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The term “free behavior in labor“ even more often occurs in the rodzal - as houses

in literature for pregnant women and on the Internet Recently. But not all future mothers know precisely what designates this concept and of what “freedom“ of the woman who is in the rodzal consists.

the Periods of childbirth

the First period of childbirth lasts from the first fights - involuntary reductions of muscles of a uterus - before full disclosure of a neck of a uterus and is the most long. During this period under the influence of fights the uterus neck reveals. At pervorodyashchy it makes from 8 to 10 hours, and at povtornorodyashchy - 6 - 7 hours.

In the second period exile of a fruit from a uterus begins p. As a result of reduction of a uterus the head of the baby falls to a basin cavity, reaches the bottom of a basin and begins to press on a rectum. Muscles of an abdominal tension are reduced: it attempts join fights. Increase in intra belly pressure helps the kid to be born. Exile, as a rule, continues 1 - 2 hour at first labor, and at repeated it lasts less than an hour.

the Third period of childbirth comes to an end with

after the birth of an afterbirth which is expelled from a uterus by means of fights and attempts. Duration of this period - till 30 minutes, in the course of patrimonial activity of the woman can feel pain of various degree of expressiveness and differently react to them. But there are ways by means of which the woman in labor can reduce manifestations of temporary discomfort. So, many women note that at a certain position of a body they test smaller morbidity, and usually they decide what pose is for them more convenient. Except the choice of a pose, the woman can operate the breath, use various techniques of relaxation, massage. It is also called free behavior at the time of delivery.

the Choice of a convenient pose

At change of position of a body of the woman in labor happens change of a ratio of forces operating on the reduced uterus, a fruit and bones of a basin that can lead to fast progressing of patrimonial activity and decrease in pain.

Vertical position. at the beginning of childbirth when fights only appeared, circulation improves a uterus sokratimost, being prevention of weakness of patrimonial activity When opening of a neck of a uterus already considerable, circulation creates optimum conditions for advance of a fruit on patrimonial ways. Vertical position does not interfere with carrying out monitor supervision over a condition of mother and a fruit (for example, kardiotokografiya) and, if necessary, to intravenous drop administration of medicines through a plastic catheter. For reduction of discomfortable feelings poses with “hang“ on a crossbeam, on a back of a bed, a chair, on a window sill can be also used. At painful contractions head pressure on kresttsovo - the podvzdoshny joint can be weakened at acceptance a knee - an elbow pose or at position of the woman lying on one side.

Sitting position. At the time of delivery can sit on a big ball (fitball). When opening of a neck of a uterus already full it is also necessary to accelerate advance of a fruit on patrimonial ways, the pose on cards with the knees divorced in the parties can be used. Comfortably, if such ball is inflated not up to the end. It is also possible to sit on a toilet bowl. On any other (rigid) surface it is impossible to sit as it interferes with advance of a head on patrimonial ways.

“to be disconnected“ by

from pain...

Many methods of decrease in pain involve in process consciousness of the person by concentration or derivation of attention that is designated as “disconnection of a brain from pain“. Concentration of attention can be reached by performance by the woman in labor of the purposeful actions including special technology of breath, speech exercises, focusing on visual, sound and tactile irritants. Switching of attention is a passive form of concentration of attention, at this technique it is possible to use various external incentives: the TV, walk on territories of delivery room, conversation with other people.

Prone position. If the woman feels lying more comfortably, situation on one side is more preferable. It is not recommended to lie on a back during pregnancy and childbirth as in this case the uterus squeezes the lower hollow vein, limiting inflow of blood to heart. The blood-groove in kidneys, a uterus and a placenta is as a result broken, arterial pressure can decrease, develop dizziness and come loss of consciousness.

you Can try to lay down sideways and to enclose a ball under a hand or to sit down and enclose a ball under a back. As you can see, it is possible to find a convenient pose by means of a ball. If such poses are for you not comfortable, then just go, bend, squat, be trampled down.


It is given birth... under music

At the time of delivery can listen to pleasant music which in itself can be the additional factor promoting derivation of attention. She creates the pleasant and calming atmosphere, promotes establishment of rhythmical breath, reduces stress and improves effect of other methods of anesthesia. It is possible to use nature sounds, singing of birds, Vivaldi`s music, Mozart or any melodies, pleasant for you.
the Cold, heat, water

Action of heat, cold, water on pain receptors, and also the physiological reactions arising in response to cooling and warming can lead

to reduction of pain indirectly.

Warming of integuments can be provided to

by means of various warm objects, such as bottles with hot water, hot damp towels, warm blankets, a bathtub, a shower. Cooling is reached when using a bubble with ice, the towels moistened in cold water.

At the time of delivery to sit on a big ball it is comfortable if it is inflated not up to the end.

Application of warm compresses on the lower part of a stomach, on area of a groin or crotch, warming of all body a blanket or the appendix of a bubble with ice on area of a waist or crotch considerably are reduced by pain at some women. For anesthesia it is possible to use water. At the same time in the form of sources of water the shower, a bathtub, a jacuzzi and special “maternity pools“ are used. It is not recommended to be in water at the time of delivery in need of carrying out continuous monitoring of a condition of a fruit as in water it is impossible to remove KTG. It should be noted that hydrotherapy in a bathtub can be used to an izlitiya of amniotic waters, from - for dangers of development of infectious complications.

Use of heat, cold, water and pose at the time of delivery needs to be coordinated with the doctor or the midwife.


Can put constant pressure a fist, a wrist or some firm subject upon area of a sacrum or lateral surfaces of hips during fight. This technique at severe pains in a waist and a sacrum is especially effective. It is possible to carry out massage of rodostimuliruyushchy points also: between big and index fingers of hands; at the basis of little fingers of legs; on an ankle, on lateral surfaces of an Achilles tendon (it begins from a heel and passes into a gastrocnemius muscle). The technique consists in application of deep massage or pressure upon these points finger-tips, nails or a palm.

the Relaxation

methods of relaxation At the time of delivery will be useful to p. Try to imagine the kid: its blue eyes, long eyelashes, chubby cheeks, sponges. Smile to it and present that he smiles to you. Talk to it mentally. Tell what you did today that was seen, tell how you love it, you wait and you believe in him. Tell it and yourself that at you everything will be good that everything will turn out that you will cope with everything.

Use auto-suggestion formulas. You speak to yourself:“ I am quiet. Fights - a sign of normal patrimonial activity. Gradually they will amplify. Breath at me equal and deep. Muscles are relaxed. Fight will end now, and I will have a rest“.

Breathe correctly!

Along with the relaxation and other methods facilitating a condition of the woman in labor, correctly organized breath with a certain frequency and depth reduces pain.

your ability is correct to breathe has huge value for health of the child during childbirth. During fight when the uterus is reduced, he receives less oxygen and suffers from it. So far fights long and not really frequent, it is deeply necessary to breathe in order that blood was well saturated with oxygen. When fights become more intensive, at the beginning of fight take several deep breaths and exhalations, and at its increase you pass to superficial breath.

the “Delicate“ problem

At the time of delivery needs to go each hour to a toilet. The bladder is between a pubic bone and the child`s head, and from - for pressure you can not feel requirements to empty a bladder, however when you make it, it will become a little easier for you to cope with fights. Besides, the filled bladder can slow down advance of the child.

the First type of breath (it still often call “slow“). This breath with a ratio of phases a breath / exhalation 1:2). The first type of breath is ideally suited to start fights, and sometimes they can breathe also throughout all childbirth. Every time at the beginning of fight needs to be made a deep exhalation, then a full breath. The same is upon termination of fight.

Second type of breath. With development of patrimonial activity as intensity of fights increases, and intervals between them become less, many giving birth women harder and harder appear to breathe the first type of breath. There is a requirement to breathe often and superficially - “like a dog“. It is the second type of breath. Scheme of breath following: between fights - the first type, at the beginning of fight the deep exhalation, then a full breath, and then frequent and superficial breath, language is pressed to alveoluses of upper teeth. At the end of fight breath becomes more rare: the maximum exhalation - a deep full breath - and again breath of the first type.

Third type of breath. This type of breath does not meet in usual life. He is used when the head of the born child falls down, and there is a wish to make an effort already, but it is impossible from - that the uterus neck not up to the end opened or a head of a fruit still very highly. Of course, it is possible to behave uneasily and to shout: it is really difficult period of childbirth. But think here of what: we shout on an exhalation, the breath at the same time is shortened, so oxygen does not come to lungs, and to blood including in placentary, deficiency of oxygen increases. The kid at the same time begins to suffer. Therefore it is better to breathe, distracting themselves from excessively emotional perception of the events especially as duration of this period is small, at most 10 - 15 minutes, and fights last no more than 60 seconds with a break 2 - 3 minutes. How to breathe to distract? Beginning of fight usual: the maximum exhalation - a deep full breath; then breath becomes frequent and becomes superficial; rub - four superficial breaths need to be finished an intensive exhalation or to blow sharply through the lips extended in a tubule. It is very important to consider:“ Time, two, three, exhaled; time, two, three, exhaled“. If carefully to watch it, then there is no time to shout just. Between fights try to relax as much as possible.

At last the head of the kid passed the lower uterine segment and fell by a pelvic bottom. At this moment the one and only desire - to make an effort will seize you. Here the free behavior is already inadmissible - it is necessary to listen attentively to wishes and teams of medical personnel.