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What is acceleration and what it threatens our boys with?

As often concerning our boys it is possible to hear the word “akselerat“. It can belong to anything - early there were teeth, weight is more, than at peers, the high growth, sports or scientific progress or opposite, negative behavior, a defiant hairdress and clothes. Sometimes in this word admiration appears, but often it has negatively - scornful coloring. What is acceleration from where it and what bears to us and our boys?

Acceleration - researches and explanations

to the term “acceleration“ is slightly more than seventy years of

- it was offered in 1935 by the German doctor Je. M. Koch. This word (meaning in translation from Latin only “acceleration“) called manifestation increase in growth, weight and some other indicators of children and teenagers in comparison with their peers in other generations. The phenomenon of acceleration is observed in the USA, Europe, Asia, Russia, in the cities is usually shown slightly stronger, than in rural areas. The wide circulation allows scientists to consider the acceleration phenomenon as the tendency peculiar to development of the modern person.

as the main signs of acceleration is given, for example:

  • increase in length and weight of newborn children (at the time of research (1979), on average on 1 - 2 kg and 4 - 5 cm there are more indicators 30kh years of the same century),
  • earlier teething and their change with constants (on 1 - 2 years),
  • earlier ossification of a skeleton (2 - 3 earlier, than in 20 - 30 years 20 century)
  • increase in the general growth by 8 - 10 cm in comparison with the previous generation,
  • acceleration of growth of children of school age, earlier puberty (in 11 - 12 years at boys).

These signs are given in the works by Yu. E. Veltishchev and G. S. Gracheva. I. M. Vorontsov and A. V. Mazurin besides claim that acceleration is followed by life expectancy growth in general and the reproductive period of adults of both sexes.

Various theories of emergence of acceleration among which the physics is chemical (theories of solar radiation, space radiation, wave of a magnetic field, increase of concentration of carbon dioxide and others), and the considering factors and complexes of factors of living conditions (the increasing information streams, urbanistic influence, socially - biological factors), and even genetic (cyclic biological changes, mixture of populations), still cannot completely will be confirmed that allows to consider that here the difficult complex called takes place, and it is possible, also other factors.


according to scientists, are capable to exert impact on the speed of development, for example, socially - economic conditions in a family and food, but racial accessory or climate do not influence at all.

Besides, B. G. Ananyev specified that often formation of mental and physical properties at children happens unevenly. It is so-called disgarmonichesky acceleration. Sometimes, that the psychological age lags behind from biological (infantilism). Infantilism meets at boys more often.

Acceleration - why about it the nobility to parents?

the Scientific facts given above, of course, are entertaining

, but are a little abstract and cannot explain why knowledge of acceleration to us, the parents, people often far from science. Actually its value is much wider, than just scientific. For example, in pediatrics the fact of acceleration allows to reconsider norms of development of children which are widely used by our doctors when determining norms and deviations from them in development of children, especially the first year of life. Also it is useful for mummies liking to compare the child to various norms and tables to know it - these tables of books of a sample of the beginning of the last century can quite force it to worry enough for health of the kid. And during puberty of the boy of special attention demands that acceleration of process of growth can provoke lag or even diseases about the parties warmly - vascular and other systems and bodies. Certainly, doctors know about it, but to notice, suspect a disease and in time to see a doctor - business of parents.

Early puberty

Psychologists and teachers face other aspect of acceleration - early puberty and the related psychological problems. It both depressions, and any conflicts, protests, and need of maintaining against all this normal educational process. The same problems most often concern also parents. And their participation, attention, the help are especially necessary for the child during puberty.

the Early puberty of boys caused by acceleration, especially if physical development is ahead psychological, dangerously early sexual communications and closely related diseases or pregnancies so early of the created girlfriends. And here collaboration of parents, psychologists and teachers is necessary. First of all, information. Now this work is often substituted for bringing to boys and girls of information on ways of contraception and diseases, sexually transmitted. Often this information is given in the form of fascinating movies or games where the fact of early sexual activity is perceived favourably and with humour, and at all sexual life does not contact neither a family, nor a main objective of connection man`s and a feminine in any way - the child`s birth. Our school in general pays to a question of creation of a family, the birth and education of children not enough attention. And having even become adults, our boys often have very vague idea from where children undertake. And it is far more important, than sex, even safe. So far questions of sex, in its interrelation with creation of a family, a reproduction, and education of healthy children lay down generally on shoulders of parents. And if parents - we - do not pay it sufficient attention, perhaps, once we should face consequences of obtaining such information from other sources. Parents, as necessary together with the psychologist, can help the child to transfer the waking-up sexual energy to safer plane - to direct it to creativity, sport, some hobbies.

Rebellious spirit of boys - teenagers

One more danger - psychological. During puberty, especially at children with signs of disgarmonichesky acceleration, the child very much we will wound. At disgarmonichesky acceleration with the advancing physical development, the boy can suffer from the increased requirements imposed to it as to “adult“ when it, in fact, psychologically remains the child. Differences of mood, the conflict with the senior generation, various forms of a protest, sometimes even a suicide orientation - all this can be dangerous, and it is almost always unpleasant, both to parents, and the child. And if at girls this period often passes more or less quietly, then the rebellious spirit of boys - teenagers can become the reason of many troubles - first of all, for the boy.

Often parents know

about a transition period, prepare for it, wait for it, but wait to the 15 or 16 summer age. And it comes in 12, and they are not ready to it at all. It is important to parents to know about it adequately to react to changes in behavior of the child - the teenager, to try to keep with it the confidential relations, despite defiant behavior, strange (from the point of view of parents) appearance or a circle of contacts. Usually all teenage rebellious currents, whether it be emo, Gotha, nonconformists or others, are far not so terrible as they are described in the press, and the hobby for them passes together with a stage of hormonal storms of awkward age. But the confidential relations will help to learn and hold if the child gets under more serious and dangerous influence - sects or drugs, and here in time the given help can be simply invaluable. Certainly, all described really and without acceleration participation, just at acceleration of a problem can be shown more sharply.

Acceleration - a society product? Or perhaps myth?

the increasing popularity are got Now by researchers of so-called backward tribes - from the point of view of their way, the principles of education and views of development of children. For example, the best-seller of the psychotherapist Jean Ledloff about the principle of continuity in education written on the example of life of the South American Indians. In such tribes the boy often is considered the equal member of the tribe, the man, in 7 - 9 years. It is unlikely they heard about acceleration and the problems connected with it. It allows to assume that acceleration and the related problems - a product of our way of life or views of education.

However, it is optional to go behind examples so far - in 1774 in Russia the church established the minimum age of marriage - 13 years for women and 15 years for men. Later, the imperial decree of 1830, the minimum age was increased till 16 years for the bride and 18 years for the groom, however, from blessing of church earlier marriages were possible. And in Iran, for example, owing to reform of the legislation in 2002 boys will be able to marry only in 15 years, instead of 14 as earlier. What - all of them are akselerata? Doubtfully.

However, the myth acceleration or scientifically a fact in evidence - it is not so important. The main thing that during the difficult periods of life to which it is possible to carry also a transition period, irrespective of age of its approach our boys could count on our love, the help, support and understanding. Then it will be less problems and difficulties, and to solve them - more simply.