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What is happiness of

I Will begin from far away... I always not that did not love children, but was indifferent to them though at the same time I always managed to find with them a common language.

With the husband we together for a long time (years 8) and when we were asked about that, “well when you will get kids“, we answered “later“. Most I insisted on it “later“! Small children at me were always associated with problems. No, I, of course, knew that this happiness, but for me this happiness was some semi-mythical, and problems and cares quite real.

But in the fall of 2007 the husband realized rapidity of our life and decided that he urgently wants the successor. I resisted not for long - the husband at us the head of the family! Well we also began to do this successor! And the husband was unambiguously sure that we will have a son, he just did not allow other thought! (as in a joke - “... - boy? - no! - and who??!!!“ ).

we “Did“ to

it not for long - about five months. At first very much were nervous and were upset when there came the next critical days. Then hammered, relaxed and just enjoyed process! Therefore I paid attention to absence of “those“ days not at once. And when came round that there is nothing any more very long ago - there were (as then it became clear) 7 weeks! Well, I made the test and long stupidly stared at it, without believing in the events and that it with me! Then just in case photographed (suddenly I have a glitch, or the second strip will resolve).


to the husband and went to HGCh - well and then it became already clear that nothing will resolve. Reaction of the husband was rather sluggish (probably realized). Told future grandmothers - to grandfathers, everything, of course were delighted, and my father told:“ Wait to rejoice, suddenly something will not turn out“. It was unexpectedly superstitious!

Well, I did not suffer from superstitions therefore I all pregnancy bought up any children`s hogwash! And, by the way, correctly did! As, having arrived home from maternity hospital, understood what I am a good fellow that everything is ready, all is and it is not necessary to run in panic on children`s shops and it is good that it was not necessary to do it to mothers - grandmothers and the husband - figs will please me! But, having only given rise, I understood that on 20 pieces of diapers and 15 baby`s undershirts are excesses as diapers it was required to us pieces 5, and baby`s undershirts in general were the most confused clothes what can be thought up - dressed once!

Pregnancy washing

proceeded without problems - on preservation lay once with small hypostases (and that it is guilty - it was necessary to be wound on the city less, and to behave as the decent pregnant woman!) .

Already the second ultrasonography (in 17 weeks) showed that will be, as well as ordered papanya, - the boy! Well of course, to happiness of the husband there was no limit! It went terribly proud! But unexpectedly in the middle of pregnancy he wanted the girl! Just often little girls (children of acquaintances - relatives) who looked at it with an innocent girlish smile occurred in the path and severe male heart thawed! So probably we still will return to maternity hospital - for the daughter!

at the end of term at me the notorious instinct of nesting happened. I zadolbat repair of the husband and the mother-in-law, in hardware stores I began to be recognized, I, probably, funny looked with the basket filled with brushes - rollers and with a paunch atilt. Except repair I wanted to manage “to be developed“ - it seemed to me that when I give rise to that for a long time I will sit down within four walls. Therefore we went on guests, cafe, cinema. And in 5 days prior to childbirth went to celebrate a wedding anniversary of friends to Abinsk, on the nature, back I in addition went driving. However, none of our relatives then knew about this trip - and that would be beaten! Generally, the pregnant woman I was not absolutely normal.

On Wednesday, November 19 I went to maternity hospital to a meeting to the doctor, the term of childbirth to me the first was delivered on November 7, then 10, then 14... Well, already all terms passed, and to the boy probably and there it was good! The doctor looked at me and told that I will go some more days.

in the Evening nothing portended to

trouble - the husband collected a case, I sorted boxes after repair. The stomach began to ache. But as similarly it ached more than once, I did not pay special attention. But it did not stop aching! When the back began to hurt, and the stomach ceased, I remembered the story someone from girls that at fights the back bottom hurt, and the stomach at all and is not present. Noted time - but intervals were some irregular. Well, I think, you never know it can be, in maternity hospital I do not want yet - not everything sorted boxes! Ha!

About 9 in the evening feelings were such as if at me the tail grew and for it pull from all force! The husband all this time is strange looked at me and asked: “Well, already we give birth?“ I tried to laugh the matter off that it is training. When began to howl - decided to go to maternity hospital. Leaving, told the mother-in-law that it yet not “that“ and I will return soon.

This night. Because when the next fight began and I began to break handles at the car, the husband began to be nervous very strongly. Were pair of red traffic lights and continuous, but any gibddeshnik, it is even offensive - it would be desirable to look at their reaction! Arrived to the 5th maternity hospital, came into an accident ward, the husband came with me and all tried to remain when it began to show the door.

my doctor Came, looked - and disclosure of only 3 cm. Here then I terribly and urgently wanted back home! It was already so sick, and only 3 cm! Well standard procedures, registration, farewell to the husband are farther (as forever) and upward, in rodzat! There it is even more terrible - cold, around shout, and it is unclear how many it will proceed! Though promised that by the morning I will give rise.

of Water at me is not sent, the doctor made fetal covers a helpless gesture, waters were transparent. And here it that it became clear began - before there was so, a hogwash! When there were fights, I was helped by a dropper - her iron leg was attached to a bed, and I tried to bend it, from it it was easier. And here I something was not impressed with a chair with a hole. When, at last, time to go on a chair came, I decided that over me scoff - I could not move but only I lay on one side and quietly howled. By the way, loudly I did not want to shout for some reason and it was could not - it was so even more sick. But on a chair I together was set up... Also began! Stories about notorious “were remembered crap!“ - I heard this magic word too. During attempts of a povydiral to herself hair also bit a hand. When the head seemed, to me allowed to touch it - terrible feeling if it is honest! There were many attempts, but the head did not pass itself - whether there were not enough my forces, whether made an effort poorly. Made a section, and it was in all labor not the most not sick, but mending then. After a section my boy, at last, practically took off from me!

to me was put on a stomach of the son and told to hold! Strange feeling - there is no pain any more, on a stomach something unclear, small, slippery! Here so at 7:15 on November 20, 2008 my boy was born. Then the midwife took to process it, and the doctor began to process me - an afterbirth, to sew up etc. And my head was turned there where my boy lay! As he bitterly cried, I felt so sorry for him, and I asked all the time why he cries.

When me was put in postnatal chamber and handed my treasure. I at last made out it! It was surprisingly rozovenky, very nice and such big (4260 gr. and 56 cm) - and how it in me was located?! To me helped to put it to a breast. He so strongly stuck at once, I remember, it very much surprised me - he had to endure so much! I long examined it and smiled, there were no wish to sleep at all. And behind a window there was very bright solar morning and the blue sky! From yesterday`s heavy rain there were only pools! There came new day and new life!

Now when my treasure sleeps two steps away from me, I am surprised how I could not want children so long! If I knew what this happiness earlier, I, probably, would become pregnant years in 18! It dread to think that if the husband did not insist, then this miracle would not be!


A - they, of course, are and will be, but when he smiles to me at 7 in the morning the happy toothless smile - all discontent with early awakening disappears somewhere? Also there is a passionate desire to smother with caresses, rain kisses on this small chudushko and to make for it everything that he will want! It turned out that happiness is just a smile of your child!