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About the mother-in-law...

Read all stories telling about the relations with the mother-in-law and came to a conclusion that difficulties are enough for all. I have a similar situation: to me 30, to the husband 32, got married on love in 4 months after acquaintance. The husband was the full mother`s sonny though to a wedding I could not understand it. Parents of the husband were delighted not with me, but my husband insisted on a wedding. At that time there can be he and loved me... Generally, we got married.

there Lived in the apartment of parents of the husband rather the mother-in-law mothers. Everything was seemingly normal before we gave birth to the child. Till its birth honor the mother-in-law and did not come to us, seldom could come. The conflicts began a month before the daughter`s birth, I was in hospital on preservation, very much wanted home, from hospital stirred up, but the mother-in-law insisted, what will be so better, and I had to wait for childbirth in hospital walls. As a result - lack of patrimonial activity and Cesarean section. I understand that not everything in life turns out according to the conceived scenario. I was in a terrible state: the postnatal depression, wanted to be discharged only rather from maternity hospital and to forget all this horror.

At an extract from hospital the husband did not fail to push roughly me to the car, and I sat down the first, postoperative pains did not pass yet, and to me each movement was painful. Houses it almost did not help me, my dream that we will wash together diapers and together to cope with difficulties, it was simple illusion. The husband often noticed that I clumsy, got out of a shape etc. The father-in-law and the mother-in-law began to visit regularly us without the prevention in any time chosen by them. Also it was not important, the child sleeps or not! I understand that there is a wish to see the granddaughter, but if the child sleeps whether it is worth preventing the child to sleep, motivating with the fact that we want to look at the granddaughter only? Since morning the father-in-law who had nothing to do came a bit earlier when I after sleepless night just wanted to have a sleep while the girl sleeps. Complaints did not help the husband with a tactful form, he flew into a rage from my discontent, and business came to an end in scandals. The mother-in-law often said that you will not remake the house of everything, it is necessary to be engaged in the child, I obeyed, tried to walk with the child more etc. But as a result it turned out that I am “dirty creature“ and turned her apartment into “a garbage hole“.

the real nightmare began Further

, after the next survey of the child by doctors it turned out that my daughter has a flat-footedness, and at insistance of the mother-in-law was decided to deliver to the child plaster bandages though the child could make simply several courses of massage in spite of the fact that the child only started going to that moment. I strongly cried, but uselessly. After the first plaster made the second, third. You do not even represent what is it - to look at the poor exhausted girl in plaster shackles. Before the removal of plaster my girl got sick, there was a high temperature, and I decided to remove plaster for 2 days earlier. If you only knew, than it ended... Large scandal! And then we with the daughter were expelled on the street... Who expelled? Mother-in-law, father-in-law and my husband.


, unless people, can be such cruel? To expel on the street, knowing that we will have no place to live. I could live at mother, but they have a small apartment where live still the aged grandfather, the brother. And my mother-in-law has several apartments, and all are almost empty, and we with the daughter rent apartment, and I give on it a good part of the earnings, the husband helps the scanty sum which will not be enough even for pampers. Itself lives at mother now and does not need anything. Perhaps someone will have for me a good advice?