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“Skazkoterapiya“ our way of

“skazkoterapiya“ which I unconsciously began to apply to the child Would like to share the experience. Now, several years later, I realize that this method quite successfully worked in our family though, maybe, not so quickly.

When to my son was two years old, we sent him to a nearby garden which younger groups was in our house. Agree, very conveniently! Besides our turn just approached this time. I planned after the adaptation period of the kid in a garden actively to be engaged in searches of new work as previous from which went to the decree not really arranged. But as then it appeared, the kid at that stage of the development was not ready to long separation from mother at all. Even after two months in a garden.

Timid and shy at heart, he very much suffered from - for absence of mother. Besides, so coincided that we with the husband had some cooling to each other and dissonance by then. The child could not but feel it too. On the third month of its stay in a garden we noticed at it squint which began to progress actively. The verdict of the ophthalmologist was is as follows: to wait till three years and to send him to a specialized garden on sight as there accepted only since three years. I decided to take away it from this a “convenient“ garden and at once stopped all activity in work search plan. The kid long “departed“ from this garden. Perhaps, the young teachers who were not coping with loading and not paying due attention to each kid also were guilty of something.

Once, several months later after all this history, such case occurred: listening to a disk with songs from animated films, my sonny unexpectedly burst out crying when the song of the baby mammoth floating on a small piece of ice to mother began to sound.“ It will not find mother, will not find mother!“ - the kid weepingly repeated. Though before already several times quietly watched this animated cartoon. And here, probably, endured “got out outside“.

Only then I sharply felt

, how deeply the fear of separation from mother and fear of world around sat down at it. I, of course, began to think of how to prevent repetition of the same history with a garden next time. And once absolutely spontaneously began to tell it before going to bed the tale of an elephant calf on an animated cartoon plot about a baby mammoth. Only, of course, the elephant calf quickly found mother, and then and the father they found together. The father slept on a lawn. History so carried away the kid that every evening he began to ask the fairy tale “about an elephant“. The whole year I every evening, putting him to bed, invented and told new “series“ about an elephant calf. The fairy tale quickly acquired new heroes and subject lines. It was already very close-knit family of elephants, with grandmothers and grandfathers - elephants whom the elephant calf visited. The elephant calf had loyal friends to whom there were different ridiculous and interesting stories. Even the little sister appeared at an elephant calf, we together with the son chose by her a name - Marusechka. Sometimes I just took some plots from usual life which could occur in a close-knit family. Rather a story, but not the fairy tale turned out even already. The elephant mushroomed with the grandfather in the wood, they with the grandmother cooked jam, it helped mother to change Marusechke`s pampers, etc. And every time my fairy tale - the story came to an end well, I as if summed up the result, for example: “You see how it is great that at an elephant such friends appeared!“ or “And then all of them together began to drink tea!“, or “And mother kissed him, and the elephant ran to play with friends!“ .

At some stage my imagination already began to run low absolutely. Then I began the new fairy tale - about a cube which traveled by truck and met different people, objects and beings. Our objects spoke too and felt (as at G. - H. Andersen). Then there were other fairy tales. Over time I noticed that the kid began to feel more surely and more quietly. In a family gradually everything rose on the places too. Accustoming to a new garden when we gave it in a year again, was much easier and less painful.

Thus, our “skazkoterapiya“ helped us to cope with fears and uncertainty. Besides, approximately in one and a half years of my fairy tales my sonny himself showed willingness to tell the fairy tale. First its fairy tales practically repeated mine, but each time it is more courageous than moneychangers of a detail, heroes, a plot. I, of course, with a sinking heart listened to its stories, being afraid to stir not to frighten off his imagination and desire something to think out. “Fine you thought up! Here you see how at you too interestingly it turned out!“ - I encouraged him. Later we began to practice the fairy tale “in half“: when the part is thought out by me, and part it. Too interestingly it turned out. Now we began a series of ridiculous fairy tales as, for example, this. Of course, I combine telling of the ideas with reading the famous fairy tales. But I noticed such feature: if in the fairy tale there is something that is not pleasant to the son (murder, for example), then it has a desire to change the narration what I agree to, and then in the fairy tale at all heroes everything comes to an end not bad. Or if in the fairy tale the bad hero is not punished properly, then we finish everything in own way too. Such skazkoterapiya had a set of pluses:


It is sure that many parents, realizing and feeling problems of the child, sometimes also intuitively find ways of their decision, without address to psychologists and other experts. In our family such here experience appeared. Perhaps, for someone application of this technique will be effective too, will make life - life with own “karapuzika“ simpler and more interesting.