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Life without garden - 2

A year ago I shared experience in the story “Life without Garden“, our with the daughter. Our present life a little in what differs from last year`s. But some changes everything are happened.

Everyday life

the Daughter still goes to the same DYuTs instead of kindergarten. It wash long ago the realized choice which, by the way, I impose nobody.

the Number of circles remained the same (5), only - choreography was replaced by the Irish dances.

Year was given heavy, but still saturated and very interesting. I adjusted myself on performance of “detoprovodny“ functions in advance (it should be noted that from daily “adventures“ I am in the best for myself weight standard).

In my opinion, this year the daughter to impropriety often is ill (the husband for some reason so does not consider). Different circles, different children, different viruses proved at full scale.

in the Summer the stomach let know

that it will strictly punish for chaotic having a snack therefore this year I more watch closely healthy nutrition. Now hot porridge in the morning - an obligatory component of a breakfast. The day dream remained still welcome guest with us and if there is opportunity in the afternoon to have a sleep, the child uses it.

Ya I watch closely that physical activity was proportional to intellectual. Occupations are placed so that cerebration was replaced by physical activity. In other words, brains and a body move in turn. Probably, from - for increases of access of oxygen to a brain such scheme of occupations increases efficiency of occupations many times.

So far I place emphasis on logic and development of the speech. Mathematics at us in different forms - from the traditional account to solitaires and simple to a pike perch (numerical crossword puzzles).

of the Error of youth

As well as all parents, I make mistakes and I study as them. Itself I bring up, I direct, and the first I see fruits of the correct and wrong decisions. This year I learned - to hear the child. If the daughter speaks to me “Mother, I will not go to classes“, I know - it is not an attack of laziness, this serious warning of malfunction of an organism. Options there are two - or stories of the child on occupations and to lose then week from - for diseases, or to allow an organism to be restored, take effective measures on mobilization of protective properties and next day to appear “in a system again“.


the New element


Alas, at the end of the last academic year it became known that we will have no classes in choreography. We looked for replacement at reporting concerts of all on-stage performance groups of our area. Stopped on the Irish dances.

It is known that the Irish dances demand good physical training, they smoothly laid down on the soil loosened with physical culture and therefore were not a special stress for an organism. Unlike artistic gymnastics there not so diligent put and stretch children`s bodies, and jumps under the account - small addition to mathematics.

of Class in folklore and the Irish dances made active acoustical memory, so, in a couple of years the daughter will be ready to effective learning of foreign languages.

the Free personality

Identity - that huge and difficult whale which five-year-old Alice not without my help tries to climb up. Actually, encouragement of this process significantly complicates our life, well is fine. Usually it is expressed in non-standard approach to the solution of standard tasks. Well, for example, with everything it is given a task to draw fish. Our task to make it in own way. The more realization options, the better. Let`s tell, fish can be drawn with gouache, a pastel, felt-tip pens, on snow, by means of coffee or salt etc.

Muadmuazel Romashkina

there Came New Year`s Eve expectation. All children repeated New Year`s rhymes, roles with mothers, and I longed that Alice will remain without active participation in a holiday. The drama school of our DYuTsa of Alke refused a role on New Year`s representation. The grief disappeared as soon as we sat down at production of New Year`s suits for the Fir-tree. Year of the Cow narrowed my imagination till an image of this cow. The first suit was a romantic cow with camomiles, and the second - a ladybug. We made both suits from a papya - Masha. I molded, Alka grounded glue, occasionally dried the hair dryer, painted with a water color together. To a suit of a cow the rhyme was written. For the best storing we drew a portrait of this cow on wall-paper and wrote the text therefore storing took place in the shortest terms. A little acting skills, intonational accent and the cow “played“.

Ya the cow though where -
Is both a tail, and horns!
For the fact that I get up early
I I milk
In an award won a prize much:
Straw, hay, bread and rice!
Bread I am awarded by
For thickness,
For quiet temper and diversity!
A for the whole year
sandwich Because this year -
Year of a cow, here - here - here!

New Year`s holidays and, about a miracle Died down, my entreaty about a role was heard from above. On vacation in Egypt the animation team approached the daughter and told: “The girl, you want??“ and the girl told “I want“. For the first time I was really surprised by my child. She coped with a role of a puppet and made it absolutely not bad. It meant for me that classes in folklore and participation in competitions were not in vain. Ability to keep on a scene, to listen and remember and not to be lost - the got experience and skills “shot“ at the right time.

the Coat of arms of England and a bearded cow

On the horizon the fifth anniversary loomed. I stayed in perplexity. Among guests absolutely raznogody children - one-year-old, ten-year-old and five-year-old were expected. To make a performance with their participation for me it was not represented possible and then...

Adults made by

a performance for children. Put “The ballad about royal sandwich“. Production of suits did not take a lot of time. For a cow the mask from a papya - Masha was involved, I copied the coat of arms for a royal cloak from the coat of arms of England, crowns were cut out by Alice. My bearded husband successfully entered an image of a cow, his not less bearded brother played the queen, to put it briefly, we had not to miss.

And as I

“simply mother“ the 355th day in a year to me to be comfortable and cozy

. The grief covers me seldom, but is dense. To me the worm climbs and begins to drip cold on a brain:“ I am just a housewife, I mother jobless just that in mine... years indecently and not nicely“. In especially hard cases I make the estimate how many I had to pay the person who would do did for my child everything most too that is done by me and with soul, and as soon as business reaches a moral aspect, my crack-up shuts up because it knows - nobody by and large needs my child, it is necessary only to me. Under the name “dom-DYUTS-dom“ I struggle with monotony simply - I put on and I steep in “photo“.

concerning financial dependence I long especially sharply during days of births of members of household, and washing grief, it is visible, quickly reaches those who are higher than us more wisely. From there always send me “rod“, and that I manage to catch fish...

my photo album is open for

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