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Fight for breastfeeding of

From first lines of the story it would be desirable to tell young mummies who only adjust breastfeeding: “Never despair, believe in yourself, the forces and opportunities and then everything at you will turn out!“

From early age at me very small breast - 0 size. I long hesitated of it, but then understood that in private life everything is a breast - it is not the main thing, when you love, do not pay attention to shortcomings of darling! We with my husband 10,5 years together, since youthful age. 3,5 years lived a civil marriage and very much dreamed of the kid, but I could not become pregnant in any way. Doctors gave us 6 months “on attempts“, and further there had to be an extensive joint inspection... But it was not required since 2 months later from the date of submission of our application for registration in the REGISTRY OFFICE, I became pregnant.

Pregnancy proceeded very hard: severe toxicosis, loss of weight, pricks, droppers... At last, in the evening our long-awaited sonny - Sergey was born on January 6, 2008. To a breast to me it was put at once in the rodzal. The first look and the first touches of the kid, the first droplets of colostrum crossed out all pain and fear of the future...

for herself decided

Ya long before pregnancy that I will fight for breastfeeding what it would be not necessary me. Prepared thoroughly, re-read a heap of literature for young mothers, tried to follow all advice of doctors. I am an iskusstvennitsa from three-week age and therefore long time doubted herself whether I asking infinitely a question “dairy?!“ . But, having convinced itself of need and advantage of breastfeeding, I all - believed in myself, in the opportunities!

Milk arrived in maternity hospital to second day and in very large volume - the sonny gorged on and slept, and I tried to decant at half of the night since breast pain was intolerable. The first 10 days after the birth of the son were serene, and the horror began then - the kid constantly cried and sucked, sucked and cried. It had gripes and terrible tummy pains as then it became clear, in maternity hospital it picked up staphylococcus and klebsiyella. As the kid constantly sucked, I had very deep bleeding cracks on both breasts, and also shortage of milk since my organism just did not manage to develop it. All this nightmare lasted 3 weeks, analyses were not made yet and infections which demanded immediate treatment are not revealed.

I Want to tell

many thanks to our local pediatrician which calmed me and all family (we temporarily lived at the mother-in-law), said that for the kid the most important in life is a mother`s milk! The mother-in-law tried to convince all me that introduction of dairy mix is necessary (even specially bought nearly the most expensive), but I cried together with the son, holding it on hands, but did not allow to feed him with mix. Also there was an attempt to feed in my absence my son with others milk, but he did not take others breast...

Began to take medicine, my kid became more and more quiet, slept more. I tried to get it together too and to raise the lactation - a rigid diet for feeding, plentiful drink of green tea with milk, and also the special infusions raising a lactation, a full-fledged dream (some duties laid down on shoulders of the mother-in-law and husband). Frequent applying to a breast, attempts to decant the milk remains which as then it seemed to me, were practically not, as by means of milk pumps, and hands, and, of course, - the corresponding spirit! Fight for breastfeeding was conducted every minute.

For the first month Seryozha gained only 450 grams and grew by 1 cm. At all my efforts on establishing breastfeeding in the second month our increase was 1300 grams and 6 cm of growth! The pleasure was not a limit! But there was one more problem - my session (I study on a correspondence department at institute). There was no wish to throw institute, and the son especially. Therefore I began to accustom the son to drink the decanted milk from a small bottle. How many I tried different bottles, everywhere there was a problem - a big opening. My kid could not drink from them - choked. Probably, from - that I have a small breast the small bottle with a special tiny opening in a nipple was required for it, and my choice fell on a small bottle with a pacifier “0“ - for children of the first month of life. I very much was afraid that the child will get used to a small bottle and will throw a breast, but, fortunately, it did not occur!


fed from a small bottle only in my absence with my milk decanted in a half of the night and as soon as I came, at once gave a breast. Therefore we to Seryozha entered the first feeding up only in 5 months.

Now to my son already 1 year and 1 month, and it still on breastfeeding (mainly only at night). Seryozha eats almost everything from “an adult table“ now, but as well as in the first months of life will not exchange an opportunity to suck a mother`s breast on any delicacies!

A the main award in my fight for breastfeeding!