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Foreign matters in the child`s organism. First aid of

cases when children are traumatized Are frequent, being at home. In most cases parents can prevent such troubles. For example, very risky to play to little children with various beads, glass balls, the designers containing fine details, etc. Carefully it is necessary to treat the use by the child of lollipops, sunflower seeds and other small products. Remember that to the kid one second suffices to choke on the fine detail thrust into a mouth. As well as the majority of injuries, suffocation which can come, owing to hit of a foreign matter in airways is better to warn.

But if nevertheless it occurred, do not lose self-control, and quickly give the first urgent aid. Life of the kid can depend on exact actions of parents. So, suffocation signs.

your actions. If you deal with the kid, then

  1. Sit down on a chair or fall by one knee. Put the child on a knee so that his head was hung down, and the breast and a tummy were at you on an outstretched arm which supports him.
  2. Hit with
  3. it between shovels four times. Try that the blow was not too strong and not too weak.
  4. If the got stuck subject begins to move, be very careful when a finger you begin to get it from the child`s mouth. At such moment there is a risk to push a foreign matter further away.
If blows in a back do not help

, do pressing a stomach thus:

put the Help to children is more senior than


  1. Sit down in a chair and put the child on knees, having hung his head down. Or get up on one knee, having put the child on the second.
  2. One hand support by
  3. the child under a breast, and hit another four times between shovels.
  4. If blows in a back do not help
  5. , then put the child to yourself on knees, having put one hand to it on a stomach. Squeeze this hand in a fist, resting that inside where to be a thumb, in the middle of his stomach, and you hold other hand the child by a back. Quickly press a fist on a stomach a little up and as it is possible more deeply. The movement has to be strong to push out the got stuck subject. Repeat pressing to four times.

If the child fainted:

  1. call “ambulance“
  2. put the child on a back, cast away his head back that airways opened as much as possible, and begin to do an artificial respiration of “companies in a mouth“ if the kid does not breathe.

How to make an artificial respiration?

If air does not pass

in the child`s lungs, then repeat blows between shovels and pressing a stomach. Continue to do an artificial respiration and other receptions before arrival of doctors.

As you can see to rescue the child business heavy and responsible therefore try to avoid risk factors. Namely:

I a little more on small objects. Small children often push small beads, buttons, paper balls, sunflower seeds, etc. to themselves in a nose or an ear. It is important that, trying to pull out a foreign matter from a nose, you did not push it even more deeply.

your actions at hit of a foreign matter in a nose.

the Soft subject try to pull out

If the kid thrust something into a nose and told nothing to you, then in several days after hit of a foreign matter, from a nose there will be fetid allocations mixed with blood. In this case urgently see a doctor.

If you see that the child picks an ear or began to complain of pains, so to it the foreign subject could get into an ear. Do not try to get it if only the subject does not look out of an ear. Address the otolaryngologist.


, your attentiveness - guarantee of health of the child!