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Time? It is not time?



“When he will be born?“ - you think, looking at the fairly rounded tummy and attentively listening to what occurs in you. It would seem, it is already time to go to maternity hospital, but here came 40 - I am week, and you still do not notice any signs of the coming childbirth. So there passes day, two, three... seven. Probably, to the kid it is so good and cozy in you that he does not want to be born yet. What to do?

we Will verify calculations

First of all you need to see a doctor. Together with it you once again determine the estimated term of childbirth: this calculation can be made, being guided for the first day of the last periods, on the first stir of the child (if you become a mother for the first time, you will feel it on 20 - y to week of pregnancy if the second or third - on 18 - y to week), on data of ultrasonic scanning.

of If perenoshenny pregnancy is followed by various “the aggravating circumstances“: for example, future mother is more senior than 30 years and it is her first labor, or the child settled down “incorrectly“ (legs or buttocks forward), doctors will prefer to make by her Cesarean section, without waiting for the beginning of childbirth.

Besides, it is possible to calculate the term of childbirth and the number of weeks of pregnancy on usual or according to a special round calendar of pregnancy which, by the way, was published in the Happy Parents magazine (fall of 1999). Perhaps, as a result of calculations you will find a mistake in the term of the pregnancy, and then you should wait for the beginning of fights patiently... But if estimated date nevertheless was quite exact, you will need to pass small inspection.

At first the doctor will examine you and will listen to heartbeat of the child, then will send for ultrasonic research which will help to define a condition of the kid, his growth, weight, and also amount of amniotic waters and extent of aging of a placenta. It is known that to 36 - 37 - y to week growth of a placenta stops and by the end of pregnancy its thickness makes about 3,3 - 3,6 cm. In other words, the placenta “grows old“: it becomes thinner and cannot supply the child with necessary amount of oxygen any more. From - for it the kid lacks for oxygen - a hypoxia (it is defined, listening to heartbeat of a fruit, and confirm the diagnosis by means of cardiomonitor research). Then, by the end of pregnancy, the amount of amniotic waters decreases and if the woman “perekhazhivat“ the term, then, most likely, during ultrasonography doctors will find in it lack of water.

you already wait for

So if the term of your pregnancy of 41 - 42 weeks and, listening to heartbeat of the child, the doctor suspected a hypoxia, and data of BONDS - scannings showed the big weight of the kid, lack of water and the third (last) degree of a maturity of a placenta, then can make you the preliminary diagnosis “perenoshenny pregnancy“ and will suggest to go to hospitalization to maternity hospital for further inspection.

of of Perenoshennaya pregnancy most often occurs at women with the reduced function of ovaries.

What is perenoshenny pregnancy? Experts speak about it if the kid is not born during ten - fourteen days after the estimated term of childbirth and this expectation comes to an end with the child`s birth with perenoshennost signs (dense bones of a skull, narrow seams and fontanels on a head, there is not enough greasing on skin) and the “grown old“ placenta. Perenoshenny pregnancy most often occurs at women with the reduced function of ovaries. The main reason for “delay“ of childbirth - a lack of hormones which prepare an organism for appearance of the kid on light. To bring closer the beginning of childbirth, to the woman appoint hormonal therapy. For this purpose during five - seven days to it estrogen or special gel which contains hormones prostaglandins enter missing hormones (in twelve hours prior to the planned childbirth). If at the time of delivery which in this case are called programmed there are complications, doctors should do to the woman Cesarean section. Why? Usually at perenoshenny pregnancy the child is born large, his head cannot change a form any more to pass through patrimonial ways, from - for what the mother`s basin is for it too narrow and the risk of a patrimonial trauma increases. The Perenoshenny kid is born weighing 4000 - 4500 g, dense bones of a skull and narrow fontanels. It is not enough first-born protective greasing on skin of the newborn or absolutely not therefore he is born with the “bathing“ (wrinkled) piles and palms. At survey of an afterbirth it becomes clear that an umbilical cord “lean“, and a placenta - too thin. Besides, the child who was not born in time begins “to become overripe“ in mother`s womb: its bodies and the central nervous system continue to develop, but in a different way as it “is meant“ that the kid was already born. His more developed brain becomes more sensitive to shortage of oxygen, and from - for it danger of various complications appears.

That is why should not wait for the beginning of childbirth of the house and to refuse hospitalization in maternity hospital if there are suspicions that the kid is late with birth. It is much better to ask for the help doctors in time and to avoid possible problems with health of the long-awaited kid!