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The Sviterny imagination

All of us at least once put on a sweater, but hardly anyone - or from us thought of its origin and of symbolics of the patterns decorating it. Many lovers of “warm things“ knit them for the husbands, sons, daughters and other relatives. What is only not “knitted“ by needlewomen - unusual zigzags, braids, circles, eyelets... and without suspecting that put in the products “mysterious ancient sense“.

It appears em, the concept “sweater“ came to us from the Irish Arran islands. Three islands - Inisheer, Inishman and Inishmar form the archipelago under the name Aran islands. It is the severe, cold earth blown by winds without fertile soil where one of the only crafts - fishery, it was the homeland of beautiful sweaters. And the most interesting that not special masters of knitting thought up it “an eternal miracle“. A strong half of the island was engaged in fishery and went to the sea for several days. What was to do to women? Night clubs and Spa - salons were not earlier, TVs were not invented yet. Having done all economic affairs, lovely ladies whiled away evenings behind a friendly chat and that hands were not idle, were engaged in knitting. Also they at the same time used not spokes, but feathers of birds. Romantically, isn`t that so?

Is surprising, but so to use the free time, with advantage and with pleasure, taught the wives of the man. Means, “pioneers“ in knitting it is possible to call men surely.

For knitting of a sweater the raw sheep wool undertook. And as it is, so it was used. That is, did not paint therefore sweaters were natural white or gray shades, that is why call the Irish sweaters “it is white - dreamboat“. Also on wool there were parts of fat that promoted a neproduvayemost and impermeability of a sweater, and it was very important. Daily contact with water and vulnerability could affect health of the man who was a supporter of a family. Sleeves did a little well than the put length that they did not become wet (unless the woman even if in the ancient time, can without practicality?!) .

It is one of unique features of an Arran sweater. Other feature of a sweater in its unusual knitting. By warm the sweater was done not only by unextracted particles of fat, but also a unique manner of Arran knitting. Relief patterns from the crossed loops densely fill all surface of a product, and it with an ulterior motive, such “course“ increases cloth density. Also each pattern bears the special value from depth of centuries, is a charm and a mascot of the owner of a sweater. In many patterns elements of the Celtic culture prevail, but also there are echoes of both pagan, and Christian tradition.

One of the most widespread patterns - “Trinity“, is the knitting of three loops passing into one and vice versa, symbolizing the Holy Trinity. At once the proverb is remembered: “The thread twisted three times will tear not soon“...“ The life ladder“ means eternal life, a pattern a chain - a family stability, honeycombs - success in heavy, but fruitful work, and the grains filling rhombuses symbolize prosperity in the house.

When the firstborn was born

, it was given his first sweater where the main pattern - a braid or as it is called, “A life tree“ - symbolizes unity of a family, wellbeing of parents and children.

From the very beginning of knitting each clan had the symbolics inherent only of Patterns are so unique and individual that it was possible to determine by them unmistakably not only to what family the master, but even the area of residence and a name of the master belongs. There is even a legend that one girl recognized the drowned of darling whom beat to the coast, on patterns.

Secrets of unique patterns passed

from generation to generation, and of course, everyone added the imagination, creative ideas. That is why we were already reached by “loops“ and “braids“ more difficult and “intricate“. Such patterns are the whole historical chronicle of life of clans throughout centuries. So, for example, initial sense of a pattern of “braid“ are ropes of the fishermen wishing a successful catch, grids mean “map“ of small islands. Sometimes they were filled with patterns from the seaweed symbolizing fertilizer of barren lands and in exchange - a rich harvest. And various zigzags, lines and chains designated paths which a big set in these regions.

the Distinctive feature of the Irish knitting is a harmony, an ideal texture of the lines which are smoothly passing into intricate, fantastic patterns.

That is why “it is white - blue“ dream - sweaters of Ireland - to this day please mankind. And on podiums of the world it is possible to meet models of the famous designers of St. Petersburg O`Brien, Jean - Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, at least once in the collections using elements of this ancient knitting. For certain and you will find intricate imaginations of wives of fishermen in the clothes. And maybe, your husband goes in “charm“ too?