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Key to definition of power of a name

There is a wish to hope that we will help you with independent permission of own problems, even if you decided to ask for the help psychoanalysts or psychics, then it will be useful also most though a little to understand this question, than to charge itself with freight of their possible mistakes.

Aggregating all information, it is possible to formulate that the name of the person is the certain matrix of the personality which is already assuming a certain interrelation with world around. Not the fact that this communication will be shown in human life in full, a lot of things depend on education, personal work on itself, but nevertheless the energy concluded in a name, undoubtedly will make a certain impact on the person and, having defined its character, this energy can be used with success for achievement of definite vital purposes.

I Will specify

that we understand character of the relation to it of society and the owner as energy of a name. Of course, we will not be able to express this energy in kilograms or calories, but nevertheless it is impossible to deny that human likes and dislikes have character of force. Let`s say if I treat the person kindly, then willingly I will help him with his affairs. And what if in a name of the person I hear a hint on eagerness to fight, and me it will not be pleasant? Or suddenly his name will involuntarily remind me of such human quality how cunning? Will just resemble also everything, but such reminiscence will cool my disinterested rush to help, I will begin to reflect and analyze necessarily though for a while, but postponing the help. Special value has this moment at the first acquaintance, at entry into new collective when the name of the person is that the little that people know about it.

In the same way character of force has also relation of the person to itself. If, for example, the person identifies himself with a name which sounds surely and strongly, then he can like faith in himself, and as it is known, it is difficult to achieve something without such belief! Here, however, happens and so that once having filled itself the cone on such self-confidence, the person can hit in other extreme, lose faith in the forces, and then the strong name will begin to sound as a sneer.

In brief I will remind

highlights of impact of a name on mentality in decreasing order of their importance.

  1. Subconscious perception of the word through its rhythmics, plasticity, melody. Owing to not sensibleness of such influence from it happens quite difficult to get rid.
  2. Prevalence of a name. At the same time force of influence of a name is directly proportional to its rarity.
  3. of Association, connected with a name as, say, in the word Azary accurately arises association with the word “dawn“.
  4. Images become history and culture of owners of this name. In some cases this point can come to the forefront (Adolf).
  5. Concrete sense and value of a name as words. The consciousness of most of people perceives it just as a beautiful image no more.

Having analysed a name on all these points, you will be able to define its impact on the person. For a start try to distract from any personal associations and just pronounce the word as a melody. If you enough developed musicality and hearing, you will easily guess nature of its sounding which can be major or minor, cheerful or sad, carefree, concentrated, draft or any else. To transfer here all scale of the feelings caused by music there is no opportunity.

we Will review a concrete example. The name Hope sounds thoroughly and quite firmly, in it the patience and a strength of mind and such lines are involuntarily assumed in the bearer of this name. At the same time diminutives as Nadia, Nadenka and so on to a certain extent smooth hardness though all the same behind them very strong basis is felt.

On prevalence a name Hope can be referred to average category, in comparison with Tatyanami or Svetami it is possible to call it rather rare, and therefore it will influence the person though not the highest degree, but nevertheless is very noticeable.

the Following step is an arising associations. In this example all it seems very simple and in consciousness a logical row is easily traced:“ It is necessary and want “, “ hope and a support “, “ hope, my compass terrestrial “, “ Belief, Nadezhda, Lyubov“. These are, certainly, very attractive images. Nevertheless, continuing to reflect, it is possible to notice, as there are reefs. All the matter is that the word “hope“ ordinary contacts the future, that is when the person hopes for some better future, he automatically recognizes that the present not it safe, and it brings in perception of Nadezhda a certain element of discontent with the real situation. Really, the person hopes for something only when to him it is not really good, and differently what sense to hope? Besides, any teza has the antithesis and therefore, speaking about hope, often try to be insured from unreliability.

Further, among outstanding bearers of Nadezhda, well-known have not enough. Unless Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya whose image to today`s measures stopped being too important. Rather its impact on minds approaches zero. As for a concrete word meaning, in connection with the Russian sounding to add something essential to what we spoke about, analyzing associations, it is hardly possible.

Now things are easy, it is also necessary only to draw conclusions from our conclusions. Continuing our example, it is possible to assume that firm sounding of a name will induce Nadezhda to show persistence, even the obstinacy is possible. At least, realizing itself through such thorough name, she will feel gradually need to be thorough and consecutive in the affairs, considering that it is better to do nothing at all, than badly to do. In household chores it can be shown as follows - it or will not be engaged in economy at all, or will steep in it. At the same time hardly it will undertake man`s work as will not be able to make it up to standard.

Attractiveness of associative images will provide with

to Nadezhda good reception in society and in collective, further everything will depend on her. As they say, meet on clothes, in this case a role of those “clothes“ will be played by a name. It is clear, that if Nadezhda disappoints people, then sympathies can change the sign for opposite.

Special value for Nadia can have the fact of tendency of her name in the future that above I depicted as a reef. It is quite possible that this subconscious expectation of any future happiness can emphasize a dissatisfaction with today, up to full discontent both with an environment, and by itself. To live long time only future pleasures very difficult, “tomorrow“ never comes, always comes exactly “today“. And therefore it is possible to give advice idle time both to parents, and Nadia - find time for the future less, turning attention to today`s happiness more. Otherwise it will pass unnoticed!

So, in general and on a concrete example we sorted the ordinary technology of psychoanalysis based on the theory of interaction of the personality with the subconsciousness and world around and, I hope, this little head is capable to help you with life.