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The lacy wedding of

wine becomes more tasty Every year, and its color of nasyshchenny. But to keep this drink, many efforts and attention are necessary. Only having passed all stages, wine gets on a table and “heart human amuses“. And what it is possible to tell about matrimonial bonds? Whether they are strong after many years of joint life. Whether “endurance“ influences the fortress of feelings?

As soon as on light the young family is born em, there are difficulties and pleasures, joint minutes of happiness and sexual disagreements. Therefore, watching a family growing, our grandmothers and grandfathers decided to give the name to certain dates of a family experience. Since ancient times noticed that numbers have influence on the person. To give help to spouses and to support somehow the tradition in the wedding day was thought up, to bring together friends and relatives who presented gifts depending on the name of a wedding.

Year of accommodation - it is clear to

. But in wedding anniversaries there is also a mysterious date - 13 - t years. Number which sets many thinking at once. Also this wedding - “Lacy“ is called. Why such name? Probably, you know that laces demand long years of work and further very careful attitude to them. The slightest wrong actions - and lace is spoiled: threads tore, the pattern lost the charm, and work becomes to nobody necessary. And in the family relations: having reached 13 - ti years, spouses should not lose the careful attitude to each other, and on the contrary, to communicate even more threads of the “family patterns“ acquired any year. “The lacy relation“ was reached by the husband and the wife to 13 - ti to years of joint life. It is possible to tell, learned everything, constructed a lot of things (means, not only the house, but also a family), created around themselves a cosiness. Therefore their work can be compared to work of lace makers. The husband and the wife weaved the family happiness... And suddenly - 13 - t - a baker`s dozen! To save a family from a gap, friends and relatives have to pick up the gifts connected with lace.

you Remember times of our grandmothers and grandfathers? Different lacy napkins on tables, bedside tables, even handwork tulle - lacy. And how it is tempting - girls in the starched lacy collars romantically looked?! Or how the bed decorated with lacy frills is seductive? Why not to choose such things as a gift?

the First marriage night can repeat also in 13 - t years of marriage, especially, when present snow-white bed linen with lacy inserts. It is some kind of symbol of the pure family relations! That everything was “in unison“, girlfriends can present to “bride“ beautiful night lace lingerie, the real embroidered lacy shirt. And minutes of love of “young people“ will turn the minutes of fantastic pleasure shrouded in white lacy threads...

Friends can think also of an interior: magnificent ornament - a picture with ancient laces. Of course, it is necessary to look for this gift. Perhaps it is worth opening a cover of a great-grandmother`s chest where “art of the real women“ is stored? If it is absent, to do a bit of traveling on villages or to come into antique shop. Then to order a beautiful frame and to place grandmother`s lace under glass. It will be a gift - a symbol of lacy date of love which “bride“ and “groom“ will be able to give as inheritance from generation to generation.

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of the Window as house eyes, and on their appearance guests judge owners first of all. Therefore handwork tulle perfectly will decorate them. If in the evenings the married couple likes to gather behind a cup of tea, then the beautiful cloth with lacy patterns, and to it “in loading“ - the Russian samovar will not prevent. Under cups - lacy napkins, for example, with drawing of pigeons. Pigeons - a symbol of strong love!

Can even think of appearance of all family members. Lacy collars - to children, lacy kerchiefs - to parents. For the winter “bride“ can present a lacy woolen shawl - a spider line, and for the husband - a woolen plaid for a rocking-chair.

the Lacy wedding is not age and even not the middle of matrimonial life yet! Every year has to give to spouses pleasure of the family relations. And how lace makers spin long time lace, experiencing at the same time some difficulties, but do not stop - unless it is possible to give up work? - and in the family relations, having passed through certain difficulties, you should not stop. Lace is an art, and strong bonds of marriage - the real gift of destiny! A lacy wedding - one more asterisk of a victory onboard your family ship. With such sense as a gift to newlyweds with an experience - a souvenir: the ship with strong masts and white sails where there is a captain, and nearby - the assistant. And an inscription - the motto: “Always to you fair wind. Wisdom - during a storm and confidence - during a storm!“