Rus Articles Journal

The scenario of birthday

Birthday at the son (4 years) in the summer, we noted at the dacha in the yard.

1. Statement of the fairy tale teremok.

It will be required by

to b: a lodge (we had a lodge with balls at the bottom, it is a cube, the size 1kh1kh1m, with windows and an entrance, it is made of the fabric tense on plastic sticks we bought it in Ramstore); branches from the wood (for decoration of a lodge), hats with images of animals. They become so: in a cone the piece of a Whatman paper is displaced, fixed by the stapler, the piece of an elastic band is attached - to dress on a neck, in front on a hat besides the stapler the figure of an animal fastens. I cut out them from the cardboard book of “Teremok“. Hats can be decorated having pasted on them pieces of color paper.

2. Tea drinking.

of the Menu: ice cream with fruit and nutlets, birthday pie, aerated water, candies, cookies, fruit.

3. Game “Cat and Mice“.

of the Rule simple: the cat catches, mice run away who was caught, that cat.

to Fence off the territory for mice, a hand bell, a chair for a cat.

to the Cat a hoop with ears (and to attach ears from color paper on a hoop), to draw moustaches and a nose.

the Cat on the yard goes,
Looks for Vask`s mice - a cat.
is Looked for mice by a cat.

of the Mouse in a lodge sit,
they look At a cat.
look At a cat.

is Seen, the cat sleeps.

mice somehow time
Left to Look, what time is it now.
of Times, two, three, four -
of the Mouse pulled weights.
was Suddenly distributed a terrible ring. - to jingle mice of wons Ran away into a hand bell

4. Game “Guess that in a Bag“.

It is necessary for

: a bag, a scarf on eyes, a ball, a soft toy, the machine, the gun, the book. To tie with a scarf eyes, and the child to the touch has to guess. If it is correct - a prize. Sequence on checks.

5. Cheerful relay.

2 teams of 2 people. To winners prizes.

of the Obstacle: to jump over

  • through a string,
  • to run all over
  • around a chair,
  • to throw a ball into a bucket.

It is necessary for

: 2 chairs, 2 ropes on pegs, 2 buckets, 2 balls.

6. Riddles.

Toy riddles.

thick voice.
beats off Fraction.
of Children convokes.
(a drum )

the Animal amusing is sewed by from plush.
Is also paws, there are also ears. to an animal give
to Honey a little. arrange with
I to it a den.
( bear )

Round, smooth, as water-melon.
Colour any, on different taste. Kohl you will release
from a lead,
Will depart for clouds.
(a ball

These a miracle bricks
Ya received as a gift.
That I will put from them - I will break
I at first I collect.
( cubes )

It both harmonous and beautiful.
U it dense mane.
Is a pity, it is impossible to rush off on it.
It is only possible to rock. ( a horse - a rocking chair )

you Will knock
about a wall, and I will jump. you Will throw
on the earth, and I will jump aside.
Ya from palms I fly to palms.
is quiet I I do not want to lie in any way.
( ball )

Fantastic riddles.

Treats birdies and animals.
Treats small children.
Through the points looks.
Kind doctor...
( Aybolit )

the Fat man lives on a roof.
Flies it all above.
adores Jam.
I plays with the Kid.
( Carlson )

Nose round, patch.
to Them is convenient to rummage in the earth.
Tail small, hook.
Instead of shoes - hooves.
to their Troy - and to what Brothers amicable are similar
. Guess
without hint,
Who heroes of this fairy tale?
( 3 pigs )

On sour cream it meshen.
On a window it stuzhen.
Round side ruddy side.
Swept... ( Kolobok )

the Grandmother the girl very much loved
the Little Red Riding Hood presented to it.
the Girl a name forgot the. to
A well, prompt a name it!
( the Little Red Riding Hood )

At the father was the boy strange.
Unusual wooden.
On the earth and under
water Looks for a key gold.
Everywhere a nose sticks the long.
Who is it?
(Buratino`s )

Near the wood on an edge
to their Troy lives in an izba.
There 3 chairs and 3 circles,
3 beds, 3 pillows. Guess
without hint,
Who heroes of this fairy tale?
( 3 bears )

Road riddles.

Runs, hoots,
In two eyes looks.
A will rise,
Is bright - the red eye will look.
( the car )

is Sharp-sightedly watched by the point-policeman
Behind a wide pavement.
As will look with a red eye.
Will stop all at once.
A a green eye looks,
Speaks to you - go.
( the traffic light )

Very early under a window
Knock and a ring and the commotion.
On direct steel paths.
Go blue houses.
( trams )

Mathematical riddles.

the Hedgehog on the wood went.
For lunch found mushrooms.
2 under a birch.
2 under an osinka.
How many they will be in a wattled basket?

of 6 cheerful bear cubs
Behind raspberry in the wood hurry.
But 1 of them was tired.
lagged behind companions. now the answer find
How many bears ahead?


to Call 5 pets, 5 wild. Guessed - a chocolate medal.

7. Competition “Who Will Assemble Most of All Cones?“

It is necessary for

: cones, baskets, hand bell.

of the Cone get enough sleep on the earth, on command children begin to collect (hand bell), only not by handfuls, and by the piece, the hand bell calls again, stop, we count who has most, to that a prize.

8. Game “Jumps on balls“ at whom will longer not burst. To the winner prize.

9. Game “Amusing Forfeits“.

It is necessary for

, balloons with notes, a tack to puncture balls, attributes for performance of tasks. Sequence on checks.

10. Cutting of prizes from a rope.

It is necessary for

: the rope, threads to hang up prizes, scissors, a scarf on eyes. Turn on checks.

11. A lotto or the animated film (that children calmed down until they come behind them.)