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Film-viewing device of

the Next occupation at the Children`s developing school of “Gift“. It is strange as though there are “not developing“ schools! However, now each toy is surely “developing“... What to tell about school! Managers of all colors brainwash concerned parents: you will not get “developing“ - as if you will refuse development of the child! A marketing mix, personally at me causing a protest grimace. Occupation in group... well, of course, “early development“. Not “Cockerel“ some general education, not “Asterisk“ - that parents, God forbid, did not forget why they came! But, I apologize for not absolutely lyrical digression, it will be a question of the small miracle which occurred on Tuesday approximately in 17. 30 in the most fashionable “the children`s place“ of our city.

Occupation came to an end, so, on a threshold - the fairy tale performed by the teacher Sveta. But what is it? What for a strange subject appears in Svetiny hands?“ Today we will watch the fairy tale by means of a film-viewing device!“ - Sveta speaks. All sit down on stools opposite to a white wall, the light (I manage to whisper to the daughter on an ear the principle of operation of the device) is turned off, and... the fairy tale begins! And it is not just the fairy tale “Turnip“. The fabulousness of entertainment of the childhood which so unexpectedly reminded of itself, uninvited and absolutely, absolutely forgotten.

It is so strange

that the artifact of the childhood is capable to recover so brightly and quickly in memory what, appear, left forever. To recover and take unawares. You do not know, as you feel... Confusion. And pleasure of memory. It was so healthy - evening, friends, a sheet on a wall, we read in turn. It is very important to read with you - ra - - - I eat! Well I remember the filmstrip about the girl and her daughter - a kitten. Surprise. Because it is absolutely forgotten and it is not remembered, even the word “film-viewing device“ disappeared from a lexicon. Grief. From warm memoirs and at the same time from understanding of an otioseness and technical backwardness of a film-viewing device. Wonderful, darling, but... So often and at people among themselves happens... Pleasure. Thanks to Sveta - walking in step with modern techniques not to forget about old kind entertainments. Only the true professional is able to afford it! And kind person.

The other day we with the daughter for the first time started reading the big book. Such that is read before going to bed, according to 1 - 2 head, and then where stopped, it is necessary to put a bookmark. In my childhood such bookmarks did at manual training by any holiday: “thematic“ - for February 23 and on March 8. Were even double (aerobatics!) - to a strip of a color cardboard the leaf, white with cuts, from above is pasted and color through cuts looked through! Remembered? And maybe, at someone such is stored... And so, filling up, the daughter, worrying, asked me a question: “Mother, you precisely on „ stop “ pressed? And a bookmark is „ stop “?“ . Modern technologies as more perfect, are imposed in perception of the child on things, simpler in respect of operation. The child is not always ready to accept usability of these things to a descent. But interpenetration old and new not only broadens the child`s horizons, but also gives an idea of in what world his parents grew up.

As far as it is necessary? I do not know. But I think that for the parent it is important - to remember it even if and through such “spotykalochka“ as outdated equipment and bookmarks for books, the childhood. Remembering itself small (naive, curious, defenseless), it will be easier for us to be adults - tolerant, knowing, assured.