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Father and daughter: in the atmosphere of happiness

Communication of the father and child begins till the birth. Being in mother, the kid is already capable to perceive all those positive emotions which you are capable to present him. Future father on an equal basis with mother can talk to the baby, tell about how he is loved and wait for birth. It is already proved scientifically that the child hears you. Already at this moment the foundation for emotional proximity between the father and the child is laid. A little advice for fathers: create in the house such atmosphere that both your wife, and future daughter were in a condition of tranquility and harmony.

Of course, in most cases after the child`s birth the main part of cares lays down on mother`s shoulders, but it does not mean that the father stands aside. And in other cases on the contrary, the father assumes everything that is connected with care of the baby. By the way, researches showed that if the father on an equal basis with mother potters with the baby, then such children cry less often, and in general are quieter.

Despite a widespread stereotype that men want first of all the successor, very many fathers dream of the daughter. And father`s tenderness and attention in general are very important for the girl, it is pleasant to it to feel like “the little princess“ whom the father loves and indulges. Thanks to it the probability that its relations with an opposite sex will successfully develop is in the future high. The father will show to the girl that the man`s world is not hostile that the man and the woman - different, but at the same time equivalent concepts. In the relations with the father the girl will learn to feel like the woman - gentle, necessary and attractive. To nobody else, except the father (the first man in the girl`s life) it is impossible to entrust this role. As the father - the first man in the daughter`s life, unconsciously it from him builds model of the ideal man. After that, (if the image is created successfully) the father has to confirm still “status“ when the daughter enters teenage age. Then the daughter will look for the husband similar to the father (even unconsciously).

For the working fathers time which he will devote to talk and games with the daughter, and to go during week-end for a walk, on a visit, to answer infinite nurseries “why“ is very important to allocate

. At us, for example, with the father began tradition to walk in the evenings when he came back from work. Before stopping by at garage (it worked as the driver), it took away me, I is proud sat on forward sitting of the bus, and then we walked home and talked. Still since then I had a confidence that the real man (I considered by it the father) knows everything, well or a lot of things also can well explain everything, it is even better than mother. Not without reason even I asked the traditional question “from where children undertake“ to the father during one of our walks. Also received the answer quite clear and adequate to my age. Now my husband for our little three-year-old why-asker sometimes acts as “the house encyclopedia“, and the daughter with all questions runs straight to the father.

the Role of the modern father still can be designated as a dethronement of patriarchal stereotypes that destiny of the girl (future woman) - housekeeping. The father will not allow the daughter to get stuck psychologically only on especially female interests, and to expand her knowledge of other areas.

to Fathers important not only to create

, but also to keep good relations with the daughter. Do it more often compliments, its self-assessment and confidence in own forces so raises. It is necessary to learn to be both the friend, and the parent. Our father since the birth of the baby always talked to her as with adult, without syusyukaniye and lamentations. Perhaps therefore our daughter - pus“ looked at all who tried to talk to her in style “syus with boundless surprise and did not hurry to communicate.

A do not hesitate to show the daughter the physical force yet (take care of that it was). The baby since the early childhood will know that you her defender near whom it is always quiet.

Also to fathers needs to be remembered that reaction to a hail of mother and the father can significantly differ. I remember when our father shouted at the baby for the first time, she bitterly burst into tears. The frightened parent then for a long time “prayed for forgiveness sins“. Now he tries to manage just severe tone. In most cases it works.

In general for a long time not a secret that the so-called vital scenario is put at the child since the birth. According to the psychological theory, the vital scenario is the program installations of future life formed at the child by parents and the immediate environment. Also it is considered that in most cases depends on the father according to what scenario the daughter will be died. Besides from as far as in early years their emotional proximity developed and got stronger, depends, it will be how easy to pass “teenage crisis“ with its nihilism and aspiration to independence. Time when the girl (girl) gradually enters the world of the relations with an opposite sex, the father can prompt a lot of things and to warn against much. And if there are an emotional proximity and trust, his words the grown-up daughter will never turn a deaf ear. The opinion of the father is very important for it. Besides at teenage age of the girl only father`s tenderness, attention and love can be dissatisfied with the appearance, themselves, and, and also compliments will help it to overcome this stage and not to earn an inferiority complex. Admiration in your eyes will work better than all consolations and admonitions combined. Do not wave away from its problems, solve them together.

you Love the girls, indulge them (moderately), be only not cruel or indifferent. And when your little princess will grow up, she will not dare to fall below that level which was built by your care and love.