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Sou Jock - business thin

at the end of the 20th century the world was flown by a sensational message. Professor of the Seoul national university Pak Zhe Wu, 30 years of the life who devoted to studying of east medicine developed the original method of self-healing which received the name “sou Jock“ (in translation from Korean “sou“ - a brush, and “dzhok“ - foot). With its help it is possible to treat any part of a body, any body, without resorting to the help of the doctor. The main thing was that the wrong application of this method is not capable to do to a human body any harm, it just does not yield desirable result.

SU method Jock is the cornerstone of

system of compliance, or similarity, brushes and feet to all organism in general. What this similarity consists in? The body of the person has 5 conditionally separate parts: head, two hands and two legs. Both at a hand, and at leg foot - up to 5 fingers which correspond to 5 parts of a body. This similarity can visually be presented, having considered own brush. Set most aside thumb is the head, a little finger and index fingers - hands, and average and anonymous - legs. The eminence of a palmar surface located under a thumb - a thorax, its other part - an abdominal cavity. The brush back - a back, and the longitudinal line which is conditionally halving a brush - a backbone.

the Special place in SU technique Jock is allocated by

for a thumb on which “face“ is on a palmar surface, and “nape“, respectively, - on the hand back. As for foot, its system of compliance is determined by the similar principle.


I, and foot - the only parts of a human body of which such structural similarity is characteristic. They are, according to the author of system of SU Jock, “remote controls“ health of the person. These medical systems function as some kind of small clinics naturally curing body diseases“. On brushes and feet in a strict order biologically active points corresponding to all bodies and parts of the body settle down.

At any arisen disease the “alarm“ wave from the struck body or a site goes to a point of compliance and brings it to the excited state - the point becomes sharply painful. At stimulation of this point there is a reciprocal, medical wave normalizing activity of the struck body. Visually this point cannot be considered on a skin surface, but when pressing on it it is possible to grope a pole, consolidation or a dot healthy place. And if such point is found, then a half of a way to recovery can be considered already passed.

of SU Jock is that method of treatment which can be applied not only doctors, but also people far from medicine, otherwise, any person for maintenance of health and removal of pain syndromes is capable to master it both at chronic, and at sharp forms of a disease.

of Advantage

the Method includes several directions: diagnostics, treatment, prevention and improvement. Indisputable advantages of SU of Jock are:

Alternative systems

of the Most popular among them is the System of compliance of “insect“. At this independent system capable to provide good medical result, impact is made on those points which are located only on fingers of brushes or feet. This system is obliged by the name to similarity of the human finger having 3 phalanxes, to the body of an insect which is also divided into 3 parts: head, breast and paunch.

For the correct search of a point of compliance needs to turn a brush a back surface to itself, to raise fingers up.

the Nail phalanx of each separate finger will correspond to the head, average - to a thorax and bodies of a chest cavity, lower - to a stomach and abdominal organs. The right side of a finger corresponds to the right side of a body, left, respectively - left. Besides, the back of a brush or foot is “double“ of a back surface of a body, and palmar and plantar - a lobby. The fold between nail and average phalanxes is border between the head and a thorax, and the fold between average and lower phalanxes indicates location of a diaphragm. On lateral surfaces of each finger in system of “insect“ it is necessary to look for points of compliance of hands and legs.


Besides system of “insect“, it is very extended also Pass - system of compliance at which impact on points is carried out only on a nail phalanx of fingers of brushes and feet, according to the main system of similarity they correspond to brushes and feet, so, are similar also to all body of the person in general. Compliance points in pass - to system are most sensitive, and therefore are defined without special complexity.

According to legends history of emergence of the most ancient method of medical impact on bioactive points such is. At the time of the first emperor Foo Xi ruling in China in the III millennium B.C. one peasant who had intolerable headaches unintentionally hit himself on a leg with a mattock. The pain tormenting him as on wave of a magic wand receded at once. This surprising case reached ears of the emperor Foo Xi who was famous for the learning and aspiration to innovation. On his order court physicians began to study this phenomenon and after a while submitted to the governor “report“ on existence on a body of the person of specific points which irritation brought salutary therapeutic effect.

Bioactive points

B one of the first written documents - the work “Huangdi Ney - a Jing“ (“The treatise about internal, or about the life Nature“) which was issued in China approximately in 221 BC were described by

295 bioactive points: 135 - steam rooms and 25 - unpaired. In the 3rd century the Chinese scientist Juan Fumi (215 - 282) made more detailed atlas including already 649 points: 300 - steam rooms and 49 - unpaired. Also the grant for healers under the name “Zhen - Jiu“ was written to them that is translated as “a prick and cauterization“.

B 265 to year Juan Fumi`s works got to Japan where broader development was gained by a method of cauterization moksy - the smoldering medicinal grass twisted in the form of a cigar. At the same time influence points at cauterization completely corresponded to points at acupuncture. From China and Japan both of these methods extended also to other countries of the East - Korea, India and Mongolia. These non-drug ways of treatment which were very effective even in the most difficult and started cases had a great number of followers and adherents.

At first future Aesculapians long time daily worked a technique on the statues which are specially cast for this purpose - the models supplied with openings for introduction of needles. Before carrying out “examination“ on professional suitability, teachers filled these openings with paint, and models covered with the thinnest paper that they were not visible. At the correct introduction of a needle paper was instantly painted. All those who faultlessly underwent such impartial testing acquired the right to be engaged in independent practice. Only the thorough knowledge of topography of points of influence, anatomy and human physiology both in the ancient time, and are capable to bring to this day salutary result. Slightest blundered it is capable to aggravate a condition of the patient.

How to combine pleasant with useful

Feeling of an indisposition and slackness is the first signal that it is time to think of own health. Often happens that the illness develops in an organism gradually and has an effect only when it is necessary to take urgent measures already. And so, that it did not occur, it is necessary to subject the organism to testing from time to time. For this purpose it is necessary index or a thumb of a hand carefully to investigate all surface of brushes and feet.

If during this procedure hypersensibility or consolidation of any sites or zones is found, then it is possible to determine by knowledge of the principle of compliance what body or part of a body is the reason of feeling sick. Besides, daily massage of finger-tips and nail plates and brushes and feet to a condition of resistant heat is very useful.

These sites correspond to a brain, and in pass - system - all body of the person.


the Method of putting paint on points or zones of compliance has resistant positive therapeutic results. Not to make the wrong choice of color, it is necessary to study the so-called Law of submission first of all. According to it the person consists of five elements - a tree, fire, water, the earth, metal, and of five elements - winds, heat, humidity, dryness, cold. All of them correspond each other and have the colors. Green - a tree, wind. Yellow - the earth, humidity. Black - water, cold. Red - heat, fire. White - metal, dryness.

Natural stimulators

Jock - to stimulators belong To natural SU intact and capable to sprout seeds of various plants. Seeds attach to medical points of a brush or foot by means of a plaster. Select seeds taking into account medicinal properties of plants, their form, the size and color. So, for example, if the form is taken as a basis of selection, then choose the seeds resembling superficially the struck body on which it is necessary to make medical impact. Seeds of haricot, heart - a guelder-rose or a buckwheat, eyes - peas or black pepper, a pancreas - grape seed best of all will be suitable for treatment of kidneys. If to base treatment on color, then brown sunflower seeds of a pear best of all are suitable for a disease of lungs, and at intestines atoniya - it is dark - green seeds of caraway seeds.

If it is about medical influence of plants, then for treatment of diabetes use corn seeds, at diseases of a liver and gall bladder - hips, and at heart failure - a lily of the valley. Applications usually impose or directly on a compliance point, or cover with them all zone of compliance. At such type of treatment impact on foot as during walking the effect of acupressure repeatedly increases is very effective.

Jock - stimulators

Massage sticks use

of SU for finding of painful points and acupressure. They can be made of metal, a tree, a bone or other strong materials. Massage of a point is done by rotary motions both clockwise, and counterclockwise. It is necessary to knead a point until the sensation of pain does not disappear absolutely and the feeling of heat will not appear. In case these actions are directed to therapy of a chronic disease, it is necessary to make this procedure each 3 - 4 hours, at the same time the session has to last not less than 3 - 5 minutes.

of SU Jock - needles are applied only by experts of acupressure. These are the special needles having length of 2 cm. At exact hit in a compliance point at first the patient has a feeling of sharp pain which very quickly passes and during a session does not come back any more.

Masseurs are elastic rings of various flowers and the sizes, roller masseurs and masseurs like “chestnut“. These devices do not involve need of finding of a concrete point on a body. The medical effect is reached by intensive stimulation of all zone of compliance either on a brush, or on foot.

Magnetic applicators and stimulators. Applicators of long action are fixed on a compliance point by means of a plaster. The magnets used for stimulation of zones of compliance happen in the form of rings, circles or arrows.

of SU Jock - the moksa most often represents the wormwood cigars applied to warming up of points of compliance. Moksa either is established, or pasted on biologically active point by means of garlick juice, and then set fire. Warming up is continued until when in the corresponding site the feeling of heat appears. After full combustion of a moksa she is not moved away within 5 - 6 minutes. The allergy to a smell of the smoke proceeding from the smoldering moksa can be the only contraindication.