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B are twins: how to nurse two (the alphabet of breastfeeding)

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At most of mothers is enough milk to support twins: the female organism which was taking out instead of one child of two “is programmed“ also on the corresponding amount of breast milk. Difficulties, most often, arise from - for the fact that it is very difficult to look after at the same time two children.


At first to mother of twins needs strong moral support from relatives, first of all, of the husband (you will be able to nurse both children!) . Certainly, the help and in homework is necessary, for feeding of twins time “doubles“ too, not only in physical, but also in the psychological plan. The small bottle with artificial mix can be handed to the father or the grandmother, but with the best food - breast milk - only mother can feed babies!

One mothers prefer to feed with

both twins at the same time, others - in turn, at first one kid, then another. Sometimes both babies like to suck on the one hand, others - each breast alternately. In a word, options set.

If you feed with

children at the same time, it is possible to use “a way from - under hands“: sit down on a sofa or a bed, under each hand put the soft curtailed blanket. Kids suck a breast at the same time, one lies on the right side, and sucks the right breast, another, respectively, left. Legs of children are at you behind the back.

Other way of simultaneous feeding such: sit down in a convenient chair with a back, one kid arrange at the left breast, his bodies it is pressed to yours. Another - at the right breast, it, “is respectively pressed“ not to you any more, and to the brother (or the little sister). Children are at your breast as if “a cross on a cross“.

Often happens that one of twins is weaker than another. It is necessary to be sure that weaker kid receives enough milk. If in it there is a need, for the weakened child it is possible to decant a chest milk and to give to drink to him from a cup until until he learns to suck well. But even always offer the weakened kid a breast (and not just a cup with the decanted milk) - sucking of a breast promotes the best digestion of milk and more rapid growth of the child.

If all - lacks

of milk, and you finish feeding babies artificial mix, try to keep at least the mixed feeding. Even if it is not enough milk, begin each feeding with applying of children to a breast. For the twins who were often more weakened, than “single“ children, it is especially important.