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Inhabited Island

Equatorial part of Hugo - East Asia long since attracts fans of exotic tours. And the most brightly attractive magic of these places is felt in Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.

of Borneo, it is Kalimantan, has the impressive sizes - it is the third in the world in size the island (after Greenland and New Guinea). Its flora and fauna is kept up to now practically in original state. In the jungle, untouched throughout millions of years, the relic palm trees which did not change since the time of dinosaurs remained. Wild tribes still collect skulls of prostrate enemies, and the mountain - the champion Hugo - East Asia - Kinabalu (4095 m) is fanned by a set of legends. One of them narrates about the inconsolable Chinese widow thanks to whom there was a name Kinabalu (“Kina“ - China, to “Ball“ - the widow). According to a legend, the first beauty of the island was impressed with feats of the brave Chinese prince. The kind good fellow got to himself glory, having won against the terrible dragon protecting a huge pink pearl in a mountain cave. The young man threw the got artifact and the skin of a pangolin which is poured in all flowers of a rainbow to the seductress`s legs, and that agreed to become his wife. They lived together happily, but not long. The prince withered for adrenalinic hunger and left the island in search of new adventures, and the inconsolable grass widow addressed in a stone. The top of Kinabalu almost always in clouds is also irrigated with a rain - the poor girl cries still.

Giants and predators

the Beautiful legend and the unique nature attract with

in national park of Kinabalu millions of tourists. The most persistent of them storm mountain top, the benefit from - for gentle slopes it is possible to reach it without climbing equipment, literally on foot. The road there - back takes only two days. However, if you not admirers of active recreation go to one-day excursion on national park. She will present many impressions. You will be able to see thousands of kinds of orchids, a predatory plant nepentes (a flycatcher, a kuvshinochnik) and, at last, the biggest flower in the world - a raffleziya whose purple inflorescence has one and a half meters a diameter.

Pastures of Heaven

the Choice of hotel to Borneo depends on the purpose of your arrival. If you plan to have a rest on an ocean coast, to visit the real jungle and to be got by the diverse nature of the island, stay in hotel of resort type. One of the largest luxury residences to Borneo Nexus Karambunai Resort hotel 5* deservedly is considered. The main case and lonely bungalows are located in the well-groomed territory surrounded with the virgin jungle. Own 6 - the kilometer sandy beach disposes to paradise rest.

Local Spa - the Borneo Spa center annually holds a palm among the other similar centers of beauty of the island. The The Borneo Detox treatment procedure enjoys the greatest popularity. It represents a massage combination with use aromamaset rosemary, fennel and a tea tree, a wrapping and a vodoroslevy mask.

Fans of active recreation will find

a full range of entertainments for every taste here - from walks on horses on an edge of waves before game in golf in the field of a world class on 18 holes (Karambunai Resort Golf Club).


Directly from hotel can order one of ten curious excursions across Borneo. Do not neglect an opportunity to visit the ethnographic village of Monsopiada. There lives the tribe of the real headhunters. Tourists are met by rice wine and ritual dances. Learn to shoot poisonous arrows from a tube and it is proud show trophy skulls of unlucky enemies.

also cruise by the boat on the mangrove river will seem to

Not less interesting. Narrow twisting river “tracks“ keep many secrets. At night they become a shelter of miriad of glowworms. And in the afternoon here it is possible to see rare monkeys of “nosachy“. In their wild nature there were only 8 thousand copies.

the Live menu and aphrodisiacs to Gourmets to Borneo will be interesting to


sea restaurants with “the live menu“. Instead of choosing a dish in the list unclear to the name on a paper leaflet, you have an opportunity to enter the hall with numerous aquariums and with own hand to pick up an appetizing copy. The special attention is deserved by local tropical fruit. The royal title among them carries durian. Having very specific smell, it - a recognized delicacy of the region. About it speak “on a smell as hell, on taste as paradise“. Everywhere in Hugo - East Asia durian is considered aphrodisiac. The national Malayan saying says:“ When durian falls to a stomach, Sorong (a men`s skirt) rises“. However, having come to be in the local market, gather in a basket and other delicious fruits: mangostin, a papaya, mango, a guava, treat, etc.


By the way, once Borneo became excellent live scenery to the first release American to a reality - the show “Last Hero“. And it is not surprising, to feel the real hero - the pioneer in live scenery of the tropical jungle and it is shrill - the turquoise ocean everyone can here!