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Not dark night, kids! We choose lamps to the nursery of

As light in a nursery plays a special role, it is important that all lamps were picked correctly up here. They will create the comfortable atmosphere for the kid, will help it easier to fall asleep - without tears and nightmares.

“Looking in a ceiling...“

Lighting in a nursery, as well as in any other, begins

with the general ceiling light. Of course, is the most organic “children`s“ ceiling lamp which will serve not only an element of the general decor will fit into children`s space, but also to answer a number of requirements.

So, it is necessary to consider that newborns spend the most part of time lying, so, their eye will be involuntarily fixed up, on a chandelier. That is why bright lamps with open lamps or the direct light beam directed down are inadmissible. The general illumination of a nursery has to be sufficient, but at the same time soft and unostentatious that the baby did not feel concern and irritation, and its eyes were not exposed to the blinding action of lamps. With the same purpose the bed and a pelenalny little table should be placed away from the ceiling lamp. For nurseries lamps are presented in the following assortment.

Suspended lamps - suspensions with lamp shades and chandeliers, choosing which should be guided by height of ceilings and to consider growth of members of household. Suspensions of children`s design are most often calculated on one svetotochka, and many of them allow adjustment on placement height - mother at any time at discretion can lower the lamp shade below or raise higher the simple movement hands that is very convenient. Lamp shades are made of paper, fabric, plastic. Plastic the easiest to keep clean as they can be washed.

However (especially in the markets) should approaching

their purchase with care: some of them, heating up, can exhale an unpleasant “chemical“ smell. From the point of view of hygiene the lamp shade design which allows to remove easily from a framework fabric for washing is convenient. For nurseries lamp shades in the form of the multi-colored “Chinese small lamps“ decorated by amusing patterns, applications and suspended toys are offered. There are models in the form of the balloon under which the basket with the aeronaut - a bear cub settles down. The lamp shade - a hemisphere can turn into an umbrella which is held, for example, by a small fish, or in a parachute on which the clown goes down.

“Children`s“ chandeliers have

from one to three svetotochek, their plafonds (as option) the multi-colored hand bells or water-lilies directed up can represent. Also chandeliers with plafonds - the spheres which are completely closing a bulb will approach. You should not hang up in a chandelier nursery which plafonds are directed down, and also with suspension brackets from glass or crystal. Of course, they are beautiful, are poured and sparkle in all flowers of a rainbow that cannot but interest the baby. But nevertheless patches of light, a play of light and shadows can tire and overexcite kids. By the way, to chandeliers with plafonds from metal and plastic, unlike glass, the balls and other toys thrown by the child in a game fuse to a ceiling are not terrible.

Dispersion of the prices of chandeliers and suspensions very big. The most available - productions of Russia, Belarus. China. Poland, Turkey - can buy for only 500 - 800 rub. Suspensions with lamp shades from 100% cotton of the Italian trademarks Pali, ItalBaby, Erbesi, Baby Expert cost about 2500 - 3800 rub, ceiling lamps with wooden elements from Haba (Germany) will cost 3500 - 6000 rub

to Mother on a note

the Switch with the built-in svetoregulyator - a dimmer - will allow to change easily intensity of the general lighting in the room: to do light, depending on a situation, more brightly or more dimly. Besides functional convenience, use of a dimmer also is economic: he allows to achieve reduction of an expense of the electric power, prolongs service life of lamps and often allows to do without additional sources of the muffled light: desk lamps, floor lamps and night lamps. It is possible to operate lighting rotation of the rotary button or pressing of a key. But, perhaps, the most convenient switch for a nursery is the switch equipped with the remote control: it is possible to switch on and off light, to change its brightness silently and without getting out of a bed (good help for mother). The price of the simplest dimmer with remote control (for example, ANAM firms) begins from 1650 rub. More expensive models have function of the programmable timer (Bedtime) thanks to which the light is automatically turned off through the set period - 30, 60, 90 minutes. Therefore it is possible not to worry that light will remain included and after all fell asleep. The Crime Prevention function is useful when owners on a trip: the switch will create effect of their presence, according to the put program periodically switching on and off light. Attention!“ Intellectual“ the switch demands professional installation.

At pripotolochny chandeliers (they settle down on a short bar directly under a ceiling) light sources from below are closed by big glass “plate“ which can quite be “sun“, “flower“ with the bee who sat down on it or “a sky piece“ with clouds and flying on it samoletiky. One more option - the laid on ceiling lamp (round, square, rectangular) which fastens directly to a ceiling. On the lower party multi-colored florets, fantastic or animation heroes and plots can be represented. The main advantage of such lamps - the bulbs closed from eyes of the kid, the comfortable light scattered or reflected from a ceiling and the low price - on average from 350 - 700 rub

More and more popular become ceiling spotlights and ceiling rail lamps on conducting tires. They represent the lighting system consisting of one or several light sources fixed on the basis (rail) of various configuration (along a straight line, around, on a spiral, wavy, etc.) which can be turned to focus light beams in different directions (as theatrical stages). In children`s option spotlights can be presented in the form of multi-colored small lamps, florets, bees, samoletik, butterflies.

Feature of lamps on conducting tires that their small searchlights can also be moved along a rail. All this does possible regulation of streams of light, directing them according to own needs. For example, to turn off bulbs from a crib, having directed a beam to a wall a ceiling or to light the workplace. Such lamp in the room of the grown-up children who are already able to go will be especially pertinent. With its help it is possible to divide conditionally the nursery, having allocated with light game and working zones, having a little darkened and having softened sleeping. Similar lamps from Massive (Belgium), Eglo and Esto (Austria), Alfa and Techno - lux (Poland), cost about 1500 - 3500 rub and above. The ceiling three-lamp lamp with spotlights - small fishes “Krip“ from Ikea costs about 700 rub

Cozy light

the Second light source in the nursery the lamp of local lighting creating the special cosiness filling the room with the weak muffled light is, nevertheless, sufficient to be prepared for a dream, to change clothes of the kid at night and if it is necessary, then to prepare for the baby a small bottle, to give it medicine, to esteem a little before going to bed, and when awakening not to strain an eye (the and the child) inclusion of a bright ceiling light. Desk lamps, wall lamps (sconce) and floor lamps (floor lamps) which, in addition, serve also as decoration of the room cope with all these tasks. Producers of goods for children include them in the series of furniture and accessories for a nursery along with curtains, covers, bedding etc. Sometimes they go complete with the ceiling lamp. The general subject, the general design, the general color execution, the general materials allow to keep integrity of an interior, having stood him in uniform style. It is convenient when lamps, a sconce and floor lamps have an opportunity to regulate brightness of light and to change a corner of an orientation of a light stream. In a sconce and desk lamps it is reached at the expense of the flexible legs holding plafonds. Desk lamps and a sconce are quite available at the price, beginning from 500 - 700 rub

Floor lamps can be added with the small lamp which is “branching off“ from its basis for reading, and some of them can change lamp shade height level. It is non-standard when the floor lamp for a nursery is presented, for example, in the form of a flower. So, the lamp - a bouquet from three “sunflowers“ of the Austrian Eglo trademark costs about 5000 rub, to it it is possible to get the same design a desk lamp (1400 rub) and a sconce (1100 rub) ; the floor lamp - a tulip from Ikea costs about 3000 rub, floor lamps from collections of accessories of nurseries from Pali cost 3950 rub, a floor lamp from Creazioni Franca (Italy) on the basis of which there is a soft bear cub in a pizhamka, will cost 8500 rub. Classical floor lamps which lamp shades are made of fabric (including with children`s motives) can be bought for 800 - 1500 rub

the Table, wall or floor lamp is better to have in close proximity to the pelenalny place or own bed, slightly at some distance from a crib. Advantage of a sconce is that they do not take the place in the room at all. But floor lamps and desk lamps can quickly change an installation site. If on design of the lamp the bulb remains open, then it is necessary to use only low-watt lamps from the matirovanny or painted by light-scattering paints glass.

Night without fears

holds a Specific place in a nursery the night lamp giving very weak even dim, light - as a rule, soft white, yellow, blue, green. The night lamp is supposed to be placed about a bed of the kid or even on it. It drives away fear of darkness from the child, to it is more quietly fallen asleep with a night lamp and if the bad dream dreams at night, then light of a night lamp will quickly return woken up the baby in reality. He will see that he is at home, in native walls, in the bed, near mother, so, him has nothing to be afraid.

the nochnichok serves In the dark room also as a reference point. To feed the child, to swaddle him, to cover, correct a blanket, to find the baby`s dummy which dropped out of a mouth in a bed, to look at the watch - even at night at mother many cares. Nochnichok with the muffled light will allow to do all this, without disturbing a dream of the kid.

the Range of children`s night lamps is huge

. They are subdivided on desktop, wall, nakrovatny (work from batteries), plug.

Desktop night lamps are not only traditional lamp with the cone-shaped lamp shade. It can be the shining lodge, a cactus in a pot, figures of animals, birds and fairy tale characters. And if it is about a lamp, then it is often decorated with soft toys (for example, the sleeping bear cub or the hare), under the lamp shade toy subject scenery are developed: the machines which parked on the basis of a lamp, a forest lodge to which the Little Red Riding Hood hurries with the Wolf, Emelya on an oven, a rural court yard with a mill a doll - the ballerina giving hands to the tin tell-tale, etc.

Wall night lamps are and smiling month, and the amusing asterisk, a butterfly or a ladybug who sat down on a wall. It is necessary to place a sconce so that light from lamps did not fall down and did not stick together the baby, and the wire would be inaccessible for it. The prices of desktop and wall night lamps fluctuate from 150 to 3000 rub and above. For example, wooden wall nochnichka from Haba (Germany) will manage (depending on model) from 1800 to 6000 rub, desk lamps from Creazioni Franca cost 1800 - 3700 rub

the Majority of beautiful and amusing lamps of toy design can quite be bought for 700 - 1000 rub. Separately it is worth allocating it is decorative which besides the direct function will interest the child also the action. For example, the kid can long and is bewitched to look at the lamp - an aquarium, watching how in the illuminated flask with glycerin multi-colored brilliant small fishes or pieces of a foil slowly “float“. Such contemplation works ubayukivayushche, and the baby falls asleep. Also rotating table lamps give effect of an aquarium. Heating up under the influence of heat allocated by a lamp, the lamp shade with the small fishes drawn on it, seaweed and an underwater landscape begins to rotate smoothly, creating illusion of floating small fishes. The “aquariums“ made in Russia and China depending on model, cost from 350 to 1500 rub. Also “magic spheres“ in which lightning discharges sparkle are interesting. A musical desk lamp “Mushroom“ from Chicco (1800 rub) “works“ at night with soft bedside illumination (for this purpose better to include it in a network), and in the afternoon - it is musical - a light toy on batteries to exclude contact of the kid with wires. The lamp accompanied by lighting effects reproduces wildlife sounds, cheerful music and the calming melody lullabies and to strengthen light brightness, it is enough to lift pressing the button a mushroom hat.

cannot worry About wires if to buy to the nursery a night lamp - a plug which is inserted directly into the socket (costs from 150 - 300 rub) . On an entertainment plastic animals, geometrical figures, asterisks, a soccerball, the smiling muzzle (smilie), the illuminated “cheerful pictures“ are offered kids... Night lamps with low-power bulbs of a dim luminescence can remain included all night long, practically without heating up. Some night lamps are supplied with the special sensors doing them more convenient in use. So, the night lamp with a photo cell (500 - 800 rub) independently joins in twilight and is switched off when becomes light-. A night lamp with the motion sensor (550 - 900 rub) joins, having reacted to movements in the room (coverage radius to 5 m) and in a few minutes after the movements end, it is independently switched off. Such operating mode of a night lamp will be very useful to mother: the soft light will be turned on automatically when she gets up to approach a crib, and will be switched off after it returns to the bed. When the kid grows up, the night lamp will light to it the road to a toilet, being automatically switched off after its return.


Especially for babies offer the night lamps reacting to a sound. As a rule, they work at batteries and take place in close proximity to a bed or on its side. If the kid began to cry at night, then the built-in sensor of a sound will turn on a soft diffused light which will burn until the baby does not calm down. In a few minutes after the silence was established, the light will automatically be turned off.

Musical night lamps - the real night nurses. They answer concern of the child not only light, but also music, automatically including a silent and pleasant lullaby a melody which will help the kid to distract from tears quicker to fall asleep. The wide choice of the night lamps able “to hear“ is offered by the Care trademark (China) for 550 - 700 rub, the night lamp price “Hare“ from Philips (Netherlands) - 750 rub. The musical night lamp from the Baby Home series from Tefal (France) costs 1600 rub and works by the same principle:“ having heard“ crying of the child, it turns on the light and a quiet melody. Its main difference - a possibility of program control. Mother herself chooses brightness of a luminescence of a night lamp and determines time after occurrence of silence (3, 10, 20 minutes) after which the light has to be turned off. Thanks to the built-in handle, the night lamp can be used in the mode of a lamp and as the shining toy.

One more type of night lamps for the smallest - the lamp - the projector which is fixed on a side of a bed and under a gentle melody projects light images on a ceiling or on a wall. Lying in a bed, the kid with interest will watch the pictures shining and replacing each other under music. The soft diffused light and a quiet melody of “a magic lamp“ do not work annoyingly and are specially calculated on inspriyaty newborn babies. It is and still better if there is a possibility of adjustment of intensity of light, volumes of sound (or its full shutdown) and frequencies of the movement of pictures, and also the choice of sound fragments (melodies or sounds of the nature).

of the Price of infantile light organ installation will depend on its options. For example, the English firm Tomy offers projectors from 850 rub (“Winnie-the-Pooh“) to 1700 rub (“Asterisk“, “A magic disk“). A lot of things the night lamp - Mamma Lullaby projector from Chicco (1700 rub) is able. It automatically joins if the kid began to cry, function of an audio recording and reproduction allows a night lamp “to talk“ to the child in the absence of mother by her voice. When the kid is awake, the night lamp serves him as the musical game panel. A night lamp - a projector “The musical lamp“ from Jane (Spain) costs 1300 rub, complete with a night lamp - a projector “Asterisk“ of the American Fisher Price trademark (1500 rub) there are three cartridges with various figures which will be projected on a ceiling, a wall or a side of a bed. For the smallest (0 - 3 months) the cartridge with the elementary geometrical figures, from 3 to 6 months - a cartridge with the sun, month, a floret and a spiral is recommended. Also is more senior than kids of 6 months for certain will interest the multi-colored star “sky“ included mother.

They it can do


Multipurpose lamps have additional opportunities. So, anti-mosquito night lamps - a plug from Brevi (680 rub) and Care (450 rub) except the lighting function also frighten off mosquitoes, generating a special sound signal which insects do not maintain. A player for a cradle with the built-in night lamp “Sweet Dreams“ from Philips (1700 rub) it is suspended to a bed side. It reproduces a heart beat sound, noise of the murmuring water, a lullaby the melody and any other sounds which are written down by parents. A night lamp from Chicco “Turtle“ (4800 rub) has CD - the player on which it is possible to reproduce for the kid disks with the weakening music, lullabies melodies and songs or his favourite fairy tales. The lulling “Magic lamp“ of Chicco has the tumbler toys form, softly rocking, it fills the room with light and sounds, affects children umirotvoryayushche. The lamp has 5 lighting effects which are combined with melodies and sounds of the nature. Kids very much like noise of a sea surf and the muffled light of the shaken lamp, the baby calms down and is imperceptible for itself falls asleep. The Nakrovatny lamp - a flower with a thermosensor from Baby Baby (Hong Kong) shines with the changing light, reproduces 6 musical melodies and 3 options of sounds of the nature, and also traces temperature and humidity of air in a nursery: data of the thermometer and a hygrometer are output to the display. The wooden floor lamp from Baby Expert (Italy) is at the same time a floor lamp, the height meter and a refined element of a decor of the nursery. The lamp costs 7700 rub, represents an ancient streetlight under which two bear cubs play.

as it is impossible for

In a nursery by the way desktop fountainlet with illumination, and also the floor or table decorative lamp - a bowl with function of a humidifier is necessary. Besides, function of a night lamp is in some models of radio nurses and electronic mobiles with suspended toys. Soft illumination along with vibration and musical function is available in the cradles and beds supplied with the electronic block.

So, the multipurpose ultrasonic humidifier in the form of a penguin of MIS - 5000 from Bionics (Korea) along with moistening of air in the room works also as the aero ionizer, fragrance, and also as the decorative multi-color lamp equipped with four light filters: green, red, blue and white. It is possible to establish concrete color of a luminescence or to use the mode of smooth change of color of a luminescence. The price of “Penguin“ - 3900 rub. The big range of interior fountainlets and decorative humidifiers with beautiful illumination offer the German trademarks Seliger, Prisma, Heissner. For example, humidifiers of Seliger and Heissner in the form of the shining bowls from which clubs of cool fog proceed cost about 2800 - 3500 rub. Shining pass - fountainlets in the form of jugs from which a stream water from Prisma and Seliger flows and murmurs can be bought from 1800 - 3000 rub. The lamp - the fountain in the form of a desk lamp with the lamp shade and a rural landscape in the basis from Prisma is cost by about 2500 - 3000 rub. It is convenient that light and water supply can be included both together, and separately. Well will be suitable for a nursery inexpensive subject pass - the fountains with amusing “toy“ figures of young frogs, ducklings, gnomes and also executed in the form of fantastic lodges and mills. Such “murmuring“ lamps - night lamps of the Chinese producers of SeaFont and FIT will manage from 600 to 2500 rub.

Besides, function of a night lamp is in some models of radio nurses and electronic mobiles with suspended toys. Soft illumination along with vibration and musical function is available in the cradles and beds supplied with the electronic block.