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12 main mistakes when rendering the urgent help

it is necessary to give First aid quickly and correctly. And both words are key here: sometimes delay of death is similar, and it is sometimes better to do nothing, than to make and do much harm.

Why with first aid not always everything passes

smoothly? Because it is usually rendered by nonprofessionals. All of us heard something about plaits, bandagings and tires, but quite often in memory there are quite approximate data on how and when these need to use. As a result plaits are imposed at several o`clock, and indirect massage of heart is carried out directly on the broken victim`s ribs to road accident.

the Top - 12 mistakes in first-aid treatment
  1. of Excess stirs

    : victims in road accident and fallen from height before arrival of the ambulance can only be touched if where they lie, it is dangerous to be physically (the burning house or the car, the tilted tree, the arriving water, etc.) . The rule “do not move and do not overturn the victim without vital need“ is written by the blood and ink outputting the scary word “disability“. It is enough to tell that rescuers sometimes prefer to disassemble the car around the victim, than to violently pull out it from there.
    does not need to pull also once again people with suspicion on a heart attack or a stroke. Such person should not go to a hospital on shank`s mare with support, he needs to be carried on a stretcher. Otherwise “campaign“ can cost to it very much.

  2. Reposition of “dislocations“
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  3. that the victim has a dislocation, and are going to set it. Stop! Ask yourself a simple question: whether X-rays are capable to let out your eyes? If the answer “yes“, then to you in the Nobel committee or in the nearest psychiatric hospital. In other cases (in the conditions other than a taiga or the desert) it is impossible to set independently what is similar to dislocation. Because even the skilled doctor will not risk to measure such trauma by eye. Adequate actions in a similar situation: the injured extremity to immobilize, call “ambulance“ and to go to emergency station.
    Now about immobilization. Overlaying of tires is not a primatyvaniye of the broken hand to a direct stick. If decided to be engaged in imposing of the improvised tire, keep in mind: the extremity cannot be straightened violently! It is bandaged as is - in current the situation, most convenient for the victim, so that not only the place of a change, but also two, and in certain cases three next joints was immobilized.
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  5. the Inept zhgutovaniye
    At a stop of bleedings by method of imposing of a plait (since “not there“ and finishing “for a long time“) makes so many mistakes that many experts urge to be limited to just hard bandage, to bend an extremity in a joint which is above an affected vessel, or to hardly tamponirovat a wound. In most cases it is quite enough. At the same time bandages do not change, and impose one on another. The arrived physicians on them will be able quickly to estimate blood loss.
    Well and if it is about the most terrible arterial bleeding, you should not spend precious time for searches of a plait. As soon as possible press fingers the fountain of scarlet blood, otherwise until application of knowledge of a zhgutovaniye of people can not live. Even in case of arterial bleeding we remember
    that an estimated time of imposing of a plait no more than 1 hour in the winter and 1,5 - 2 hours in the summer. And each 20 minutes that then the victim did not “thank“ for the lost extremity are better to dismiss regardless of a season a plait.
  6. a bleeding Stop from a nose a head zaprokidyvaniye
    If to throw back the head, then blood from a nose will cease to go. Whether here bleeding will only stop? No. Just blood will flow down in a nasopharynx, and then in a stomach. It seems as anything deadly, but, in - the first, we do not see whether bleeding proceeds or not? And in - the second, there is such unpleasant piece as bloody vomiting.
    At nasal bleeding the adequate help: to slightly incline the victim`s head forward, to plug nostrils the pure napkin or cotton wool moistened in hydrogen peroxide, and then already to find out the event reason.
  7. Medicinal therapy instinctively
    Is the “weightiest“ point of the program because, despite direct bans of doctors “this medicine is appointed only to you, do not advise it to anybody“, in our culture it is accepted to recommend preparations for internal application, proceeding from a magic method of analogy - “time or still to someone helped me with this situation, means...“ . And so - nothing it means!
    If to the person is bad, do not offer it drugs which helped with a similar situation. In - the first, at all not the fact that similar external symptoms are caused by the same problem. In - the second, drugs have features of application, contraindication and the side effects not obvious to people without medical education.
    the Most frequent “medicinal“ mistake - to offer nitroglycerine to all who hold a thorax. Consequences of such help can be worse, than it is possible to present, up to sharp pressure decrease to critical level. Only exception: the victim himself asks a certain preparation or an inhaler. In this case, most likely, it chronicles also has recommendations from the attending physician.
  8. Artificial vomiting in cases when it is impossible to allow it to
    At poisonings is usually advised to cause vomiting in the victim. However it categorically cannot be done at suspicion on poisoning with acid, alkali and other caustic substances. If vomiting is justified, then it is not necessary to use potassium permanganate, soda, etc. independently. Everything that is necessary - it is a lot of warm water.
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  10. In a mouth to it a spoon - a parcel incorrect
    Most often epileptics suffer from a violent vsovyvaniye something in teeth. From spoons, screw-drivers and even knives by means of which compassionate citizens try to give help at an attack, there is a lot of harm (the broken teeth and injuries of a throat from metal and obstructions of a trachea and bronchial tubes from more fragile objects), and I pound usually a little. It is not necessary to hold from all force the epileptic by hands and legs, it is enough to support slightly the head to avoid injuries and when spasms cease to turn the person on one side.
  11. Oil on a burn, iodine in a wound
    Grandmother`s “oil a burn“ ate in consciousness of the whole generations and it is hardly etched even by persistent repeating over and again “it is impossible, it is impossible, it is impossible“. It is impossible to grease with neither oil, nor various pantenola a fresh burn. If, of course, there is no desire to aggravate a situation. It is correct to cool the struck place with cold water, but only not one or two minutes, and 10 - 15 - 20.
    to Pour iodine, alcohol and brilliant green into a deep wound also senselessly - it will not bring any benefit. Only harm. In inept hands these substances are necessary only for greasing of scratches. For the rest it is safer to “teapots“ to use hydrogen peroxide.
  12. Cottons on a back choked
    This widespread way to help the choked person is not the safest. In certain cases such cottons can promote deeper penetration of a foreign matter into airways. To define whether this case will get to category dangerous in advance it is impossible therefore the best strategy in this case - to the most injured (whenever possible without panic) to bend forward and to make several sharp exhalations. Or people around can clasp it behind under mice and press on a solar plexus (not on a breast).
  13. Inept it is warm - pulmonary reanimation In principle to do to
    indirect massage of heart and an artificial respiration everyone has to be able, at least, to it learn, since school. But, if you are not able, then it is better not to undertake. And if you are able, then consider several remarks. The first - if at the person fights heart and pulse is probed, such actions are not necessary! The second, it is not necessary to thrash with all the dope on a breast and it is dangerous. The Prekardialny blow struck with the nonspecialist, most likely, Nika will not bring benefit, but it is possible to break ribs and to put still a heap of injuries.
  14. Extraction of objects from wounds
    Can get a splinter from a finger, the nail which slightly pierced skin or the splinter of a plate which was obviously not cutting a finger in half. But never, at all it is impossible to take any objects from more - less serious wound. Even if in the person the piece of a rusty wire sticks out. If you worry about an infection - so already late, all infection for a long time inside, it is possible to fight against it then, unlike bleeding. Doctors of “ambulance“ not for the uncle of the investigator holds knives and other foreign things on the place till the moment when the victim appears in the conditions of the developed operating room. Because in a clean floor, on the road or at home they will have nothing to stop bleeding which can open after a subject izvlekaniye from a wound and fill blood loss. As if terribly the person with a knife in a breast did not look, it is impossible to take out it categorically.
  15. Alcoholic therapy
    Anesthesia by alcohol was included into folklore stronger, than it would be desirable. Before offering someone a konyachka for anesthesia or a sugrev, it is better to look for other options of assistance or to refrain from it in general. In - the first, in drunk waste painful sensitivity changes, and these are excess stirs at changes and difficulty directed by the diagnosis. In - the second, the majority of medicines is not calculated on simultaneous reception with alcohol. Without saying that the drunk patient is a nightmare of the doctor who needs to pacify and give help at the same time.


generally, it is sometimes dangerous to give pre-medical help - it is possible to do much harm. In the USA the law of “The kind Samaritan“ under which the person giving pre-medical help in an urgent situation cannot be dragged then in court for possible harm works. And such cases were.

it Means that it is necessary to leave fallen to the mercy of fate, to leave bleeding profusely and to remain indifferent to foreign trouble? Of course, no. Another thing is that the actions always need to be commensurated with competence. And it is still attentive learn to listen to what on Fundamentals of Health and Safety and to complete courses of first-aid treatment. They are offered by the Ministries of Emergency Situations, the Red cross, driving schools, tourist clubs and a set of other organizations.