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Children`s horror stories of

the Home world for the child are always an alloy in detail - the spatial environment of the house, the relations in a family and own experiences and imaginations attached to things and the people inhabiting the house. Never it is impossible to assume in advance what in the world of the house will turn out the most important for the child that will remain in his memory and will affect further life. Sometimes it are, apparently, purely external signs of the dwelling. But if they contact deep experiences of personal and world outlook character, then begin to predetermine vital elections.

it Turns out em that practically all children can dream concerning the house and almost each child has loved “objects of meditation“, concentrating on which it plunges into the dreams. Going to bed, someone examines a spot on a ceiling, similar to the head of the bearded uncle, someone - the pattern on wall-paper reminding ridiculous animals and something thinks out about them. One girl told that over her bed the skin of a deer hung, and every evening, lying in a bed, she ironed the deer and invented the next story about his adventures.

In the room, apartments or houses the child allocates for himself favourite places where it plays, dreams, retires. If bad mood - it is possible to hide under a hanger with the whole heap of a coat, to take cover there from the whole world and to sit, as in a lodge. Or to climb under a table with a long cloth and to nestle a back on the warm battery.

Can look at

for interest in the small window from a corridor of the ancient apartment coming to backstairs - that there it is visible? - and to imagine and what could be seen there if suddenly...

in the apartment also frightening places which the child tries to avoid Are. Here, for example, a small brown door in a niche in kitchen, adults put there, to the cool place, products, but for the five-year-old child it can be the most terrible place: behind a door blackness, apparently, gapes that there a failure to some other world from where something awful can come. On own initiative the child will not approach such door and will not open for anything.

One of the biggest problems of children`s imagination is connected by

with backwardness of self-understanding at the child. From - for it he cannot often distinguish that he is reality and that - his own experiences and imaginations which shrouded this subject, stuck together with it. In general, adults have such problem also. But children have such slitost of real and fantasy can be very strong and brings to the child many difficulties.

of the House the child can coexist at the same time in two different realities - in the habitual world of surrounding objects where adults, and in the imagined own world imposed over the ordinary dispose and preserve the child. It is real for the child too, but is invisible to other people. Respectively it is inaccessible for adults. Though the same objects can be in both worlds at once, having, however, there different entities. Here seemingly just black coat hangs, and will look - as though someone terrible.

In this world of the child will be protected by adults, they cannot help with that as there are not accepted. Therefore if in that world it becomes terrible, it is necessary to run quicker in this moreover and to shout loudly: “Mother!“ Sometimes the child himself does not know at what moment scenery will be changed and it will get to the imagined space of other world - it happens unexpectedly and instantly. Of course, to a thicket so it happens when there are no adults nearby when they do not keep the child in ordinary reality the presence, conversation.

For most of children absence of parents of the house - the difficult moment. They feel left, defenseless, and habitual rooms and things without adults as if begin to lead the special life, become others. So happens at night, in the dark, when dark, undercover aspects of life of curtains and cases, clothes on a hanger and strange, neocognizable objects which the child did not notice earlier are slightly opened.

If mother went to shop, then it is even terrible to some children to move in a chair in the afternoon until it comes. Other children especially are afraid of portraits and posters with images of people. One girl of eleven years told girlfriends as she is afraid of the poster with Michael Jackson hanging on inside of a door of its room. If mother left the house, and the girl did not manage to leave this room, then she needed only to sit, having contracted, on a sofa before arrival of mother. It seemed to the girl that Michael Jackson will descend from the poster now and will strangle her. Girlfriends sympathetically nodded - her alarm was clear and close. The girl dared to remove the poster or to open in the fears to parents - they it hung up it. Michael Jackson very much was pleasant to them, and the girl “big also should not be afraid“.

the Child feels

defenseless if it as it seems to it, love insufficiently, often blame and reject, leave for a long time alone, with casual or unpleasant people, throw one in the apartment where there are something dangerous neighbors.

Even the adult with enduring children`s fears of this sort sometimes is afraid to be one more at home, than to go alone along the dark street.

Any weakening of the parental protective field which has to shroud reliably the child, causes in it alarm and feeling that the approaching danger easily will break through a thin cover of the physical house and will reach it. It turns out that for the child presence of the loving parents seems stronger shelter, than all doors with locks.

As the subject of security of the house and scary imaginations are actual

practically for all children of a certain age, they find the reflection in children`s folklore, in the traditional terrifying stories which izustno are transferred from generation to generation of children. one of the most widespread on all territory of Russia of plots it is told by

B to p about how a certain family with children lives in the room where on a ceiling, a wall or on a floor there is a suspicious spot - red, black or yellow. Sometimes it is found when moving on the new apartment, sometimes someone from family members will incidentally put it - for example, mother is a teacher dripped on a floor red ink. Usually heroes of a horror story try to wipe or wash this spot, but nothing is impossible to them. At night when all family members fall asleep, the spot finds the ominous essence.

it begins to grow at

At midnight slowly, becoming big as the hatch. Then the spot opens, huge red, black or yellow (according to color of a spot) the hand which behind other of night at night carries away one in a spot of all family members leans out from there. But to someone from them, is more often to the child, all - is possible “to podsledit“ a hand, and then he runs and declares in militia. In the last night militiamen make an ambush, hide under beds, and instead of the child put a doll. He sits under a bed too. When at midnight the hand is enough this doll, militiamen jump out, chop off it and run on an attic where they find the sorcerer, the bandit or the spy. It delayed a magic hand or it - the mechanical hand a motor to drag off family members on an attic where they were killed or are even eaten by she (he). In certain cases militiamen shoot the villain at once and family members right there come to life.

it is dangerous to p not to close doors and windows, making the house available for evil force, for example, in the form of the black sheet flying on the city. So happens to forgetful or disobedient children who leave doors and windows opened contrary to an order of mother or the voice on radio warning them about the approaching threat.

the Child - the hero of a terrifying story - can feel protected, only if in his house there are no openings - even potential in the form of a spot, - which could open as the course in the outside world full of dangers.

“I will watch

at it and... to grow bolder!“


Three-year-old Denis nestled in the bed.

- Fathers, I was already covered with a blanket!

Denis pulled a blanket to the nose and furtively looked at a book shelf: there, on the middle, the huge book in a glossy cover flaunted. And from this bright cover on Deniska, having maliciously blinked an eye, the Baba-yaga looked.

... The book-store was directly in the territory of a zoo. For some reason from all covers - with lions and antelopes, elephants and parrots - Deniska was attracted by these: it frightened and attracted a look at the same time.“ Denis, well let`s take something about life of animals“, - the father finished him. But Deniska as bewitched looked at “The Russian fairy tales“...

- we Will begin with very first? - The father approached the shelf and was going to take the “scary“ book.

- No, it is not necessary to read! Better so tell the fairy tale about the Baba-yaga as if I met her in a zoo and... and... won!!!

- You it is terrible? Perhaps in general to clean the book?

- Is not present

, let costs... I will look at it and... to grow bolder!.


Remarkable example! Children can think out any horror stories and to find an opportunity to win against the fear. Apparently, so the child learns to seize the emotions. Remember children`s horror stories about the most different terrible hands which appear at night, about mysterious aunties who go in yellow (black, violet) small suitcases. Horror stories - in traditions of children`s subculture, we will dare even to tell, an integral part of children`s folklore and... outlooks of the child.

Pay attention, the kid himself asked to tell the fairy tale where he wins against it, actually he wanted to live this situation - a victory situation. In general the fairy tale - a remarkable opportunity for the child to model own life. Not incidentally all children`s fairy tales which came from time immemorial, in essence kind, moralizing, fair. They as if outline for the child contours of behavior, following which he will be successful, effective as the personality. Of course, speaking “successful“, we do not mean commercial, career success - it is about success personal, about sincere harmony.

to Children it seems to

dangerous to bring in the house from the outside foreign, alien to the home world objects. Misfortunes of heroes of other known plot of horror stories begin when one of family members buys and brings a new thing to the house: black curtains, a white piano, the woman`s portrait with a red rose or a figurine of the white ballerina. At night when all fall asleep, the hand of the ballerina will be given and will prick with the poisoned needle on the end of a finger, the woman from a portrait will want to make the same, black curtains will strangle, and the witch will get out of a white piano.

However, these horrors occur in horror stories only if parents went - to cinema, on a visit, to work in a night shift - or fell asleep that equally deprives of their children of protection and opens access to the evil.

what in the early childhood is personal experience of the child gradually becomes material of collective children`s consciousness. This material is studied by children in group situations of telling of terrifying stories, fixed in texts of children`s folklore and transferred to the next generations of children, becoming the screen for their new personal projections.

If to compare perception of border of the house in culturally - psychological tradition of children and in national culture of adults, then it is possible to notice undoubted similarity in understanding of windows and doors as places of communication with the outside world, especially dangerous to inhabitant of the house. Really, in national tradition was considered that on border of two worlds htonichesky forces - dark, terrible, alien to the person concentrate. Therefore the traditional culture paid special attention to magic protection of windows and doors - apertures in external space. The role of such protection embodied in architectural forms was played, in particular, by patterns of platbands, lions at gate, etc.

But for children`s consciousness also other places of potential breaks of quite thin protective cover of the house in space of other world exist. Such existential “holes“ for the child arise where there are local violations of uniformity of surfaces drawing his attention: spots, unexpected doors which the child perceives as the hidden courses in other spaces. As showed our polls, most often children are afraid of the house of wall cases, storerooms, fireplaces, mezzanines, various doors in walls, unusual small windows, pictures, spots and cracks. Frighten children and holes of a toilet bowl, and it is even more - board “points“ of rural bathrooms. The child also reacts to some closed objects having capacity inside and capable to become a receptacle of other world and its powers of darkness: cases from where in horror stories coffins on wheels leave; suitcases where there live gnomes; space under a bed where the dying parents sometimes ask the children to put them after death, or an interior of a white piano where under a cover there lives a witch.

In children`s terrifying stories happens even that the bandit jumps out from a new casket and there carries away the poor heroine. Real disproportion of spaces of these objects has here no value as events of the children`s story take place in the world of the mental phenomena where, as well as in a dream, physical laws of a material world do not work. In mental space, for example, as we observe it in children`s terrifying stories, something increases or decreases in sizes according to the volume of attention which is directed to this object.

So, the motive of ablation or loss of the child from the world of the House in Other Space through a certain magic aperture is characteristic

of individual children`s scary imaginations. This motive is variously reflected in products of collective creativity of children - texts of children`s folklore. But it also widely meets also in literature for children. For example, as a plot about leaving of the child in the picture hanging on a wall of his room (analog - in a mirror; let`s remember Through the Looking-Glass). It is known that the tongue ever turns to the aching tooth. Let`s add to it is and with interest about it listens.

the Fear of a failure to other world which is metaphorically presented in these art texts has under itself the real reasons in psychology of children. We remember that it is an early children`s problem of a slitost of two worlds in perception of the child: the world seen and projected on it as on the screen, the world of mental events. The age reason of this problem (we do not consider pathology) - a lack of mental self-control, not formation of mechanisms of self-understanding, distancing, on - ancient - a trezveniye, allowing to distinguish one from another and to master a situation. Therefore the sensible and a little ordinary being returning the child to reality usually is the adult.

as a literary example chapter “Unlucky day“ of the well-known book of Englishwoman P. L. Trevers “Mary Poppins“ will be interesting to

to us In this sense.


that bad day at Jane - the little heroine of the book - did not get on all. It rasplevatsya so with all house that the brother who too fell its victim advised Jane to leave the house that somebody adopted her. For sins Jane left at home one. And as it flared indignation against house, she was easily tempted to enter into their company three boys drawn on the ancient dish hanging on a room wall. Let`s note that Jane`s leaving on a green lawn to boys was promoted by two important points: Jane`s unwillingness to be in the home world and the crack on the middle of a dish formed from the casual blow struck with the girl. That is its home world burst and the world of a dish therefore the crack through which Jane got to other space was formed burst.

Boys called in Jane to leave a lawn through the wood in an ancient castle where there lived their great-grandfather. And the farther, the it became more terrible it. At last reached it that it was enticed, back will not release moreover and there is no place to come back as there was other, ancient time. In relation to it in the world real her parents still were not born, and her House Number Seventeen in Vishnevy Lane was not built yet.

of Jane cried that was urine: “Mary Poppins! Help! Mary Poppins!“ And, despite resistance of inhabitants of a dish, strong hands which fortunately appeared Mary Poppins`s hands pulled out her from there.

“-Oh, it you! - Jane uttered indistinctly. - And I thought, you did not hear me! I thought, I should remain there forever! I thought...

- Some people, - Mary Poppins told, softly lowering it on a floor, - think too much. Undoubtedly. Wipe a face, please.

It gave

to Jane the handkerchief and began to cover for dinner“.

So, Mary Poppins executed the function of the adult, returned the girl to reality. And here Jane already enjoys a cosiness, heat and rest as which she blows from familiar household things. The endured horror leaves far - far.

But the book of Trevers would never become loved by many generations of children of the whole world if business came to an end so prosaically. Telling the brother in the evening a story of the adventure, Jane looked at a dish again and found visible traces of that there, as she and Mary Poppins really visited that world. On a green lawn of a dish the scarf dropped by Mary with her initials remained to lie, and the knee of one of the drawn boys and remained Jane who is tied up by a handkerchief. That is all - the truth that two worlds - that and this coexist. It is necessary only to be able to come back from there. So far children - to heroes of the book - are helped with it by Mary Poppins. Especially as together with it they often are in very strange situations from which it is quite difficult to recover. But Mary Poppins is strict and disciplined. She is able to show in a flash to the child where it is.


As to the reader in the book of Trevers it is repeatedly reported that Mary Poppins was the teacher, best in England, we can use her pedagogical experience too.


stay in that world in the context of the book of Trevers is understood not only as the world of imaginations, but also excessive absorption of the child in own mental states which it cannot leave itself, - in emotions, memoirs, etc. What it is necessary to make to return the child from that world to a situation of the world of it?

the Favorite method of Mary Poppins consisted in sharply to switch attention of the child and to record it on some concrete subject of surrounding reality, having forced something quickly and to do responsibly. Most often Mary Ya. Tak pays attention of the child on its own corporal she tries to return to a body soaring it is unknown where I smother the pupil: “Brush the hair, please!“ “You again untied laces!“ “Idi wash!“ “Look how your collar lies!“.