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Games in dirt - to forbid or encourage?

- are time Spring awakenings of the nature, a ringing of a thaw, a fluffy willow and the first shy leaflets and blades. Big-nosed rooks fly, sparrows chirp, streams murmur. And in the yards the whole seas, such attractive for our lovely madcaps spread.

Subjugators of water depths

What is a pool? The pool is the sea!
B to it sun piece, sky, clouds.
I today mother let does not argue with me,
We go to swimming to far coast.

of the Boy, to frequent displeasure of the loving parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and tutors, are just adored by pools, streams, sand, dirt, beautiful pebbles and clay “bogs“. They attract them as a magnet. Puskaniye of chips on streams, measurement of depth of pools new rubber boots, trample in clay swill quite often coming to an end with loss of a boot - favourite spring entertainments of children, and an eternal headache of their parents. The least peanuts, only having learned to go, try not to lag behind the more senior companions. And pulls them to get into the deepest pool, to touch the cloudlet which is reflected in it, and even to sit down directly among dirt and water. Also mothers sigh, looking at the girls grandly walking in clean jackets with carriages and the smiling baby dolls. Though little girls periodically wish to be run on a pool, and in splodgy from legs to the head with dirt madcaps it is difficult to guess, the boy before you or the girl. whether

Should swear?

But fathers laughed at our game,
Became angry mothers, took away us to wash.
I came with the broom the janitor Pasch`s aunt,
That to drown our, our sea in the hatch.

“Though on the street do not let out

!“ - mothers swear, once again changing the useless child who came home with wet legs. Mothers can be understood, washing volumes in a spring impassability of roads increases many times, dirty traces and sand maliciously creep out on the middle of just washed up floor in a hall, and the had wet feet quite often are wrapped in the next cold. And in our yards there are hills. This miracle just demands the separate description. Once, came to someone to mind that a metal hill - it is healthy. Probably, it “someone“ had reasons. Well, it is difficult to break it, there are no splinters, it is easy to give the necessary form. But, misters builders of playgrounds, it rusts! And, the happy peanut should slide few times the steep rattling slope as clothes of any color it becomes evenly dirty - brown. And that it to wash a rust - know only mothers. Therefore rustle periodically on the unruly kids. And than they are guilty? They just want to play.

the “Dirty“ step in development how to pass it without loss

Only in confidence I will tell you, children,
I went To distant investigation.
In the yard opposite, directly at a fencing,
Waits for us, the unopened, whole Pacific Ocean.

On conclusions of the British scientists conducting special research, normal development of the child is absolutely impossible without such informative and strengthening health occupations as a molding from natural clay, gathering frog caviar, cycle racings on pools and an instillation of companions in sand. They made the list of obligatory entertainments where also entered driving on a grass, construction of sandy locks and other not too clean entertainments. However, the company which ordered research (“Persil“, one of the largest producers of laundry detergents and detergents), casts certain doubts in the validity of their conclusions. However remember, you were small. Also liked to ride the bicycle on pools, to build sand castles, to climb trees and to fall in a high grass!

the Psychologists working with children write that kids whom they constantly straighten out and everything forbid, grow up closed, mistrustful, intense, dependent. The outside world seems to them hostile and dangerous. And the foundation of this feeling is laid by us the shouts “Do not touch!“, “Do not go!“, “It is dirt!“... What to do?

For a start should divide entertainments really dangerous, and just not too clean. You should not let the child in a sandbox which neighboring cats chose under a toilet - alas, it happens. It is unknown what diseases “live“ in such sand. Let`s bypass it a storonka. Vicinities of building with mountains of crushed stone and the sticking-out iron rods - too not our choice. Only you should not rustle and to fastidiously tell “dirt, do not touch!“ . Draw attention of the child to safer entertainment. Suggest to rock on a swing or roundabouts, or to consider closer than vorobyishka which started shouting on a tree.

A here a rusty hill - it does not matter. Just get several sets of old trousers - jackets, especially for such walks, and do not pay attention to grumbling of grandmothers on the platform. It - is useful, so - it is necessary! Also they will help out at game in sand and just falling. Appearance of such clothes is not too important, so it is not a pity for it, and washing practically in each house was already undertaken by the clear head - the washing machine - the automatic machine. Washed in the evening, and in the morning the equipment is ready to new “tops“... or to depths.

Yes, how to be with pools, dirt and spring streams? Everything is simple! Water-repellent fabrics and impregnations from moisture are invented long ago, and it is quite possible to find children`s trousers in shops - “nepromokayka“ and raincoats of different styles, flowers and producers. They put on over clothes and protect from a rain, pools and dirt. The child can even sit down in dirt - the clothes will not suffer. They are easily erased and quickly dry.

the Only, probably, minus - these fabrics practically do not pass air therefore you should not walk in them long, the child can sweat. But long - it is also not necessary! They will quite sustain one or one and a half hours of walk, and the fact that these entertainments are not forbidden, will a little cool interest to them of the kid soon and the spring is not so long. Pools will dry, dirt will grass, there will be new games. And the nepromokayka can be put on if there is a wish to walk on the wood or park after a rain, and even to run about under cheerful heavy rain.


as epigraphs used the song “What Is a Pool?“, sl. A. Krupitskoy.