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Exchange with surcharge of

Ask the mothers and fathers or grandmothers and grandfathers, they - that for certain remember those times when it was impossible neither to buy the inhabitant, nor to sell the apartment, and it was only possible to exchange. In Soviet period headings habitual to us did not occur in the newspapers containing announcements from individuals “I will buy“ and “I will sell“, but there were announcements like “change big on smaller“ or “smaller on big“. What a priori implied an exchange with surcharge. But as in the USSR neither sex, nor a private property was, it was strictly forbidden to write about surcharge. But times change. So-called “alternative“ transactions with real estate exist since the beginning of a private property in the country, and already nobody hesitates to attribute quite natural surcharge to an exchange...

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with the minimum risk, otherwise will close burst a thunder

the crisis of liquidity which Burst in the market of real estate deceived many. Against all expectations of sellers - housing prices began to fall resolutely, contrary to expectations potential buyers - are become more available by housing from it not. And a mortgage, “priority national projects“, a maternity capital - nothing is capable to resolve a problem of many young families now: how to improve the housing situation if the help has no place to wait? Here it is also necessary to remember grandmother`s methods of an exchange with surcharge. For the present not all capital agencies are ready to provide to the clients the updated old way to improve the living conditions, but ice started, and many realtors already make the corresponding databases.

Some of them claim that at an exchange of apartments much less risks, than upon its purchase, in particular it concerns secondary housing. At cancellation of the transaction of people will return to the former apartment, having wasted only time. However other experts hold in this respect other opinion.

“Purchase and sale of housing are separately not so difficult and risky

as the exchange transaction, - Pavel Kosov, the director of office „ explains; Central “ MIAN companies. - The agent or agency which undertake implementation of such transaction have to possess a wide experience of practical work in the market of real estate. I would recommend not to conduct the alternative transaction independently, and to provide the solution of the matter to professionals, at the same time attentively to approach the choice of real estate agency“. According to the expert, temporary losses in case of an exchange with surcharge are still florets.

Absence of absolute confidence in “purity“ of secondary housing is the biggest trouble of the Russian housing market, especially in the capital. Some realtors give such figures: about 2/3 secondary housing in Moscow, offered for sale and an exchange, get to a risk zone. And here any unpleasant surprise can expect the new owner of the apartment: from the registered relative of the former owners who came back from places of confinement to suddenly revived third wife of the second owner with all her posterity.

the Second place in a special rating of risks in transactions with secondary housing is taken by frauds with payment: from numerous sale of the apartment to frank “kidalov“ with money. Perhaps, in this case the exchange with surcharge - less venture, than direct purchase of housing, nevertheless the amount of this “surcharge“ is small for serious speculators.

However the essential lack of direct exchanges of residential real estate is a lack of the adequate choice. At the same time the choice of alternative transactions is much more, that is selection of option with simultaneous sale and purchase of housing will borrow much less time, than an exchange, let and with surcharge. This market was carefully forgotten so in the near future realtors should remember it, demand gives rise to the offer, and according to many practicing realtors - demand is also it grows. So far persons interested “to exchange“ should not expect fast decisions.

Is changed own on municipal

the Most losing option in an exchange of housing the exchange of the privatized apartment on municipal is considered. In this case participants of process sign the contract of an exchange, register it in Management of federal registration service and together with it file documents to bureau of an exchange. In case of a successful completion of the transaction owners of the privatized apartment become her owners, and here those who received the apartment municipal - become only the employers who received the exchange warrant. But cunning is that, having once used the right for free privatization, the second time will not be possible to register the apartment under the ownership without the corresponding investments. It is worth remembering it.

But as not privatized apartments in the country less and less, there is a chance that soon the losing option will remain in the annals of realtor history.

two More options of an exchange are two municipal apartments or two privatized. In these two cases everything is simple: owners remain owners, and employers still have every chance free of charge to privatize the new housing.


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As were told by Benjamin Franklin, in this world only the death and taxes are inevitable. In hard business of an exchange of apartments there is a chance of payment of the last to avoid. It does not mean that it is not necessary to state in the contract of exchange or it is necessary to underestimate the amount of surcharge. The amount of surcharge can be specified and it is necessary entirely and, first of all, it is necessary for the one who pays extra that in case of cancellation of the transaction to return back the terribly earned. And those who receives money should remember that the size of tax benefits for such transactions is increased to 2 million rubles, and surcharge at an exchange it is rare when happens above this sum. There is only one nuance: all these conditions assume that transactions are made by homeowners, but not employers. If inhabitants of not privatized housing receive surcharge, then they will be obliged to pay 13% of this sum to the state. And also in time to present the declaration on the income to the tax inspection.

Important trifles

the Most important trifle which concerns all participants of transactions with an exchange including potential, is a registration. And though the institute of a registration at us is cancelled, - the fact registration at the place of residence takes place to be. And so if the privatized housing on privatized then problems any changes. Registration happens on the new residence at the same time at presentation in a passport office of the contract of exchange. And here if at least one of the exchanged apartments is municipal, then it is necessary to wait when the previous residents from it are written out. And only then “owners“ will be able to be registered at the new place of residence. But on a registration of a trifle of exchange everyday life do not come to an end.


“On carrying out the transaction on an exchange of housing needs receiving a consent of all in common living full age family members, and also the owner of housing stock - the appropriate government or municipal authority, - Mikhail Razdolsky, the head of office „ explains; October Field “ „ companies; Ink - Real estate “. - Restrictions are imposed on transactions on an exchange if the right of the employer for an exchange is not stated in the employment contract if conditions of one of the parties as a result of the transaction worsen, and it will be considered needing improvement of living conditions and so forth“ .

As you can see, conditions under which the transaction on an exchange with surcharge is possible - weight. And before beginning searches of new housing, it is worth consulting at experts what in general your chances of a worthy exchange.


Everything that it is not counted, accounts


the Size of commission charges to agents for maintenance and transaction on an exchange with surcharge is at the moment not determined.

“In our agency commission charges vary from 2% to 4% - depending on cost and a location of apartments, minus the discount operating at the moment“, - Pavel Kosov tells about price policy of the agency, however the speech goes about purchase and sale of housing here. So far in agencies find it difficult to give concrete number, inclining to “individual approach“ and “contractual price“ more and more. At the same time it is necessary to understand that, as a rule, initial rates do not include such services as check of legal “purity“ of apartments, collecting documents, necessary for transaction, drawing up and registration of the contract and other attributes of support of the transaction. All these details should be stipulated separately, and also not to forget to record the relevant contract with agency.

During the Soviet period when the private property in the territory of the USSR was not when everything was the general and nothing was the, people had not so many chances to improve the living conditions. And the exchange with surcharge was one of them. Now times changed. There is both a sex, and a private property, and only which - where still remained municipal. Here only chances to improve the living conditions at people hardly became much more, than earlier. But it would be desirable to hope that over time the state and the Government will create normal conditions for development of business in the country and the market of residential real estate not only will find stability, but also will become more available to that who vegetates in ekonomklassa of an average manner now, dreaming of own house with a spacious drawing room and a nursery.