no developing sports sections, dance halls and other similar entertaining actions. Only elementary school and club in which we acted on holidays. But, when we played in our favourite lodge, then we did not study at school yet. Therefore it was very interesting to us to know how there live people in the city and than?! When Lena told something, we did not understand a lot of things, listened, having slightly opened a mouth and udivlyalyas. And each of us dreamed to visit her place! To get here to the city and to look how there and that... We were wildish, but strong and amicable! We imparted with Lena experience of the rural life, and it - city. Now ridiculously to remember all this! Years when I finished the third class of elementary school later, I was sent to study to that city in which there lived that Lena.

For a change our carefree life we, except as in dolls, played other interesting games. Here one of them, which a little adventure and romantic! It is called “Sekretika“. I do not remember from where it reached us, but in the seventies in our settlement it was popular. It was necessary to create as much as possible and as much as possible beautiful “sekretik“, then to hide them in such places where it would be difficult to find them. Also candy wrappers from candies, both cockleshells, and a bead, and everything that shines were used. Where we them hid usual places, - a backyard or dumps which were behind the yards. They at us were associated, likely, with mountains or islands in ours - that steppes. We liked to look for something there and to find. Oh, also received punches from parents when home came dirty as pigs!

We with the little sister Sveta did to

“sekretik“ so. Any beautiful brilliant candy wrapper from candy was smoothed with palms, chose the place, unknown to others he was trained (dug out a superficial dimple in the earth), in it put the straightened candy wrapper, then it was covered from above with a transparent oskolochok of glass. And, at last, final stage! All this was filled up and compared to the Earth`s surface that nobody found ours “sekretik“. It was necessary to find as much as possible others “sekretik“, but it is desirable that others did not find yours. That whose “sekretik“ will be more beautiful than others won! This game very much was pleasant to me!

was liked to be played in “Cowboys and Indians“, in classics in the summer In the evenings, to jump with a jump rope. The lapta, “brekhuchy phone“, “gardener“, “samovar“, “heart“, “knives“, “game of tag“, “hide-and-seek“ and they are all these games helped us to develop both physically, and is intellectual, and, above all - gave the chance to better learn temper of the surrounding people living with us in one settlement!

our house was almost at the coast of a pond. The only miracle of the nature which decorated our district! It was magnificent! A big twisting reservoir, with transparent water which coast are densely covered with a various green grass. Mighty branchy old trees in the neighbourhood with young trees surrounded our local property. In the same place was “guerrilla“ Liski which consisted of a young poplar. Why “guerrilla“? Yes because in war times, according to stories of our grandfathers, in such woods guerrillas stopped. I doubt that in that poplar lesochk guerrillas could hide - too young it looked! But the youth it very much loved, this excellent place for a privacy. There often young couples, and on holidays - the whole groups of vacationers walked. The pond divided our settlement into two parts.

in the Spring when water inflow, often there were awful floods - water flooded banks and filled in the main road of the village and even the yards. But us, children, all this only amused! Murmur of streams and water flow enticed us to cross the flooded road independently, and also to popuskat ships that led most often to disappointments. The stream happened powerful and deep, it knocked us down. I remember such case. The younger brother of my mother, Andrey who was more senior than me for one year and was my uncle, was a ringleader in our unseparable “three“ where except it there were I and my cousin little sister Svetlana. It is younger than me for nine months. All of us are almost stair-steppers. But everywhere were together! And so, when we were still preschool children, in one of such spring days we went out for a walk on the street. But pulled us to check as far as the pond is overflowed with water.

As you already guessed, we went there where you should not have gone! The place which was near the club building and backyards of houses was densely seated by a high wormwood behind which us, kids, it was difficult to see. Andrey of three among us the leader. And therefore we followed it, and he decided to investigate the road before we, his nieces, take any step forward meanwhile. It went through a wormwood to find out where we can pass these tempting streams to get on the other side of the street at which there was a house of our granny and his mother. And suddenly we are covered by wild horror. Andrey began to sink. There, where he stepped, there was a deep ditch which flooded with water and made even to the level of a usual pool. We in panic! What to do? Our help did not do it good and what we could make? But at last thought and called to the aid adults! The grandmother was told that our Andrey sinks. She in horror ran. Fortunately, it was pulled out and carried home. All his clothes and boots wetted through to the last thread. Ooh, also got to us for arbitrariness! And the case served as a lesson in our further life. The desire to climb at a flood in a pool disappeared. But on it our tests did not end! We found to ourselves other adventures about which our parents, perhaps also do not know still!.