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When the woman says lost dreams of an era of feminism of

to me that she “differs in nothing from the man“, I want to ask it - who so strongly offended her? There is no irony in my question. We try to hide among sexless crowd when are not sure of themselves, when there is no the clear answer to the question “who I am and in what my value“.

In this case the woman tries to protect herself illusion that if it minimizes the sex and will mix it with man`s, she will receive from patriarchy the same privileges, as the man. By a bright example of similar experiment it was possible to consider the women working at laying of asphalt or cross ties on railway tracks. They really a little in what differed from men, especially from far away.

at the height of socialism and total “equality“ of floors it was almost general phenomenon. Same “equality“ led to unknown blossoming of alcoholism, both man`s, and female. At women the working day increased from 8 to 12 - 16 o`clock (work at work plus housework) therefore they began to pass into the category of “companions“ including on a bed inevitably. Loss of true female gender identity pulled for itself destruction man`s. Losing dobyvayushche - the preserving functions, the man passed into a role of one more child for own wife.

Actually, all generation of our mothers and grandmothers, behind a rare happy exception, consists of single mothers who did not receive adequate amount of love, despite of a stamp in the passport about a marriage.

the Russian society endures

of the Consequence of fight about such “equality“ to this day. Washing out of sides between man`s and female generated the concept “unisex“. In other words, neither that, nor another, especially externally.

Even more often among modern women - a unisex problems with reproductive system, with endocrinology, one of which - excess of men`s hormone of testosterone, and as a result - development of a figure in man`s type happen: narrow hips, boyish legs, excess pilosis. It is not necessary to be the scientist - the geneticist to observe the following phenomenon: the closer to the present, the there are more tall women, with very narrow hips, big shoulders and poorly developed breast. This figure “is fashionable“, but is not functional.

Ya conducted small research: from my 500 clients of age is more senior the 40th infertility only 2 suffered. From other my 500 clients more young the 30th diagnosis “infertility“ costs already at 70 women. At approximately fifth part from these five hundred children is. And whether here the rest will manage to give rise - while it is unknown, they did not ask this question yet.

Often I come up also against such situation: the modern woman, having even given rise, sometimes cannot long “join“ in what has to feel and feel at the same time. My many clients in the first year after the birth of the child complained that they “do not understand“ and “do not feel“ what occurs - do not feel any special love to the child, do not feel instinctive, “animal“ affection for him that would be natural.

Happens and so that even in the presence of all “attributes“ - the child, womanly clothes and forms, modern women do not “breathe“ feminity. At them a rigid and cold glance, and the feeling is frequent that for them “woman“ is a role, a reference point for society. But not contents. Such women are emotionally not steady, long and painfully mature, sometimes together with the children. Loss of unity with the female essence gives rise to extremely uneven behavior and reaction - the person can give a clever and practical advice now, and in five minutes it is cruel to humiliate and offend. And amplitude of fluctuations of these women is far stronger, than in traditional “female unpredictability“.

Absence of internal unity all the same does not make the woman similar to the man. And even seldom does to more consecutive. It is rather - on the contrary.

Among women “not different from men“, it is very accepted if it is fashionable not to tell, to despise any positive vanity on the house - cleaning, needlework, efforts in kitchen. The word all that does our life intelligent and necessary still to someone. Men react to similar demarches leaving in loss of consciousness and infantility. And why to them to mature if nearby the man and the woman rolled into one? And why to them to feel if a number of people it is already crowded with contradictions, and all sense of his life consists in infinite dialogue with itself?

at the same time modern feminists are seriously offended by

on men for a number of the own delusions.

  1. of the Man is respected only because he is a man.
    If it was so, at us male mortality would not exceed female. And at distribution of social roles the preference is more often given to men not from - for actually sex, and from - for specifics of man`s essence. Men are less subject to emotions and changes of mood. They are more consecutive in the acts and decisions. They do not have a pregnancy and a maternity leave. It is just the fact which it is necessary to treat quietly.
  2. to Prove
  3. that the woman costs something it is possible only in comparison with the man. the Thought is already wrong
    because it is necessary to prove action, but not comparison. The purposes at men and women can really be identical. And ways - different. Why to neglect purely female methods on the way to the purpose? Besides, it is difficult to derive from life pleasure when it becomes not process, and the proof when the purpose is set not because the woman really wants but because it is so possible “to outdo“ the man. The instant of a victory is short, and here process lasts for years. Simply thrown under legs of this “purpose“.
    of the Man inherently sprinters. Only the man`s nature can give all the best a powerful impulse for a short period. It will have enough for it forces. Women inherently stayers, long-distance runners. Only the female nature is capable of a laborious, everyday sozidatelnost. So really it is possible to compare seriously a graceful shoe to a soldier`s boot moreover and to decide that from them it is better?
  4. to
  5. to Women it is obviously refused ability to think.
    If some separately taken man positions this idea, perhaps, a problem at it, but not at women? And suddenly someone offended him? And even, if this his strong belief, then is trouble of separately taken individual, but not all men in general. Why all masculine gender has to be responsible for separately taken tactlessness? Women who “are seriously conducted“ on similar verdicts and confirm them to that!
  6. In our country obviously distribution of forces towards men exists. did not notice
    Ya of it. Men also not at once and not just do the career, also sharply endure the failures, often long look for themselves. They stand in the same bureaucratic queues, as women, have the same diseases. During practice in military hospitals, I worked with soldier`s and officers, passed two Chechen fights. The state gave them most unenviable “distribution“. What exclusive rights and the benefits were received by them as a result of this distribution? And initially they did not want to be at war, they wanted to live as well as all - to love, to raise children, to build the house. And it was necessary to pay only for the fact that they were born men.

For a long time I observe an interesting picture. Often to me women with absolutely externally safe vital parameters come: have a good education, she is married, some have the child, and even two. In total as it is necessary. And in eyes emptiness. Why? Because graduated from higher education institution that which was chosen by parents. Married because time approached. No, the love special was not, but before long were on friendly terms with the husband and the person he like quite good. Gave birth to the child because or “so it turned out“, or the husband and parents insisted. The processes chosen by someone included not sincerity of experiences, and some mezheumochny experiences, “feelings questionable“. And it, in turn, lifted irritation from a soul bottom. But it poured out not to own infantilism and spinelessness, and to injustice of a society organization in general. At attentive studying of a surrounding situation it turned out that we have a patriarchy now. And further... well it is clear! It would seem, everything is simple: housekeeping and care of the man irritates - do not marry, care only for yourself. There is a wish to make abrupt career - do and if its basis is formed by high professionalism, men will be forced to recognize it. Also will express admiration because between them exists rigid rivalry and the price to it too they know. And so on according to the list. But instead of action, the slogans of feminism poured by naphthalene are pulled out, and concrete fight against the abstract evil begins. I not against feminism. I against women covered with its slogans own insolvency, intolerance to other living position and the mistakes.

I think of

Ya, I think and I feel as the woman. It does not prevent me to understand, accept and respect men. And they pay me in the same. We did not choose time in which to be born. Is it worth spending the life for opposition each other?