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Gifts to girls - as how to choose?

Of course, all of us love holidays. Congratulations, gifts, delicacies and fun. And everyone at least once faced a problem of the choice of gifts. What to present to the, beloved and remarkable daughter? What to choose on birthday it to the girlfriend? How in general to choose gifts for girls?

On shelves of shops, of course, the mass of everything. It would seem what can be easier, choose a gift to the girl from such range, but is not present, at a wide choice it is necessary us most difficult. Therefore, before a campaign behind gifts, at home, it is worth making the plan - that all - should be bought.

When the book - the best gift to the girl?

If has to choose by

a gift for the girl whom you know a little - it can be the schoolmate or the girlfriend who invited the daughter to birthday or the child of your girlfriend, you should not give clothes or footwear. You can not guess with a size or tastes of the young young lady.

In this case we will listen to the classical motto: “The book - the best gift!“ . The little girl will suit the illustrated collection of fairy tales, and to the lady is more senior it is possible to present Gerald Darrell, James Herriott, or Olga Perovskaya`s book. Cheerful, interesting and fascinating stories about animals are pleasant practically to all.


the Necessary and useful gift for the girl

Choosing a gift, reflect about volume, how long and good memory of yourself you will leave to the presented and her family. A chocolate or soap bubbles - short pleasure, and a drum or a loud whistle - for a long time, but in pleasure to not everyone in the house.

How to give a gift to the girl useful and necessary? Tea service from ceramics with which it is possible to arrange the real tea drinking, sets for cutting cookies of a brilliant tin, metal saucepans or baking dishes in which it is possible to prepare - really. The hostess will grow up, and the posudka will grow together with it, from toy having turned into quite real. In which itself can cook porridge for breakfast, egg or coffee.

the good gift to the girl.

Pleasant trifles

Sure bets of gifts for girls - fluffy soft toys (if there is no allergy), dolls, beds, carriages, toy kitchens. And if mother of the girl uses a baby sling - the girl can present as a gift a doll baby sling that she could carry correctly and conveniently “daughters“. Such baby slings are often sold by producers of their “adult“ fellows.

Still practically any girl will be pleased by beautiful bows, bows, hairpins, zakolochka - their range is simply huge, both for long, and for short hair. There are also sets for drawing up different hairdresses - too a fine gift to the girl.

A can be presented as a gift to the girl flowers? Certainly, especially if the girl almost on a growing threshold, and the donator - an opposite sex. The girl will feel adult - and in the childhood it happens so pleasantly.

here animals should not be given to

A - at least, without preliminary coordination with parents. Not everyone is ready to walk selflessly in any weather with a puppy, cat`s wool can be the cause of allergies, and about a hamster mother who since the childhood was afraid of mice will offer the daughter: “Choose: either I - or it!“ . It can inconveniently turn out.

Main not a gift, but attention!

A if the gift is chosen not to someone, and your darling and the remarkable daughter how to be? Here it is simpler and simpler and more difficult at the same time. Certainly, knowing the child, you without effort will be able to choose a gift to the girl. However there is a danger that the gift will be not what the girl, and something dreams of what you dreamed at her age of. It is better that it did not occur. Your krovinochka, it, however, the independent person, and her desires and dreams can differ from yours quite strongly.

One more “reef“ - replacement with gifts of your attention. Yes, now both fathers, and mothers work, work hard and they have no free time. Work, career, money - it is good, but there are things which you will not buy. For example, it is mother - native and only.

If you see the child not so often and long as both of you would like - arrange to the daughter a holiday. You descend together in park, on attractions, in circus, theater, in a zoo. Have dinner in nice cafe on the way and walk till the evening. It is good if the father also joins this walk. It will be better, than the next doll, a carriage or a dress. And if to make tradition of such “output festivities“ and to repeat them, for example, once a month... And it is possible to go instead of a zoo to the country - with a fire, badminton and delicacies, or to excursion to the ancient city... Once you look, and it is obligatory such will be nearby.

A what to present? If you present as a gift to the girl the toy won by the father in a dash or a souvenir from the city in which all wandered together - the value of this gift will be much more, than the most expensive and fashionable doll. It will be a reminder on such fine day!

Popular wisdom says that it is pleasant to receive gifts, but it is a hundred times more pleasant to give gifts. Gift which was thoughtfully and carefully chosen to give even more pleasantly - in it your forces and time are put. Also it will be so pleasant to see a joyful smile which it will raise surely. Give smiles, give pleasure, give gifts and be happy!